Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Grown-Up Jewelry That Will Thrill Your Inner 4-Year-Old

Remember Toddler Grandma Style?

I don't hear it called that much anymore, but it's still an accurate descriptor of my fashion sense: basically a mashup of a rainbow-loving 4-year-old and a vintage-loving grandma. (Though lately I've skewed more towards the 4-year-old, ha.)

Lucky for us, Lenora Dame Studios lets us live our best Toddler Grandma life with her jewelry designs:


Obviously I'm all about the oranges, but that lower right is calling to me, too. Vintage beads & sparkly costume jewelry are my jam.

More dinos, because I love the fun color combos.

There is so much more where those came from, go browse her Etsy shop here.


Lately I've been super smitten with acrylic jewelry - the brighter and bolder the better - and Rock The Panda Jewellery makes some of the best designs I've seen:


Isn't this incredible? I love how parts of the acrylic have a pearly finish.

Rock the Panda does limited releases, and their latest collection is all big cats:

They still sell pieces from their previous collections, though, so go browse the Rock the Panda Etsy shop here.


Renee Damianiz uses hand-dyed recycled plastics to make neon happiness straight out of the 1980s:

You're smiling now, right? SO HAPPY

And these will magically transport you to the food court of your local mall in 1985:

Right? Right?

They aren't all neon or primary colors, though; Renee also makes the sweetest pastel numbers:

Oof, these make me wish I wore earrings. So stinkin' cute!

 Be sure to check out Renee's online shop here.


La bottega di Fede hand sculpts tiny Disney characters onto necklaces, and they are guaranteed to make you fall in love:


::melting intensifies::


Phew! Sorry to hit you with that much lethal cuteness at once there. :D Nata doesn't just make jewelry, either; she also creates miniature dioramas in glass cloches. Hit that link up there to follow her on Instagram, then check out her webstore to browse her available stock.


It's not often a piece of jewelry makes me gasp, but when I stumbled across the work of Grigoriza Darya I turned into a scandalized socialite:


Those tiny oranges are allegedly handsculpted clay, but I'm not convinced Darya doesn't have a shrink ray over there. They're just SO REAL.

Continuing the citrus theme:

Darya sculpts the tiny flowers, leaves, and fruits, then combines them with sparkly beads to create this magic.

Here's one with just flowers:

Staggered. I am staggered.

And look at this combo of blackberries and roses!

This one got a gasp *and* a swoon.

It looks like you can order directly through Darya's Instagram account, so head over there to see more. She's in Russia, but ships worldwide.


And finally, Small Account Alert! High Gloss Trash has less than 1,000 followers, but I think that could change once you see their magical rainbow acrylic designs:

::grabby hands::

::while swooning::

Look at all the layers!!

Most of their designs are brooches, but they also have some big statement necklaces like this:


And another of my favorites:

Sparkly rainbow trash.

(Somewhere in an alternate universe, that's my stage name.)

You can browse all of High Gloss Trash's jewelry designs - plus fun stickers! - on their website here.

My apologies to your bank accounts, ha, but I hope these made you smile! As always nothing here is sponsored; I only share what I love and think you will love. So be sure to follow your favorites on Instagram, maybe even say hi to help brighten their day.

I'm sending you all the internet hugs and sparkly rainbows, btw. If you're having a rotten week, remember to reach out, and give yourself time, because it will get better. Or, if you're having an awesome week, check in with your friends! Pay that awesome sauce forward, k?

Love y'all.


  1. La bottega di Fede: I am very bothered by her taking trademarked/copyrighted things and selling them. She's not even attempting to make them her own, everything (down to the colors of the clothing on the mice for example) is exactly as Disney's artists made them. That is not artist, that's someone who got good at exactly copying someone else's hard work.

    1. I always wonder how people don't get into legal trouble when selling copyrighted characters/logos/designs. I'd be too concerned about that to try selling fanart-type stuff.

