Friday, December 16, 2016

Festival of Wreaths 2016: Yuletide Sparklies GALORE

You're not tired of Christmas decorations yet, right?


I'm back with my favorite wreaths from our Festival of Trees!

I love wreaths, you guys. They're like Christmas tree cross-sections; you can theme them like a tree, but at a fraction of the time, effort, and cost. 

Not to mention you probably have at least 4 or 5 doors in your house... and thanks to double-sided hangers you can hang two wreaths per door.  AW YEAH.

So let's get crackin'!

Snowy sparkles and a faux silver deer head - which makes me wonder what else you could hang in the center of a wreath. Small framed art? A big antique key? A pretty hat? So many choices.

Love the ring of berries in the middle, and those dangling pine cones.

For the wine lovers:

Sparkly grapes, pomegranates, grapevines, and wine corks.

That ribbon is just the prettiest:


I have a few non-wreath favorite things, too, like this tablescape:
It looks like the designer used wreaths under the plates, though, so does that count?  I love the colors, and those crystal trees around the middle, like a sparkly lil' forest.

K, back to wreaths:

I like how this one has a definite top and bottom: the sprig at the top, the bow tails underneath, and those awesome ferns & berries "planted" in the middle.

This dreamy ocean theme has a driftwood mermaid in the center!

And seahorses! Yes! 
Do you see all the small, colorful beads on silver branches? I want those.

One of the gallery walls had each wreath either inside or on a frame:

Such a great look. It literally frames the wreath!

I like the window pane ones especially:

And check out the different greens in  here - nice, right? You could do something similar by mixing in pieces of garland with a pre-made wreath form.

This one had a bottle of wine hanging from the bottom:

But it's those big clear ornaments that grabbed my eye:
 They're filled with pearls and sparkly gems!

This wreath was actually sitting on the floor:

It's a jumbled mass of tropical ferns and color - and I'm pretty sure the life saver in the back is attached. Perfect for a beach house or houseboat.

Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum: 

Snowy and bright. Gotta love it.

Peacock blues never go out of style:

And I'm also digging these sparkly greens:

I just now noticed there's a lime on it. Ha! Awesome.

Another gorgeous mini tree:

Look at that floral topper! So pretty!

And a classic checkerboard pattern:

Gah, love it. I'm pretty sure every ribbon loop is individually wired on. So much work, but worth it.

These funky circles gave the whole wreath a cool mod feel:

Photo doesn't do it justice; it was so sparkly in person!

Another non-wreath worth mentioning: this enormous nativity scene.

Though the angel throws off my sense of symmetry. [eye twitch]

My tree post had its own head-scratcher (or lack of head-scratcher, I suppose), so here's one for this round. It took me several long moments to figure out what it's supposed to be:

Can you tell? Did you guess?

It's literally a stuffed shirt. Or torso, I should say, to make another of those Mannequin Tree Skirt numbers, only in miniature. Then someone stuffed the neck hole with what looks like the remnants of a very festive explosion.  ...which is still better than the hat.  ;)

Here's a look down the first wreath gallery. The tree closest on the right is decorated with lots and lots of elf feet. I just... felt like you should know that.

Now back to my favorites with this gorgeous floral number:


And here's one made entirely of pine cones and acorns!
Sorry for the rotten photo.

The feathers are a great touch - I think I'd have mixed some in, too, for contrast.

And another fresh take: here's one with no greenery or plant life at all!

One more tropical style, because I'm in love with the cheery orange ornaments mixed in:

I'd never have thought to use big tropical leaves in a wreath like this - or ferns, for that matter! There are also seashells mixed in, so you can just imagine this on someone's door in the Caribbean.

Not a great photo, but here's a cute baker theme:
There are little gingerbread measuring spoons!

And I'll end with a few more mini trees:

Just 'cuz it's pretty.  ::dreamy sigh::

This one has enough detail packed in for a full 8-footer:

And finally, one that reminds me of Harry Potter, for I think obvious reasons:

Hey, you could decorate a tree with all sparkly silver animal ornaments, and then call it your Patronus Tree! Which I think one of you should totally do now, and then send me pictures. (Please?)

Hope you guys enjoyed touring more Christmas sparklies with me! Next I've got another ornament DIY coming up, so stay tuned!


  1. So the "head scratcher" is actually a mannequin tree tutu. :D

    I think the first wreath is my favorite. The owl obviously there, but your eye doesn't see it right away.

    I end with that the creativity of people amaze me. I'm not sure I could pull some of this off with a step-by-step kit and all the needed things right in front of me.

  2. Did the floral one (Perfection) look 3D to anyone else? Maybe it's just my screen, but it is messing with my perception - and I love it! So many cool ones!

  3. Oh, I love the pine cone wreath! So nice for a rustic look. And thank you for an idea with what to do with some clear glass ball ornaments I had. :)

  4. Is that really a bottle of wine under the wreath? Because the clear ornaments with gems and sparkly things in them remind me of bubbly golden champagne.

    1. You're correct. That's a brand of champagne. -TAL

    2. You're right that's Perrier Jouet Champagne - $160. a bottle! (Not that I drink it, but I've admired the pretty bottles....) :)

  5. These wreaths are soooo cool! Thank you for a new perspective when looking at wreaths: cross-sections of trees. It really changed the way I took them in. I also especially like the wreath framed by the window. I'm thinking of hanging more things in our windows (in rooms without the cat!).

  6. So I feel a need to make yet another trip to Joann's and Michael's coming on!

  7. I love these! Kind of inspired to stop being a Grinch and make something festive for our house!

  8. The one with the nuts and pinecones? We have had one that's almost exactly the same that we *think* my mom or *her* mom made ~40 years ago. It's absolutely my favorite wreath, although it's getting a bit fragile/beat up

  9. Ooooh, that mermaid wreath was amazing! I'll have to try that next year - thanks! Just the pick up I needed... sorry you're having a tough week right now too.... I'm having a tough time shaking the bait and switch from Rogue One - if you need a pick me up, might I suggest watching the Christmas special version of How to Train Your Dragon (called Gift of the Night Fury)? My daughter is obsessed with it right now and after watching it a dozen times I still laugh and almost happy cry each time. Seriously, it's like a visual hug, you deserve it. ;)

  10. Wait... there are double sided wreath hangers? So I can cover up the ugly back of my very pretty-from-the-front wreath that hangs over my glass door? I need one... do you still have Amazon affiliate links that you can share to get something out of this?

    PS: Drooling over these wreaths now too. I've been inspired!

    1. My Amazon shopping link is over on the blog sidebar (and thanks!), but really, just check your local JoAnn's: I've seen the double-sided hangers there for less than $10!

    2. Oh yay! I see it now. Thank you for the reminder!


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