Monday, September 10, 2018

Dragon Con 2018: Best of the Bunny Hutch!

Thursday night at Dragon Con always kicks off with the famous Bunny Hutch: a party and costume contest that invites geeks to mash up their favorite fandoms with Playboy Bunny and Heff outfits. 

The majority of Bunny Hutch costumes are actually pretty modest, so no pearl-clutching required. ;) It's all in good fun, and these are some of the most creative - and hilarious - costumes of the whole convention.

For example, there was a bunch of bunnies themed to pro wrestlers:

I'm not a wrestling geek so I didn't recognize ANY of them (sorry!) but this Randy Savage bunny was too gorgeous to pass up. Love it!

Gandalf and the Balrog seem to have made up:

Low-key wishing Balrog had an LED whip. Or would that be too much?

You KNOW I made a beeline for the Stay Puft bunny:
 The angry Stay Puft face on her ribbon is my favorite part. 

Grandmaster Bunny from Thor: Ragnorak:
And can we talk about that genius "cigarette holder" shaped like his melt stick? Bahahaha!!

They're not all funny bunnies, of course; some are sexy and terrifying at the same time:

Christina's metal bikini has spikes all over it. Whaaaaat. Even her metal bunny ears have spikes! If you look closely, you can see it's all made from collapsible colanders and machine screws. This is her own design, not a specific fandom, and she went on to win first place in the Bunny Hutch contest.

There aren't as many gents at the Bunny Hutch as there are ladies, but the ones that are there know how to make an impression:

 Negan Bunny (from Walking Dead), with a giant carrot instead of bat. YES.

UPDATE: I'm told he was calling himself "Vegan." Bahaha!

Here's a little Trek vs Wars for you: Klingon Bunny & Lando Bunny!

 This next pair is truly outrageous:

JEM! And Pizzazz! Oh man, right in the nostalgia feelz.

 Speaking of, here comes Ms. Frizzle and her magic School Bus:

So cute!

Jasmine & Jafar were stopping traffic:

[Jasmine: Vicarious Cosplay  Jafar: Khal of Atlantis]

Two things: I love her ears, and if you look closely, you can see she's wearing snakeskin heels. Love those kind of details!

Digging this dapper Kirk in his sequin tuxedo jacket:
And bunny Spock! Fascinating.

Omigosh, you guys, LOOK AT ROGER'S EARS:
I... I want them. (And she's with Eddie! Perfect!)

 There was also a Jessica Rabbit, of course:


 I don't know this next one, so you guys will have to help me out, but we complimented her on her beard:
Update: Mystery solved! She's a Yeti.

Maleficent is subbing her horns for bunny ears, because villains don't follow the rules:

That's a feather collar under her chin (hard to tell from this angle, I know), and her staff was glowing!

Speaking of ear alternatives, this Stranger Things bunny & Gambit tie for "most creative:"

Demagorgan ears!! And look at Gambit's glowing playing cards! SO COOL.
(Sorry for the blur; our flash washes out lighted elements, so I took these with my phone!)

 Buzz and Woody made one of the most colorful couples:

 Buzz is wearing the Mrs. Nesbitt hat & apron! Yes!

Lettie & Anne from Greatest Showman:

A Star Wars Imperial officer and a Vault Dweller (with a giant gun) from Fallout:

The Fallout bunny bedazzled her Pip Boy. (The thing on her arm.) I just felt like you guys should know that. :D

Another cellphone snap for this lovely Elizabeth I found later that night in the Marriott:

 I love her use of a Splicer mask for bunny ears! And that Salts bottle prop is excellent.

Aquaman bunny, because boys can be bunnies, too!
I took the photo before I realized this is Matt Silva, a famous special effects makeup artist in Atlanta (also a contestant on Face Off). 

Our flash rig can't light more than 2-3 people at a time, which is a shame, because there are a LOT of great groups at the Bunny Hutch. I think this was my favorite:

THEY SEEK THE GRAIL. Which shouldn't be too hard, since it's sitting right between the ears of the woman in gold. (See it glowing?) That's Patsy with the coconut bra (Ha!), and omigosh, King Arthur's droopy "ears"are inspired. Plus the Black Knight in a silk smoking jacket, and the killer rabbit?! Bahahaha!
Later in the Marriott we found this Silent Hill group:

The bunny nurses were legit frightening; they were incredible at posing, snapping into those contorted positions.

And finally, a group that decided to get catty for the Bunny Hutch:

 Can you name them all? I couldn't at first, but then I discovered I could zoom in and read most of their ribbons. YAY CHEATING.

So, from the left they are: Puss-in-Boots, Nyan Cat, Gamer Cat (a web comic), Pusheen, Hello Kitty, Cheshire, Science Cat (a meme), Felix, & Marie. 

So. Fun.

This is only about half of my Bunny Hutch photos, so if you'd like to see the rest, check out my  Flickr album! Cosplayers, feel free to download & share your pics - with credit, if you please. If you'd like me to credit you here in the post, comment with your cosplay page info & I'll be happy to add it in.

Stay tuned for lots more Dragon Con pics and stories!


  1. Pyramid Head in a Hef smoking jacket is the most MARVELOUS thing to start my morning today, and I thank you. :)

  2. Jasmine and Jafar are my friends Victoria (vicariouscosplay on IG) and Pepe (khal_of_atlantis on IG). They're awesome :-D

  3. That MP & the HG group is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

  4. this is probably wrong, but my first thought for the gorgeous white bunny with the blue highlights is a tauntaun

  5. The Negan Bunny was identifying himself as "Vegan." LOL! I can't believe I missed a Jem cosplay, and Gambit's card ears are AMAZING!

  6. Ms Frizzle bunny! I just bought that exact stuffed lizard off Amazon (for a more standard Ms Frizzle costume) and at least half the reviews were "I bought this for a Ms Frizzle costume"!

  7. Based on her Facebook post it looks like the metal/fur bunny was an original idea, not fandom based -

  8. Matt Silva is a super chill dude. I used to LARP with him. He' so pretty.

  9. The bunny in white could maybe possibly (probably not) be Gandolph the white?

  10. Thank you so much for featuring our cat group! Some of us are hard to guess so I'm glad we decided to do ribbons, haha.

  11. Turning a dashing male character like Lando into a beautiful woman made that one my favorite. The cape gives a good "robe and reveal" dimension. I also love the proportions on Roger Rabbit's ears. Just the right balance to an, um, ample bosom.

  12. OK, that Aquaman Bunny... Um... ah... wow.

  13. I'm the Imperial Officer bunny! Don't know how I missed this post until now - thanks for the great photo!! So many amazing bunnies.


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