Friday, November 4, 2016

The New Vikings At Epcot Are Real Huggers

Here's a grin for you Dizgeeks:

As we were passing the Norway pavilion in Epcot yesterday, I spotted two shiny metal helmets bobbing through the crowd. I went to investigate, and found two Vikings bowing to a little Anna:

 Then they offered her her brother's baby bottle. :D

(Sorry for blocking her face; I figure better safe than sorry. She was laughing, though!)

 I've never even heard of Vikings walking around in Epcot, so when they were done, I sent John in for a picture.
Through various grunts and mime, the Vikings indicated they approved of John's beard, but were gravely concerned about our friend Piet, who was clean-shaven and wearing a floppy hat.

  You can see the blonde one has just spotted Piet here. Ha!

When Piet took off the hat to show his bald head, the Vikings were horrified, and this one went over to give him a sad, sympathetic hug:

There, there.

See the little boy asleep on his dad's shoulder behind them? Remember that for later.

Next they insisted Piet join the photo. So Piet decided to borrow some hair:

 (Can we also stop to appreciate John's new Ninja cat shirt? Our friends give the best birthday presents. [Thanks again, Sharyn!])
At this point I think the Vikings wanted to adopt Piet, because now Blonde Viking approached and began an elaborate mime-and-nonsense-language request:

He pointed at the sleeping child-on-shoulder behind them, indicating he wanted to recreate the scene, I think?


 Then he held that hug...

... and held it...

... and held it, while Pam (Piet's wife) and I cackled and took photos. Bahaha!

So apparently if you want lots of attention and/or hugs from the Vikings in Norway, shave your head. Or bring a bald friend. (Thanks, Piet!)


  1. I'm sorry, but my first takeaway from this series is, THERE ARE VIKINGS TO HUG IN NORWAY??? :-D

  2. That's so cool! I had friends that were there this week and they never mentioned vikings for huggings!

  3. Oh my word, that is HILARIOUS! Thank you for the bright start to my day!! :D

  4. Love this! I want to get back down there before the Vikings leave to invade other kingdoms!

  5. As a native Norwegian viking I need to bring a viking helmet next time I go there! And speak Norwegian... :D It would be hillarious! Especially with my husband standing over 6 feet tall babbeling away in Døl (one of many dialects in Norway)... :D

  6. Completely off topic, and I know nobody's interested in your dreams, but... the other night I actually dreamed I was visiting Jen and John. Unannounced. In fact, I let myself into the house somehow. So they came home to find a complete stranger in their house (heck, I don't even comment usually!) and took it fairly well. Jen did pointedly ask about my flight back home, but by that time I was pretty embarrassed anyway, though not to the point that I left.
    Other than that, dream house didn't look remotely like real house, weird things happened, the end.

    1. No way! I actually had a dream just like that a couple of years ago! I don't think I ever commented about it because I was worried that it would make me seem stalkerish. I'm just so relieved I'm not the only one anymore. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What fun! You two attract the wackiest but cool happenings.

  8. We met the vikings in August. They hilariously taught my husband and daughter a battle cry. So much fun!

  9. It looks like you had so much fun! I've only been to Epcot once, and didn't have quite the same experience as you. I did have some fun times with a couple of employees though. I was wearing a Snoopy floppy hat (because it was summer and like 100 degrees out) and my Doug shirt. We went down an escalator somewhere (or stairs, it's been a while since I've been there) and one guy at the bottom started singing the opening Doug theme and then flipped up the front rim of my floppy hat. Later in Germany a lady loved my shirt wanted to know where I bought it at. But alas, no Viking encounters.
    I did beat my husband in receiving more nice shirt comments at the 3 parks we went to, so that was fun too.

  10. I know that shirt! TeeTurtle, home of Fablefire's cutest designs. She got her start making shirts for, and still shows up there occasionally.

    1. (that one glows in the dark, turning kitteh into ninja)

  11. i wonder how they'd react to my husband who looks like a viking... long long blonde hair and goatee...


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