Saturday, May 14, 2016

MegaCon Is Coming! So Here's Your 2016 Artist Alley Checklist

MegaCon has definitely lived up to its name, as Orlando's biggest convention has outpaced even Dragon Con for attendance, and is still growing. (Just you, me, and 70,000 of our closest friends!)

The Orange County Convention Center is basically event heaven, though, and its enormous halls and common areas make Mega doable even for agoraphobes like me. (Lots of open places to escape to.) Contrast that with the cramped hotels and suffocating skyways of Dragon Con, and these crowds will actually feel smaller - and I say that as someone who loves Dragon Con.

(Even though Mega has better crowd flow, you may want to check out my tips for dealing with anxiety at a con, just to be safe.)


MegaCon has new owners this year, and they're extending it to 4 days for the first time ever. (YAY BONUS THURSDAY SHOPPING) They also put on MegaCon Fan Days last November, which you might remember from my review. The attendance flopped a bit, but Fan Days was run so well - and had such great guests - that I have high hopes for Mega this year. Not to mention this will be my first year attending with a Press pass, so fingers crossed that unlocks a secret room with chocolate fountains, a ball pit, and Shatner in the corner singing Rocket Man. 

 (WHAT. A girl can dream!)

Speaking of guests, this year's lineup is INSANE, but I'll let you peruse that on your own. I'm just here to make sure you guys see all the best art, because priorities, people.

Full disclosure: I love the following artists. I mean, I started out loving their art, but now I've met and become friends with most of them, and they're just all fabulous human beings. So now I want you to meet them and love their stuff and become totally biased with me. Deal? Deal.

And for those of you who can't go to MegaCon [sad panda tears], I'll be linking to everyone's online shops, so you, too, can spend ALL THE MONIES.

Heeeeere weeee gooooo!

Dana Elliott (of Elliott's Wands)
 Table A37
(Dana dresses in character and puts on a mini-show to help your wand choose you! It is SO COOL.)

Table A38
(Yes, THAT Christie: mermaid, cosplayer, & artist. It'd be annoying if she wasn't one of my dearest friends.)

Kit Steele (aka Silvertales)
Table A91
(Kit has a giant box of originals on her table you need to flip through.)

Table A93

(I love this woman. And her art. That is all.)

Nathan Szerdy 
Table PR8
(Don't let all the pinups fool you: Nathan does the BEST cutie art - remember our baby Toothless? And baby Darth Vader? And baby Harley? Plus, Nathan doesn't sell prints online, so stock up!)

Kate Carleton & Josh Dykstra
 Table A121

(Kate has done multiple Figment commissions, & even has a cutie Dreamfinder print. 'NUFF SAID.)

Kicking Cones (Katrina)
Table A140

(One of John's personal favorites - when you see her art, you'll know why.)

Table PR15
(Kellee is a beautiful land mermaid with a matching sparkly soul. SAY HI.)

(Victoria makes you feel like an instant bestie - and once you start watching her painting vids, you WILL be addicted.)

Charles Thurston 
Table A259
(I spend every con trying to get away from Charlie's booth.
I mean that in a mostly good way. :D)

Karen Hallion 
Table A260

(As nice as her art is famous. Which is VERY.)

BonAppetEats (Jackie)
Table 382

(She's an Epbot reader! And so talented I suspect actual magic at work.)

(These two's collaborations are downright dreamy. I want to buy all their things.)

Table A433

(I remember seeing Marta at her very first con, and fangirling all over her. RAW TALENT, y'all.)

Table A489

(I want to dive in to the Monster Cafe booth and kidnap all the snugglies. So will you.)

Danny Haas
Table 682
(Compliment his shoes.)

Jon Pinto
Also Table 682
(Great guy, insaaaaanely great art. Don't miss his Rocketeer print.)

Famous After Death (Warren)
Table 970

(One of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. Don't be intimidated by the beard. :D)

And to make it extra EXTRA easy, here's a printable map to bring with you:

 Just click to embiggen, then right-click and save.

And keep in mind there are dozens more amazing artists at MegaCon this year; these just happen to be the ones I know personally and think you guys will love. So take your time in Artist Alley, and happy shopping!


  1. Gah! I wish I was going! Some day...*gazes wistfully into distance*

    Super sweet of you to put all this together for the people who will be attending! They're going to have a blast checking out all these amazing artists.

    Did John have time to pick the stumps up from the mailbox yet?


    1. Not yet, no! He only gets over there every few weeks. Though you've got me curious...

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up - I always find it tough to see everything I want to in the artist halls even at the smaller cons I've been to. Now to get back to finishing my cosplay...

  3. We will be there for Friday and I. CAN'T. WAIT! We went last year and my 7-year-old daughter fell in love. She is beyond excited to cosplay as Rey. And my dad told me after last year that he had always wanted to go to one, so we're taking him with us this year! *happy Snoopy dance*

  4. Keep an eye out for the Juggernaut at Mega! It's a custom build and a great guy!

  5. Ahhh... why must you show us these things. I need that mermaid Rey by Kellee Riley, but it is not in her shop and now I am crying

    1. She just posted a t-shirt link of that art, Lauren! So maaaaybe she'll offer a print soon? Fingers crossed.

    2. I'll have prints at the convention and online too! I'll have my print order in the end of this week so they'll be ready! :)

    3. That's so awesome! Thank you both

  6. ... Why do you taunt me with things I can't do! Gah. Temptress. I mean that in the nicest way, of course. But oh that line-up! If only I weren't doing Wizard World Philly the weekend after. XD

  7. Looks like a neat line up of vendors! Will have to give it some serious thought about going.

  8. When I first saw Marta Wit's art, I thought it was a "Napoleon-Dynamite-as-Kylo-Ren" mash up. I'm pretty sure that would be awesome.

    1. She also has a set with Kylo unmasked, which is gorgeous. I just thought the Mat-the-Technician one was funnier. :D

  9. I just looked at the guest list, and WOW! Y'all are going to be so spoiled! Also, HAYLEY ATWELL!!! I am officially jealous.

  10. I just bought my Doctor Who loving daughter the print by Karen Hallion with Belle walking by the Tardis. My daughter, Ashlynn, just finished a run as Belle in Beauty and the Beast at our local theatre and this was the perfect gift for her!!! Karen Hallion has an amazing Etsy account...she's so creative!

  11. So much want. Sooooooooooo much.

  12. Are you guys doing a meetup on Thursday or over the weekend? How can I find/meet/fangirl over you?

  13. I can't believe you didn't feature the rainbow oddling from The Monster Cafe!!

  14. Why does Florida have to be so far away?
    George Takei!! C'mon! All those insane artists!? I would never have to paint again! My walls, shelves and random surfaces would all be full. Please get some super fun stuff so you can share it with me via interwebs.

    --Piper P from Washington State

  15. I can personally vouch for BonAppetEats stuff... I have one of her necklaces and I LOOOOVE it. So jealous! Buy all the things!

  16. I'm not joking that I get compliments on Danny Haas "It's a Small World." It is SO great to have in my home!

  17. So fuuuuuuun!! You could go broke there! I'm jealous (my friends from Bling Squared will be there instead of at the con I'll be at… if you find them, please ooh and aah over their stuff for me!)

    Just an FYI… I regularly attend a con put on by the same people that now run MegaCon. They are notorious for over-selling (and therefore overcrowding) tickets, especially Saturday. It could just be my con, but something to keep in mind for yours. Don't want your fun time to suck!

  18. I love your artist posts sooooooo much. Thank you.

  19. Who had the handmade plush owls?


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