Friday, September 16, 2022

10 Groups That Just Might Make Facebook Worth Using Again

Happy Friday, gang! WE MADE IT.

And I have fun stuff.

Now I know some of you gave up Facebook ages ago, and others are too young and hip to have ever used Facebook in the first place... which makes me feel old, so we'll be ignoring that fact.

HOWEVER. Hear me out.

As the landscape of social media gets ever crappier and harder to control, the ONLY place bringing me consistent joy online right now are my Facebook groups. The key is to fill your feed with all the happy-making, super-niche interest groups and fan pages you can find, and then unfollow most of your friends/family.  BOOM. Facebook is a healthy place again!

So to get you started on filling your feed with happy-making groups, I've put together a list of some of my favorites. And since I'm already onboard the Halloween train (CHOO CHOO), I'll be skewing them towards the spoopy side.

'Tis the season to join ALL the Fall and Halloween groups, at least for me, and this group lets folks share their collections and home decor, which is endlessly inspiring:

Right now I'm obsessed with Grace N.'s home tour, omigosh:


And this is her living room!

Please click the link up there to see the rest of her house, because it's all giving me grabby hands.

Even if you've never been to Dragon Con, this is a great catch-all of cosplay, memes, and general nerdy fun.

For example, this photo makes me so happy. These three are my Ones That Got Away this year, completely bummed I didn't see them in person, but I'm happy this photo at least exists. (They're from the original Superman movies; remember "Kneel before Zod"?)

Plus occasionally with this group you get a nerdy one-off, like this boldly going glow-up for Piper M.'s new car:

She made & applied the vinyls herself to turn her car into a shuttle craft! YESSS. I so want to do something like this with a Stay Puft theme on ours.

This one's a page, not a group, but it shares fascinating finds I think you're gonna love. It features gothic, steampunky, and just-plain-cool aesthetics, like so:

From tattoos to DIY to wedding photos, this group is for folks to share any and every thing spooky. I especially like the DIYs, like this classic spray foam burning coals effect:

I belong to a bunch of DIY groups, since once you join one FB helpfully suggests a bunch more. (Disney Crafters is another good one.) Now's the best time to join, too; the seasonal goodies throughout the holidays are the best of the whole year.

Yarn pumpkins! Even the wooden leaves & stems are from DT.

6) Weird & Wonderful Secondhand Finds

I talk about this group so much you're probably tired of it, but it's a MUST FOLLOW if you like hidden treasures, eye candy, and/or hilarious thrift finds..

(Original post here)


This page is also more of a link aggregator, but they find great stuff and almost always credit their sources, which I appreciate:

I first started following when they posted this kitchen hutch-to-cabinet makeover, which I STILL can't get over:

The green is the "after." I'm never looking at those giant thrift shop sideboards and hutches the same again; I want to try this!

If you like Disney parks then you're probably as obsessed with Tokyo Disneyland as I am - or will be, after you follow this page. Chris is a Canadian who's lived in Tokyo since 2013, and he posts regular tours, vlogs, photos, and more on all things theme park in Asia.

My favorite content is usually the merch roundups. TDL gets all the best, most adorable stuff, and I'm absolutely jealous. And a little bitter. Grrr.

Chris focuses mostly on Disney, but also includes things like Hello Kitty Land and fun facts about what it's like to live in Tokyo.

Staying on that Disney train, Dapper Days is a small but delightful group for anyone who wants to share or gawk at dapper outfits, from vintage to Disney Bounding. Great spot to get ideas, ask for advice, or just watch the parade of pretty photos every Dapper Day!

I almost didn't include this group because I literally just joined yesterday, but I think it's relevant to all our interests:

"yarn actually farted once" 


This is a group for sweet silliness in just about any form, from text convos to pet photos to fun facts about sea urchins:

It's definitely living up to its name so far.


Last but never least, there's FoE, our lovely fan-mily of geeks where we have Tiara Tuesdays, Friday Finishes, Small Shop Saturdays, Floofs For FoE, and all manner of celebrations, recommendations, and fun finds. It's been a while since I did a roundup of favorites from over there, but your stories and photos (and exceedingly bad jokes) always make me smile.


