Friday, December 31, 2021

OWL BE BACK: That Time I Stalked My Friend With Gift-Wrapping

A few weeks ago, Karen asked Arielle to switch places at our dining room table.

"K, but why?"

"Because that OWL won't stop staring at me."

We all laughed, the two switched seats, and Karen said in exasperation, "Now these ones are staring."

Then Arielle pointed out the owl next to the apothecary:

And the one on the radio cabinet:

And right after I insisted the room did *not* have an owl theme, I realized there were 2 more in the wreath beside me.


And those are just the ones in my dining room.

"Can I sit anywhere in your house without an owl staring at me?"


Fast forward to the next week when I had a spare 45 minutes before a friend's holiday party, and I got an idea. An awful idea. I got a wonderful, awful idea.

I knew Karen was going to be at the party, and I also knew she's a fan of the "deceptive gift wrapping" trend on TikTok. (That's where someone wraps something small like a key chain so it looks like a shovel or a dead body - super ridiculous gags for overly ambitious pranksters.)


So now, in the spirit of the famous "how to draw an owl" meme:

1) Cut some flaps into a long piece of a gift box:

2) Make the rest of the owl:

This is a cursed object of the first order, and it makes me all glowy and evil-giggly inside. Hehehhehehe.

(Its belly is hollow, btw, and holds a small gift.)

Next, WE WRAP.

I found it helps to cut long strips so you can wrap in layers like a mummy.

Hmm. Not... stare-y enough.

There we go.

Perhaps we should pause for a moment to reflect on my life choices.


No, yeah, I'm still feeling pretty good about this.


So off we rush to the party, where John and I entertain ourselves - and a few complete strangers - by placing the owl around the house so it's always giving Karen the thousand yard stare.

She still hasn't noticed.

Eventually I distracted her ("KAREN!! HAVE YOU SEEN THE... THING?") while John slipped the owl onto the end table directly beside her.

She turned back to this view, mere inches from her face:

She gave a slight start and a thoroughly exasperated curse, which was everything I could have wanted and more, muwhahahaaa.


And don't worry. The two made up eventually:


This has been another episode of "What It's Like To Be Friends With Jen," or possibly "Why Jen Needs More Friends To Torment, Because Karen's Getting Sick Of This Sh*T Already." Now accepting applications, must provide your own transportation and Low Fodmap baked goods.

Speaking of which, the party was a cookie exchange - look how pretty:


I hope you're having a delightful New Year's Eve out there, friends. Stay safe, drink extra water, and tell folks you love them if you do.

It's a fresh start tomorrow. Just think of all the shenanigans we can get into. AW YEAH.

'Til next year.



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  1. You're the bestest kind of silly. <3 Happy New Year!

  2. Love owls and love this. Ha! We are watching our favorite New Years movie, Four Rooms! Happy New Year!

  3. I hope you are leaving the owls up until the Superb Owl!

  4. That's fantastic and 100% something I would do to my friends!

  5. A wonderful, OWL-FULL idea indeed!

  6. Is this the new pointy-eared-fantasy-creature-on-the-storage-horizontal-surface? A gift-wrapped, googly-eyed owl staring at you somewhere all holiday long? XD

  7. You'd like my wife. I just counted at least 12 owls on our tree. Along with assorted other birds.

  8. That's awesome. My parents' used to have a giant golden egg that was traded around their friend gift exchange. It was always a challenge to creatively wrap it so no one realized it was the egg.

  9. LOL. I will come be tormented Jen. I am pretty severely ornithophobic (phobic of birds) and promise to scream and offer a strong epithet or two. Do I get cookies? Cookies might make the fear worthwhile. (The gift wrap owl is cute. The ones with actual feathers on them would give me a severe case of the willies!)

  10. P.S. I would be terrified to ever get any mail in the Harry Potter realm!

  11. Fake packaging is the BEST. Our kiddo was about 12 and really wanted a unicycle ... we spent a loooooong evening packaging a pair of earrings to look like a unicycle (!), then spent about 3 minutes watching them try to be really enthusiastic in spite of their disappointment, before asking them to go get something from the garage ... where their new unicycle was sitting waiting for them. Happy 2022 everyone! :)

    1. LOL! You are eeeevvvviiilll...and I love it! I got a unicycle once for Xmas - weird gift from your mother when you didn't want that AND you live on a ranch with no pavement to ride it on.

      Have you seen the add for one of those things where you get cash back somehow for shopping, and the lady sings about "gifts with wheels" and has a unicycle all wrapped up and the wheel still spins? Makes me smile whenever I'd see it.

  12. One year we had the whole family home for Christmas, My sister, her husband, son and daughter, and my youngest brother, his wife and their two sons. My mother bought a package of flashlights, varying from tiny to torch, four in all, and wrapped them all separately. My nephews and oldest brother each received a flashlight, with my brother getting the torch and my youngest nephew getting the tiny flash. We were all laughing hysterically after the 2nd flashlight.

  13. Can I ask where you bought the big white owl in the wreath?

    1. Sure! I believe I ordered that one from Target online during Halloween a few years ago.


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