Friday, September 23, 2022

Spoop Up Your Instagram With These 10 Creepy-Cute Creators

Happy Friday, cuties & creeps! Aren't you glad it's finally officially Fall, so we can fully embrace our batty sides? Granted, some of us have been doing that for a while now, if not year-round... but I digress.

Today I've gathered up a veritable harvest of delicious seasonal creators for your Fall-oween feed tables. No, hang on. Maybe that metaphor got away from me. I'm not saying to eat people. DON'T EAT PEOPLE. Even if they're awesome artists. Just look at their work politely and maybe drool a little.

For example:

- Amy Greenbank paints technicolor pop culture Halloween mash-up Chicken McNuggets, which is exactly the kind of niche art we're here for, yes? (She also has a matching Boo-Berry!)

Amy is a "retro toy artist," and for the season she's doing lots of McDonald's content, which is pure nostalgic goodness:

Head to Amy's account to see every McNugget mashup you could hope for, including She-Rah, Stay Puft(!!), and Beeteljuice, haha. Bonus: she sells most of her art as holographic stickers!


- Cat Mallard has a delicate pen-and-ink style that's pure sugar and pumpkin spice:

Even better, in addition to prints Cat sells her work on teacups, coffee mugs, and even blankets!


- Pickled Circus makes silly spooky sculptures that always make me grin:

One of my all time favorites is Nosferatu in his lil bumper car, ermergosh:

Pickled Circus is creepy cute year-round, too, so definitely go see the rest of their work!


- Edwardian Taylor is a children's book illustrator, and his latest two pieces have my heart:




- Spookshow Babe Designs makes all sorts of artsy things, but my absolute favorites are her ice cream cones:


She also makes headbands and mini planters and lil' sculpts like these:

... so definitely give her a follow to see more!


- Lunar Art House just went viral on Instagram, so she's gone from 3,000 followers when I first found her two weeks ago to over 100K - and you're about to see why:
Right? RIGHT?? These intricate "hidden key" boxes have blown my mind, and she keeps making even more complex designs, including some that light up! Go see the rest, and prepare to fall in love. (Incredibly her smaller boxes are only $65, but I imagine it'll be a Hunger Games situation trying to snag one in her next sale, ha.)


- Ghostly Remains Taxidermy stitches the sweetest mixed media ghost portraits in vintage frames, and I want them all:

I especially like the ones with butterflies:

Simply boo-tiful.


- Mierpapier makes paper mache creatures that will cheer up your feed, if not your day:

I know her creature colors aren't classically Fall, but pastel Halloween is totally a thing this year, and how cute would these be surrounded by mini pumpkins?

SO cute, I'm telling you.


- Melissa Kojima describes her work as "darkly whimsical," which I'd say captures it purr-fectly:

I love her wall-hangings like this, plus she also offers stickers, tiny framed prints, and more.

She even has hanging mobiles in her art store! Definitely click through to see the rest.


And last but never least:

- Kitschy Delish makes the most delightful artwork and pins, I can't get enough:

If retro pin-up anthropomorphic foods are in your wheelhouse, RUN to her account.

In fact the second I saw her her black cat pin I had to buy it; it has moving eyes!
Aaaaaaa so cooool.

I hope these brought you many smiles and new rabbit trails to explore, my friends!

Also quick shout-out to anyone who's struggling out there, because I see you. I haven't talked about mental health matters here in a while, but the fight continues, even with my favorite seasons starting up. I have so many fun projects and builds and events to look forward to, but some mornings I wake up and see only a bleak grayness ahead. It's a potent reminder that the fight is more internal than external, so even on your good days, don't let your guard down. Take breaks, remember your meds, keep writing in that gratitude journal.

And if it's not a good day, remember better ones are coming, and you are so, so loved. Just your reading these words makes a difference, and I'm glad you're here.



  1. Welp. Just dropped $50 on Cat Mallard's Etsy! :D

  2. Kitschy Delish is giving me very much Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit from Epcot!

  3. Thank you for those last two paragraphs, this Stranger needed them today.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that all of the ways to get to Lunar Art House (including direct search in Instagram) are dead links, now. I'm playing catch-up, so I know this is a late read, but wanted you to know all the same.

    1. Thanks for looking out! (This is Jen on John's laptop, ha.) My IG links for Lunar are still working for me, so maybe it was a glitch? Anyone else having this issue?


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