Friday, May 27, 2016

MegaCon 2016 First Photos: Thursday Is The New Friday!

This is the first year MegaCon here in Orlando will last four days, so most expectations were low for Thursday's attendance yesterday - which meant we were pleasantly surprised at how many fans showed up! Still perfect shopping conditions, but also plenty of folks to give the con a fun, full feel.

 Always a good sign.

These queue lines will be full soon enough!

I will say the new MegaCon owners devised a strangely convoluted ticketing system, wherein you fill out a form in the main atrium, then follow an unmarked maze of curtained-off paths inside one of the exhibit halls to find the "ticket counters." Convention staff sent us on a wild goose chase, there were no directional signs anywhere, and I worry tomorrow's heavy crowds will find pure chaos. Fingers crossed they get this fixed soon!

In happier news, the relatively empty vendor floor meant I got some great shots of Roxy the Rancor's newest friend:

 The Luggabeast from The Force Awakens!

Roxy is still there, too:

 She's a hugely popular photo op, so by tomorrow it will be MUCH harder to get a clear shot of her like this.

But back to that Luggabeast:

I don't think they let anyone sit on it, but man, I want to sit on it.

Elsewhere on the floor, Anovos has a nice display of some of their officially licensed costumes:

And here's another display from UD Replicas:

Another great photo op:

That's a Batbike, Batcopter, AND the classic Batmobile.

 Even the steampunks have a vehicle on display:

I didn't grab pics yet, but this year MegaCon has not one, but TWO Back to the Future Deloreans available for photo ops: both the classic and the hover version from the second movie. Yesssssss.

It's only day 1, but I'm already calling it: this will be the year of Undertale cosplay:

Sorry I don't have time to post reference shots, but it's awesome to see so many cosplayers just NAILING these 8-bit characters. So, so fun.

Cosplay was of course sparse today, but here are the rest of my favorite finds:

John flipped for this one:

 She's a steampunk Vault Boy from Fallout - and those numbers are sewn-together patches from other Fallout vault uniforms. Which is super cool, if you're a Fallout fan. ;)

 More pretty steampunkery:

And check it out, Hamilton fans:
The Schuyler sisters at WERK!

 Disney princesses, all pre-ballgown transformations:

And here's Ariel with Eric AND Vanessa:

Oh, here's a fun one: remember how I mentioned my friend Dana makes custom wands, and does a mini-presentation where he helps your wand "choose" you?

Here he is with Alexie, our friend and his new helper, already being swarmed. (Alexie made that gorgeous dress herself, just for this!) I don't know of any other vendor who sells their goods in character like this. Looooove it soooo much. (Say hi for me if you go - I didn't want to interrupt!)

And finally, adorable little Rey is adorable:

That's all for now! I don't expect to have time to post again this weekend, so stay tuned for full reports on our Junk Lady debut, and of course ALL the cosplay pics from the rest of the con. (SO EXCITED.)


  1. That's a real falcon, isn't it? I wonder how it handled lots of people.

    1. I was wondering the same! I work with them and I wouldn't want to risk bringing one into that environment... Hopefully she only brought it on the quiet Thursday but as a fellow falconer I'd be seriously concerned for that bird :(

    2. It's definitely a real bird, taxidermy can do a lot but it's never that life-like... Apparently they're a group that had a stand, they also do renfaires and such. I asked around on one of the falconry forums I'm on a the general conclusion is that the bird seems to be in good hands :)

    3. For taxidermy expertise, we should consult The Bloggess. :P

  2. Be sure to check out the Cospital (costume repair station) room there! Friends of mine are running it!

    1. Yesssss!! They were awesome!! I had some Velcro that came off my belt, so I had to stop in Thursday night. They were quick to offer assistance and were very nice!!

  3. That's my friend Anna looking at wands! You've featured her here before. You totally could have interrupted the wand presentation to say hi :)

  4. Ahhh!!! So much to comment on!

    I love and appreciate the work needed to be done to make that steampunk skirt to make it like a "flying machine" wing.

    "Sailcloth & rope" Ariel made me chuckle.

    I love your friend Alexie's dress. I wish there was a reason for me to wear a dress like that. Nope, can't think of anything, and can't sew worth beans.

    Lil' Rey is ADORABLE! She'll be a hit if she comes for other days.

    I know sleep will be in short order this weekend, but make sure you have time to eat, wash your hands/use sanitizer, and take your vitamins. Fight the Con Crud! (All right, I'll stop mothering)

    Can not wait to see more pictures!

  5. I can't wait to see more! I'm praying your debute goes well, have a wonderful time!!

  6. Very cool costumes! :D Can't wait to see pics from the rest of the weekend!

  7. How exciting! Always love your con pictures. Hope you and John can stay away from con crud!
    That steampunk lady ...... it so looks like she has an alien in her belly. Am I just not seeing it correctly? Her outfit looks amazing.
    Maureen S

    1. Think its clockwork innards (like spine and ribs)? If you look at the picture zoomed in it looks like there's a cover that's open so it's like looking at clock where you pop the back and see the gears. Guessing a steampunk automataton/cyborg kind of thing? But agree my first though was some sort of critter before I took a second look. Rather novel though

  8. I'm SUPER excited about the debut! (The other costumes also look fantastic, though. Of course.)

    Thank you for chronicling these, so I can enjoy them second-hand! :D

  9. Oh my goooooooooooooooosh!! So excited for you! Congrats, you guys, you deserve it: she's breathtaking!

  10. I am still not sure how I feel about seeing musical theatre characters (that have not been made into a movie) on the convention floor - I just can't quite let myself be joyful that musical theatre might be mainstream again! I had the same reaction to hearing We King's "story of tonight" on the radio the other day...


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