I tried to pick a good variety for this list, but here's the best thing about FB groups & pages: there are plenty that only you will find interesting. So go find your niches!

I also belong to groups about obscure antique Disney collectibles, Critical Role Cosplay, Care Bears, Labyrinth, Back to the Future, the local Slug Club and Orlando events, a zillion different indie artists... Listen, once you join one, that "suggested groups" bar will start popping up, and you're going to have so many rabbit holes to explore.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite groups or pages on Facebook? Bonus points for ones that give you a sense of community or positive interactions with others, since those are my favorite. 


P.S. Speaking of spooky season, these stick-on bats were my biggest hit of all the products I linked last year:

They're made of sturdy plastic, come in 4 different sizes, and have adhesive pads to easily stick them up anywhere in or outside your home. (I put a whole belfry of them on our front door last year with poster tack.) (Is belfry right? Probably not. ...I'm still going with it.) Even better, the 60 piece set is only $10 Prime!

As always any of your purchases through my Amazon links gives a little back to help support the site, so thank you for shopping! I also keep lists of things I use and love over on the Epbot Amazon shop, if you'd like to check that out. 


  1. The yarn dog and the sea urchins wearing hats actually made me laugh out loud! ~SM

  2. Yes, Facebook groups are the closest thing to the old and sorely missed Yahoo groups for crafty and nerdy community. I highly recommend
    Even if you are not a Gail Carriger fan, you will love the group.

    1. I was just coming here to say this!!! Especially since I learned about the Finishing School series from... Epbot. :)

  3. Oh, I love my local Buy Nothing group. (Many neighborhoods have one.)

    The entire point is that it is filled with people in your neighborhood, just offering up the clothes/plants/household items/etc they don't need anymore to everyone else. It's a great way to meet your neighbors, is ONLY about giving away/picking things up (no politics, no gossip, no news, nothing). Such a fabulous way to clear out clutter, find things you need/want, and go for a walk!

    I joined mine in 2020, and I can't sing the praises loudly enough. I've been able to receive baby and maternity things that were super expensive otherwise, and then pass them on to the next new mama. This is on top of books, stools, baby snacks (carefully checked for expiration dates and so on), and so much more.

    It's not a nerdy group, but it's hyper local, and so helpful!

  4. I LOVED LOVED this Facebook group called I Love WAM (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). It was so much fun, I got to connect with people all over the world to talk about our favorite person, and there was interesting discussions on it. Unfortunately, the original creator of the group had problems with all the other mods, so they tried to oust her from controlling the group and then the group fell to disarray and spam. I was so disappointed. The only other group that really keeps me on Facebook is Kamui's Cosplay Community as you can post technical cosplay questions and get so many ideas and answers. If it wasn't for that group, I would have been off of Facebook a long time ago!

  5. Thank you for giving me some better groups on FB. I'm tired of all the ads that are mucking up my feed, hopefully this helps. I LOVE EPBOT!

  6. I want to plug FB groups that are for support of chronic illnesses/conditions/cancers. The wealth of knowledge, the emotional support from people that have been there or are there right now too, the answers to questions you may feel less comfortable asking your dr (eg What's sex like after a hysterectomy).
    When I got diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, a friend pushed me to find an in-person support group. I balked at it-- both for the time commitment and the emotional commitment of befriending a group of women who aren't all going to make it. FB groups filled that gap for me; visit only when you have time, search archives for questions, only get as emotionally invested as you want because there are so many others willing to jump in and provide support when you're not feeling up to it.

    1. I second your suggestion for support groups. When I was going through cancer treatment, the Harry Potter themed "Wizards & Witches Against Cancer" helped me a lot.

  7. You would have to go and remind me that I got hustled out of FOE for protesting a post depicting feeding wild animals.

    So I'll just go against the flow again and repeat - don't feed wild animals. It's really, really bad for them.


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