Tuesday, June 12, 2018

MegaCon Orlando 2018: My Favorite Cosplay, Part 3!

It's time for my final batch of MegaCon Orlando photos! I don't know about you guys, but those 6 months with no conventions were way too long for me, and I'm so glad con season has started up again. (John and I have at least 4 more over the next 6 months, so goodbye, dry spell!)

Let's jump back in to the most fun a geek can have with 100,000 of her closest friends with these four totally tubular blasts from the past:

Sweet 1980s goodness! Who remembers watching all these?
(That's Greatest American Hero, Mork from Mork & Mindy, Alf, and Howard the Duck.)

And while we're revisiting 80s classics, check out this gorgeous Dana from Ghostbusters:

Wait, no; there is no Dana, ONLY ZUUL.

There's something about poofy princess dresses that always turns me into a starry-eyed 6-year-old. I mean, just look at the incredible detail on this Snow White's gown!

[Delightfully Dapper, dress by David For Disney]


(The red carpeting inside the vendor hall is murder on photos, and turned her lower skirt sort of orange. In reality it was a gorgeous creamy gold.)

One of the most talked-about costumes of the day was, without doubt, a clever girl:

Queen Ariel - this time with a lovely steampunk feel - and a character I don't recognize:

I love the jewelry detail between her horns, so pretty.

Oh! This Hermione cosplay was brilliant:
She's petrified Hermione! I'm still not sure how she attached the pillow to her head - but look, she has the mirror AND the crumpled up book page. Yessssss.

One of my fellow art shoppers had on the COOLEST hat - which she'd made herself! So of course I asked to get a picture:

Taun Taun hat! I didn't ask how it smelled in there, though. :D

This father-and-son duo has the best Fallout power armor I've ever seen:

[Olde Man Cosplay

Our flash washes out their lighting effects, but there are lots of accent lights built in to both suits & guns, and the details are simply stunning. Check out their IG account for more.

Undercover Diana, aka Wonder Woman:

Oh! These kid gladiators were some of our favorite finds on Sunday:

John and I got to chat with their dad for a few minutes, who built both suits from scratch. There were so many insanely clever design bits, like magnetic face plates and foam antenna toppers used for Mickey's cloak clasp. His sword has Pluto's head for a pommel, and the shield has silhouettes of 4 different characters. So gorgeous, so good.

More Disney fun: Linguini from Ratatouille!

And here's Ensign Leia:

Correction: That's CAPTAIN Leia. Even better! (Thanks for pointing out the sleeve stripes, Caitlyn!)

Live long, and may the Force be with you.

(Kind of stunned by how pretty a white Star Trek uniform is, you guys.)

Jane from Tarzan and King George (Georgette?) from Hamilton:

This guy was a Vision to behold:


Here comes my friend Emma as TINK GIRL:
[Emma J.I.Q. Rubini]

Yes, she's the Tinkerbell/Tank Girl mashup you never knew you needed 'til this very moment. Her fists are named Faith and Trust, and her bazooka is Pixie Dust. Ha! She even has Hook's hook on her belt, and it says, "Off The Hook." I mean... I'm really here for this, you guys. Go follow her for more.

One great thing about Orlando conventions is you get the super obscure, super niche Disney cosplay. Quick, who knows this guy?


Of course *I* remember him, since I used to float past him telling bad jokes for a living. Yep, it's Trader Sam from the Jungle Cruise ride! And talk about a deal: today he's offering two of his heads... for just one of yours. Any takers?  C'mon, no matter how you slice it, you still come out a head.OK, before I start pointing out my favorite plant life, let's move on:

Femme Abe Sapien from Hellboy! That's some beautiful paint and prosthetics work - and as a happy accident, I even caught HellGirl lurking in the background.

Mon Mothma from Star Wars, complete with the Death Star plans holodisc:

 I see Jess here and her husband all the time at conventions - they're the builders of the incredible H.G. Wells Time Machine and also regulars at Dapper Day - so when they sat next to us at lunch I abruptly announced, "I think we should be friends." I'm not sure if they were more flattered or frightened - I guess time will tell?

(Hey, if you can't pounce on unsuspecting geeks with offers of friendship at a convention, then really, WHERE CAN YOU.)

Two incredible cosplay couples:

That's Assassin's Creed [Lumé & Wendy] and Aquaman with Mera

 A picture-perfect Daenerys from Game of Thrones:

 Look at all the great textures and detail in her costume! I love the contrast with her pale skin; she almost glows.

And finally, let's wrap up with one of my favorite shots from the whole con, which I almost forgot to post!

[Tiffany Masters]

This was one of those "I wonder if this will work... OH WOW IT DID!" shots, the kind that makes me believe photography is part magic. Not to mention it's such a thrill when cosplayers give you gorgeous poses like this - so, so fun to work with.

Well, that's it for now, gang, though I *DO* have lots more photos from MegaCon. Go see the rest over on my Flicker gallery, where you cosplayers are welcome to download your own pics to share! (If you do, a photo credit would be lovely!)

I hope you had fun looking through my favorite MegaCon cosplays with me! We have Super Con coming up next month, so stay tuned for more photos then.


  1. That Star Trek-Star Wars mashup is my new favorite thing on the Internet. ::heart eyes::

  2. All these pictures are amazing, especially the last one!! Photography is SO COOL!

  3. That Tink Girl is exactly the mashup I didn't know I needed! SO cool :) I love Linguine and Remy too... there's not enough love (or merch) for Ratatouille in the world... it's the most underrated Pixar film!

    1. Agree 100%, Ratatouille is one of my favourite films!

  4. The Husband tells me that the unknown character is from one of the Final Fantasy games, but he can't remember her name.

  5. These are all so amazing! I am feeling more motivated to go finish off my outfits for the next con here in Australia (Aggretsuko on one day and menhera style Lolita on the other).

  6. Outstanding photography, Jen and John. LOVE Tink Girl and Ensign Leia, and, and, and ...

  7. I think the unknown character with Ariel is Melificent (sleeping beauty) or Ursula (from LM)? But it could be some game character I do not know also.

    the horns look so Melificent though

  8. I love your art round ups so much!

  9. Just came here to say Tankerbell

  10. psst, hey Jen

    just so you know, teeechnically, according to the stripe pattern on Leia's sleeves, she isn't an Ensign. She's a Captain.


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