Tuesday, June 5, 2018

MegaCon Orlando 2018: My Favorite Cosplay, Part 2!

[Here's part 1, in case you missed it]

I'm going to cram the rest of my favorite MegaCon cosplays into just two more posts, so buckle up, fellow geeks!

 Kicking off with this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast group:

That's a gender-swapped Beast on the right, who was with the male Belle on the other end. ("Belle" told us he demanded to have his own rose, ha!)

The Lumiere had some gorgeous makeup:

 For you Once Upon A Time fans, here comes a fabulous Regina:

Feeling pretty proud that John and I captured her solid black outfit with the flash rig. We're learning!

Do any of you read the comic I Hate Fairyland? I don't, but it looks hilarious - and here's a girl cosplaying the main character:

I think her axe may need a little more blood. :D

Remember, Jessica Rabbit isn't bad; she's just drawn that way:


Also, as a reminder that cosplay is real blood, sweat, and tears: she had a bloody chin from a fall off her heels earlier in the day, eek. I did my best to 'shop it out, so you shouldn't be able to tell.  

A classic and oh-so-creepy Joker:


Oh! You guys, here comes a first: not only is Ariel seated on a mobile rock, she has Prince Eric THE STATUE with her: 

[Bri Rose Cosplay]

I've never seen anyone cosplay the statue! This is amazing! Bri made both costumes herself, and they're almost entirely recycled materials. Absolutely incredible!

Remember Margarita Man from Jurassic World?

Well we found a gender-swapped version, and she was hysterical:

The inflatable pterodactyl on her hat, y'all. OMIGOSH.

I say this a lot, I know, but this is why I love cons

Over on Cake Wrecks I mentioned I saw a bunch of Avengers wearing Infinity Gauntlets at MegaCon - and then failed to post any examples. Oops. So here you go!

Though technically Deadpool isn't an Avenger. (Sorry, dude.)

 Cap also has his Wakandan shield, very cool.

Tell me, Moana fans: have you considered the coconut?

  ::proceeds to sing Moana songs for the rest of the day::

A lovely Poison Ivy and Black Cat:

Ohh, and here comes another statue! If you watch Steven Universe then you've probably noticed the giant one over his house:

Well this brilliant fan cosplayed that statue!

Isn't she gorgeous? I love this!

This kid was a fully functional Pac-Man arcade:
You could actually play the game! You know, if you didn't find that super awkward, ha. ("No wait, just one more game!")

Speaking of classic video games, here come the Post-Apocalyptic Mario Brothers:

 Mama mia! The green pipe bazooka is inspired - and dig that cell-shading.

Now, how would you feel about Ariel and Deadpool.... together... dressed as anime schoolgirls.

Yes? No?

Let's say yes:
[Only Ali Cat]


The one major disadvantage to our flash is that it cancels out any lighting effects in people's costumes. So things like lightsabers, and Wonder Storm's jaw-dropping lightning cloud here:

I mean, you can still tell it looks incredible, but in real life it also had blue LEDs running through the "lightning." So, so cool!

 How about some Star Wars Disney villains?
 Can you guess them all?

 That's Scar, Hades, and Oogie Boogie. Aren't they great?

And finally, here's a super dramatic shot of a Maleficent with the most enormous wings:

Needless to say she didn't get to move around much: just had to pick a corner and stand there! But WOW are those feather wings lovely.

That's all for today, gang, but stay tuned for one last batch of MegaCon photos, coming soon!


  1. Impressive as always! People are so creative. I love that someone was the Prince Eric statue! :D
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  2. Was that Ariel fully encased in the rock, or was it more like a podium she stood behind? Either way, AWESOME.

  3. I love all the costume shots you got. Cosplaying is so fun!!

  4. For costumes with lighting effects, you need the subject to hold the pose long enough so that you can take 2 pictures, one with the lighting rig, and another without flash, and the the exposure set so that you capture the lighting effect. Then photoshop the lit bits of the costumes into the picture taken with the lighting rig.

    love your cosplay photos, they are amazing!

  5. I heard Margarita Man was a cameo by Jimmy Buffett! That cosplayer's outfit & pose are perfect xD

    1. That is true! And his appearance made the movie for me.

    2. The story going around in the Parrothead community at the movie release was that Frank Marshall (producer) asked Jimmy about using Margaritaville as part of the theme park (because, of COURSE one would be there) and Jimmy agreed if they'd let him "be a bartender or something". :)

  6. I don't think that's Lumiere. It looks more like the Beast as a human in the very beginning of the live action movie. People are so creative!!

  7. I have to say that Ariel and Deadpool are my favorite. They are hilariously amazing.

  8. These people are seriously lucky to be photographed by you so they have that permanent record of their creativity and hard work. I bet, for most of them, your photos are the only professional shots they have of themselves in their costumes. And then we all get to drool over how they've brought their awesome visions to life. Thanks, Jen and John!


  9. Storm the KlingonJune 7, 2018 at 3:35 AM



    Storm the Klingon

  10. I agree! Wearing blue and holding a rose, too.

  11. That Regina is GORGEOUS and there's so much detail! That headband and ponytail! (Lana / Regina is the best part of the show IMO.)

  12. These are all so creative! I keep coming back to the gender-swapped Beauty and the Beast at the beginning... how fun is that? And so beautifully done...

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!


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