Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jen's Gems: The Cutest Predator, Giant Ice Trees, & The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room

We need more Happy Stuff online, so here are some gems I found this week:

Ari Flagle just made his daughter a Predator costume to go with his, and LOOK AT HER FACE:

D'awww. Raise your hand if you're a daughter who would've loved to dress up in bad-ass matching costumes with her dad. [raises both hands] Heck, I don't think that's something we ever grow out of. (Hey Dad, when are we steam-punking it up again?)

Here's Ari's post, shared here on the RPF page


This grandfather clock actually exists - it's not Photoshop! That alone makes me smile:

Aaaand the best comment:

The clock is by Alex Chinneck, a British sculptor who creates the most mind-bending illusions. His website is full of wonders - usually on a building-size scale - so go give it a wander for more.  I especially love his 40-foot Christmas tree encased in a giant block of ice:

Chinneck is adding a little more magic into the world with every piece. Love it.


You've probably already seen this owl getting a bath with a spray bottle, but even if you have, WATCH IT AGAIN. It'll do your heart good. 

I mean... ::melts::


In Disney news, The Enchanted Tiki Room just turned 55, and you guessed it, Funko has a Pop for that:

I'm not even mad, that packaging is TOO CUTE. It's another Parks exclusive, though, so good luck getting your hands on one. (I'm still holding out hope they bring Orange Bird back!)

[Updated to add: I've heard these are on the Disney Store's website!]

Which reminds me, if you love the Tiki Room and other classic Disney parks stuff, go follow Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily's Instagram account (KevinAndJody) immediately. It is a treasure trove of their Disney concept art and final products, from these little Tiki Babies:

...all the way up to the entire parade floats they designed for Tokyo Disney Land!

(Yes, this float actually exists! Darn Tokyo, being all far away and stuff, grrr.) 
Go see, and prepare to drool, Dizgeeks. 

And finally, some personal Happy Stuff - because you guys, in this day and age where it feels like all the good craft blogs are gone, and everything's been done before, and I try so hard to bring you guys original tutorials and DIYs, it thrills my geeky lil' heart when one of you actually makes something inspired by EPBOT.

Barkley! Yes! Such a perfect name. And I love the drool.

Amyzam shared her Death Star shelf over on Instagram:

Oof, so perfect - I think your cut lines are cleaner than ours, Amy! Curse you.

And finally, look at this:

Kyle made a Mad Max Funko shelf! AMAZING. I love it when you guys take one of our ideas and expand and improve on it. It's just so darn inspiring.

(If you missed those tutorials, here's the Monster Tree one and here's the Death Star shelf.)

As always, please share your projects over on the Epbot FB page, or tag me on IG so I can see. And while you're at it, if you follow any good crafters online, tell me in the comments! I follow lots of prop and cosplay builders, but I need more little crafty craft stuff in my life.

Welp, that's it for now, fellow geeks. Happy Wednesday, and try to stay sane out there!



  1. Love all of today's happy stuff! The Predator costume is amazing and the owl bath made me laugh out loud.

  2. I still want my own Predator costume.

  3. Shiny happy people! The owl bath was so dang adorable, now I want an owl...

  4. Thanks, my bank account really needed to know there are Tiki Room Funko Pops. XD

  5. I follow cassie_stephenz on Insta, and she's one of my favorites. She's a little different from your normal geeky pages you might follow. She's an art teacher who posts about what she's doing with her students and what wacky rainbow outfits she's wearing. Her dresses are either vintage or handmade, and I think you'd dig them! Every day is like real life Dapper Day on her ig!

  6. That owl.

    The little noises *-*

  7. Oh wow, love that Mad Max shelf!!

  8. My husband after watching the owl video: "It's a moist owlette." :D

  9. I just got back from my first WDW visit. My friends (who are a couple) usually go there every 2-3 years for 3 weeks but due to health issues, one is currently unable to fly so it's been longer since their last visit. She told me to stop by the Enchanted Tiki Room to take photos for her because she misses it. Based solely what I read online, I was going to give it a miss until I just happened to find myself next to it with a short line. I loved it. I loved every second and I can believe anyone would say anything bad about it. Hands down, one of my top three Disney experiences.

    I tried to buy us both Tiki Room musical globes but ran out of time so never managed to hunt them down. Now we're going to have to pay a small fortune in shipping them to Australia but man, I can't wait to have that lil piece of Disney in my own home.


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