    2. I mean yea, a lot of people who make disney stuff (or any fan related stuff) are going to take direct inspiration so that the item your buying looks like what you would expect. I don't think it's really that fair to say they are just directly copying when they are making 3D type work that requires actual skill to do. Disney already paid their artists (the artists literally do not own these characters at all) and now in turn makes billions, I'm not too worried about a giant company getting theirs.

    3. intellectual theft is still theft. does the artist bother to get a license for the product they're producing. some artists still retain some rights to their creations, even in a large corp. like Disney. it really doesn't matter what form the copying takes, it's still using copyrighted material.

    4. This is an age-old debate that will never be settled, so all I can say is to shop your conscious. I love fan art and always have, so you'll find quite a lot of it featured in the archives here. Some artists don't actually sell their fan art pieces - like Amy Mebberson of Pocket Princess fame - to stay on the safe side of the law, but most indie artists just starting out do, because it helps them grow a following.

      I call fan art the "gateway drug" of original art: it gets attention from the masses and hopefully gets folks hooked on the artist's style, so they'll also shop that artist's OG work. Many artists who do this then transition from fan art to more original work, like Bianca Roman-Stumpff, who ONLY sells original creations now - but many/most of her fans found her through her fan art.

    5. I consider it more like a tribute to the original artist. After all, they are not trying to hide that they did not come up with the characters.

    6. I have tried over and over again to sell Disney-inspired art and it gets taken down every.single.time. 😭

  2. Camels! I really like camels and they're so rarely used in art and fashion. ^_^ I'm happy to see them getting some love.

  3. Wow, so many beautiful pieces here! Thank you for sharing!

    It's funny you bring up toddler grandma style, as I used that very term just last week to describe an outfit I was wearing. Bright colourful dresses + comfy converse will always be a winning combination for me!

    Thank you so much for my art prize, I was stunned when it arrived so quickly. I surprised my other half with them as planned, and he absolutely loves them and was thrilled! We'll be putting them proudly on display. Thank you so much - I especially enjoyed the cute Care Bear stickers on the envelope :D.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Jen,

    If that kind of thing tickles your fancy, you might like my friend's shop FwayLawn : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Fwaylawn

    She makes one of a kind necklaces that are amazing! And mostly upcycled too!

    1. Sweet! Miz Jenn you should scroll down and peep at the Explosion Hat. It's awesome!

  5. "Sparkly Rainbow Trash" is the name of my David Bowie cover band. <3

  6. Ohhhh, I love that blackberries and roses! Such a beautiful combination.

  7. Thank you for the recommendations! I saw High Gloss Trash and immediately bought one of their necklaces. Love! <3

  8. I may have squeed a little over the Jack/Gus necklace.

  9. Interesting. I have issues with anything (hands, jewelry, my hair, etc.) touching my neck. And it's getting worse. Whatever. I'm dealing. As I'm scrolling I'm thinking, "so cute! Fruits! I need to be the dietitian who wears fruit jewelry!" while I am simultaneously shrinking into my shirt and cringing because I can feel these on my neck and it. is. freaking. me. out.

    Humans are weird.

  10. Ooo-I really love the floral & fruit jewelry of Grigoriza Darya!

    I don't know why, but I've had a lot of trouble trying to leave comments on your blog ☹️ I think my tablet hates me

  11. I actually made myself a pair of dinosaur earrings that are very similar (except glow in the dark). They are also an odd match. It took me FOREVER to find small, light, glow in the dark versions of the dinosaurs that Wash was playing with in Serenity, but soooo worth it.

  12. I have that dino necklace and I love it. That reminds me I should wear it again soon. The necklace is a bit heavy because the toys are not hollow, so I did not get the earrings. I was sorely tempted, but I know myself well enough that heavy earrings do not work for me.

  13. I assume you don't have most/all of these treats in US (and not our childhood love) but this is essentially the Australian version of what you're talking about here! https://broochaholic.com.au/collections/necklaces/products/gory-dorky-australiana-australian-sweets-necklace

  14. Here was my smile this week:

    Scroll down to a he MHA pins: Kawaii!!!!


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