Saturday, April 17, 2021

FINAL REVEAL: Overhauling A Professional Puppeteers' Room, Part 3

John and I are officially done with the big Puppet Room Makeover! Wahoo!
To celebrate we made a quick video tour for you, look how fancy:

OooooOOooh. This makes me so happy. Just look at all that room for activities!

If you missed my earlier posts be sure to check out Part 1 to see how we built the puppet wall rack:

...and part 2 for our build of the double-sided work desk:

Our final phase was installing a ceiling fan with a better light kit (found on Marketplace for $20, SCORE), re-arranging the bookcases on the right hand wall to hide another window, and finishing off the closet to make it a bit more tidy.

As you can see we have FULLY MAXIMIZED the closet space.

Can't forget the hanging organizers on either side:

To hide the clutter we hung this pretty curtain from Amazon on a tension-mount shower curtain rod.

Ahhh. Much better. (And renter friendly!)

If you're wondering why we removed the closet doors only to replace them with a curtain, it's because this takes up less space, and can be pushed completely out of the way to access either side.

Remember before, when there were three inconveniently placed windows?

Because one of the goals was to block natural light (to prevent sun damage to the puppets) we hid the center window behind the puppet rack itself, then switched the bookcases around to also cover the window on the right.

From this angle you can just see where that second window is hiding:

Switching the bookcases opened up the entry, too, so now it feels much more open walking into the room:

For safety John installed an L bracket on the top of the bookcase that's screwed into a wall stud, so it isn't going anywhere.

I had a lot of fun helping set up all the collectibles, though of course Calvin and Kelsey will probably want to tweak these more later:

Also these acrylic risers are fantastic for Pop figures; I love that you can fit shorter figures UNDER the first step in case you don't have room in front.

And I think that's it! That's the room!

Many massive thanks again to Calvin and Kelsey for trusting us to invade their space and turn their puppet world upside down. If the rest of you want to know more about these awesome puppeteers, you can follow Kelsey's puppet content here on TikTok and Calvin's troupe Bird Call here on YouTube. Then tell 'em I said hi!


P.S. Do you need more t-shirts referencing an extremely niche fandom and/or that have robots on them?

'Cuz we have a Threadless shop for that.


  1. Would you ever consider doing a post on tips for thrifting? I love hearing about your Marketplace finds, but I never have any look when I'm looking for something, and I think it's largely because I don't have any idea how to hunt properly, lol!

    1. Hmm, I think my main tip is to be consistently browsing Marketplace in your area, so you have an idea what's out there and what prices you can expect for common finds. I browse Marketplace just for fun at least once a week, so I knew we could score a good ceiling for $20 even if we had to wait an extra several days to find it. I also know you can ALWAYS find basic bookcases in great condition for under $30, desks for under $50, and ugly office furniture goes in large lots for free all the time. (That's all here in my area, of course, yours will be different!)

  2. Do you have set design rules you follow, or do you redo rooms by instinct or what just looks good to you?

    1. I remember some VERY basic design rules from college, but mostly I work in stages starting with the most obvious or easy-to-fix areas. If you gave me a blank room and told me to go at it I'd freeze; too many options, and choices are HARD for me. I need pieces already on the board and limitations to help narrow things down!

  3. Fantastic job! Love that organization. And the Wall O' Puppets is brilliant!

    (I was staring at those acrylic risers and thinking that you could push them to the sides of the shelf and cut some plexi to the same width as the stairs and a little longer than the open span, making them basically continuous across the whole shelf, since they are clear and it wouldn't show that much. That would work, right?)

    1. Absolutely that would work! Then you could use clear glue like E-6000 to attach the extra pieces.

  4. It's so awesome! I want to just burn my house down and start fresh. I'm so overwhelmed with all the organization I need/want to do. I need to start small, and even doing that is a lot right now. BUT! Seeing your accomplishment give me hope I can do it too.

  5. It's rare to block windows, but it really gives you some fun options when you have the need to!

  6. I've been debating posing this comment for a month, because I'm sure your friends are delightful people and I hate to bring negativity to your wonderfully positive blog. However, it's been bugging me so much I've finally decided to comment.
    When you posted part 1 of the puppet room make-over story a month ago I excitedly followed the link to the Bird Call YouTube channel and website. And then... I was disappointed that only two characters out of twelve were female. From their brief descriptions on the website we learn that one is the villein, who is obsessed with her looks. The other is the secretary: pink and lavender, motherly, and insecure. I was honestly shocked that a modern show could so stereotype its female characters.
    I hope that maybe the creator will reconsider the diversity on the show, and maybe give a non-pink female her own program.
    Your make-over looks great though! *awkward smile*

    1. I'm glad you felt safe to comment this, Lossecorme, and fwiw I don't think you brought any negativity at all, just some much-needed insight & perspective! Of course I can't speak for Bird Call or its creator(s), but I do know they have a new female character in the wings (pun intended), and I hope that's from having fans like you asking for more growth & diversity.

      Also your comment got me and John talking about the Muppets - remember when Miss Piggy was all we had growing up? - and how encouraging it is to see kids' media growing by leaps and bounds today, largely because that's what we the consumers are telling them we want. So good on you for speaking up, and maybe making Bird Call's future that much better for everyone. <3


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