Saturday, November 12, 2016

Adorable Twinkle Eye "Sea Ponies" Will Make You SQUEE

If you could use a little sunshine and rainbows for your eyeballs, then I've SO got you covered:


I stumbled across these handmade (yes, handmade) "Sea Ponies" in one of my daily meanders through Instagram last week. At first I thought they were the actual My Little Pony "SeaHorses" from the 80s, but nope, these are original sculpts by an artist in Germany! (And they're WAY cuter.)

They're perfectly 80s My Little Pony, though, right? Hittin' all the best nostalgia feelz. They're made from polymer clay, and I cannot - CANNOT - get over how perfect the paint jobs are.

Because, get this: the artist, Dirk, will do custom matches to vintage ponies!

Twins! Right down to the hair!

And one for the original Apple Jack:

There are also a few fandom ones, like Pokemon and this Sailor Moon:

I  love how they "float" on the seashell stands. So clever.

In addition to Sea Ponies, Dirk also makes the most DELIGHTFUL Twinkle Stars:


Recognize them?

They're from Care Bears!

Except Dirk makes them in ALL the colors!
You can display them or wear them:

I never knew a plump smiley star could make me this happy. SWOONY LOVE.

K, just a few more Sea Ponies:

Some have Swarovski eyes!

 My inner 8-year-old is losing her freakin' mind, y'all.

And look what Dirk's working on now!

Sparkly fin/wings!!

Now I'll leave you with the best possible news: Dirk has an Etsy shop. And you can bet the second he lists one of those cheery yellow Twinkle Stars, I am snappin' that bad boy up. (There are a few other colors listed now -  plus two ponies - so take a look!)

Even if you're not buying, definitely go follow TwinkleEye on Instagram for eye candy galore.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Ya'll, I can't get over the perfect finish on that work in progress. It would take MUCH sanding on my end (after baking) to get that pretty!

    Also I need all those stars.

  2. OMG! I'm SO buying one of those Twinkle Stars!

  3. So much nostalgia! Original My Little Ponies and Care Bears? I can barely contain the smiles!

  4. I'm sorry, but the one with the Swarovski eyes just looks a bit creepy to me. He might do better getting a much smaller crystal and embedding it in the eyes where the little white dot highlights are.

    But other than that - definitely swoonworthy!

    1. I think Twinkle-Eyed ponies were always a bit of a love-or-hate thing. I adored them, but my mum thought they were terrifying, which was a shame, since it meant I never got a single one, ahaha. That said, I think he did an amazing job making a Tic-Tac-Toe seapony version <3

  5. YESx100,000,000! I LOVE these!!!!

  6. Ahhh the tik-tac-to pony with the sparkly eyes was one of my favorite toys growing up. So cute. So perfect.

  7. AGH! Jen, you always find the bestest stuff! I was just a wee bit obsessed with the Sea Ponies as a kid, so there is much squeeing and singing happening in my house right now (anyone else remember the "Call Upon the Sea Ponies" song?? Shoo be doo, shoo shoo be doo ;))

  8. I was too old when the whole MLP and Care Bear scene when they came out so I wasn't all that into them. But these certainly are cute!

  9. I will go broke, but they are so cute! I looked at her instagram page and almost lost my head!

  10. My wallet is in cardiac arrest right now. I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!


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