Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Two Worlds Collide: EPBOT WRECKS

If you follow along with my Stories then you know I had a Big Bad panic attack last Sunday - the kind I mercifully only get once or twice a year - and ever since I've been laid out by my first Multi-Day Migraine.

Lemme first say to all of you who deal with these monsters on a regular basis:

Godspeed. How do you do this.

As rough as the last few weeks have been, though - zigzagging through hormone swings and depression and now into panic and pain - it's OK. I'm actually OK. I see brighter skies ahead. I've been resting up and being extra lazy/gentle with myself, trying to be patient as my body works out all the random adrenaline shakes and tears and need for more sleep, all while binging Critical Role, reading actual books, and avoiding looking at screens as much as possible.

The light sensitivity seems the most cruel, of course, since I live my life looking at screens. So the other night as I was propped up in bed with an ice pack on my eyes,  John started describing some absolutely hysterical photos he'd just found on Facebook. Soon we were both cackling, and even though I hadn't actually SEEN any of them yet, I asked him to get permission to share them here with you guys.

So without further ado, allow me to present one of the FOE Scavenger Hunt Challenges. (As narrated by John, because I'm already exceeding my screen time for today, ow.)

Uhh, hi. This is john (thoJ) here. I've never written anything on Epbot before. I'm scared.

Maybe we should just start. The FOE Scavenger Hunt is another fan-run Facebook group, and there are a lot of these photos, so I'll try to give you a good variety.

 First one of my favorites, the Icing Bracelet:
I think even her ring is icing, so funny.

Several people used Jen's Flip Flop Tutorial.
Some members put their team logo in the picture collage.
Ya know.
If you're wondering why there's a Mr. T with a beak.

I love that Dominique even managed to make her "wreck" lovely:

I was happy to see a few Melted Crayon Art entries:
Let's hope that's crayon, anyway.

I was laughing so hard trying to explain this to Jen:


Remember our foam board PoP Display Shelf?

 The duct taped Christmas lights really sell it. :D

 I'm gonna quote Sarah on her attempt at the Penny Desk Tutorial:

"Who has time to line all those pennies up, anyway? So fussy! Didn’t have epoxy so they’re stuck down with flour paste."
I think this is where I had to pause to breathe for a while.

We had two people tackle our Harry Potter Nightlights:


I actually really like Derpy. Proof some of you can't wreck a craft even if you try!

Somehow I'd totally forgotten about the Creepy Doll Mobile Jen made. Probably my brain's means of self-defense.
Jen wants to know how many mermaid Barbies had to die to make this, Heather. And where the extra heads went. I'm OK with it if you don't tell us, though.

I have so many more good ones to show you! Let's go into a Lightning Round:

(This was Jen's favorite when I was describing them. She says we need to do another group Ni cosplay using bananas now. Nooo.)


The dog is clearly impressed.



This one's too good, I'm still creeped out.

And my absolute favorite:

The Candy Corn Bracelet tutorial is from WAY back in 2010. Sara describes hers as:
"A seasonally-updated version, now featuring real corn!"

I was laughing so hard I got the hiccups.

Well, it wouldn't be a Wrecks post unless we ended on something truly horrifying so... brace yourselves. 

This is Keren's version of Jen's adorable Furry Monster Christmas Tree. Keren made it with googly eyes and... hurk... the fur she brushed off her dog.

I'm torn between laughing and screaming.

Jen made me include this.
I'm sorry for the inevitable nightmares you're going to have.


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  1. I'm pleased to hear you are starting to feel better now Jen and I'm also glad that I've been able to add a bit of laughter (and hopefully not too much terror) to your life, with my terribly hilarious furry tree. Keep on being awesome both of you and thank you both for being inspirations for me.
    To those who may get nightmares a thousand David Tennant as the I'm Doctor "I'm so sorry" to you

  2. The PoP display shelf with the Christmas lights would be perfect for "Stranger Things" PoP figures! I like it! ��

  3. OMG the dog hair is amazing!! As someone who can craft a dog from the hair mine leave I'm in complete love

  4. Corn syrup makes an awesome ice pack, especially if you have a foodsaver.

  5. That respirator mask made me laugh out loud. So many funny "wrecks"!

  6. I’m dying!! (And oh, how I wish I could have participated in the scavenger hunt. It was so much fun last time, but I was on a school trip and just couldn’t commit. Dang it all!!) These are seriously amazing.

  7. These got better and better and then the last two really got me, lol!!
    Also, HOW did I miss the tree monster?? I want to make a dozen different colors now. Good thing I'm too poor for that! 😅

  8. One look at that final entry and all I can think is Dollar Store merkin.

  9. As someone who has been suffering from migraines for more than half her life, let me give you one quirky tip that helps with mine....Gatorade. Something about the electrolytes in Gatorade helps reduce the pain and length of a migraine for me.

    I sincerely hope that your migraine goes away soon (never to return again!).

  10. There's something about that mermaid wreath I really like - hot glue some seashells and a smashed up toy ship and it'll be amazing!

    For bright screens, I found that orange-tinted glasses helped my eye strain a lot, which could reduce the migraine pain. They make non-prescription ones, so you just get the blue light blockage.

  11. I'm so glad you guys loved this task! When we made the task list up, we hoped it would bring the giggles for us Mods and for you, and our lovely FoE community did not disappoint. :)

  12. Those are awesome! Derpy nightlight is pretty cool.

  13. The dog hair tree makes me laugh every time I see it, which is quite a lot because I commented on the original post and have been getting notifications for that post all week! It never gets old!

  14. You should try being super lazy. It's like regular lazy but with a cape!

  15. I want sprinkles.
    (...not uncooked rice dipped in food coloring.)

  16. For panic attacks, I find that moving helps burn off the surge of adrenaline. I either walk quickly around the house, or -- for those middle-of-the-night panic attacks -- march in place while watching mindless TV. I hope you feel better, soon! -- Dee Dee

  17. Very occasionally I'm sad I am not on facebook, and it's usually FoE that make me feel this. Cracking job on your crafts guys. My dogs came to look at me because I was making weird noises laughing at all of these.

  18. How did I miss this?!? I come here to check what's new with you guys at least a couple times a week (notastalker). Thanks for the lookback post! These are awesome!


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