Friday, February 12, 2016

Free Printable Valentines For Grown-Up Geeks

If you're looking for a last-minute Valentine for your geekier half, I just found a treasure trove of options over on The Dating Divas:

Even better, you can print all of these at home for free.

The cards are all original creations by TDD's in-house designer, Sameeha, which I really appreciate. (I've found enough "free printables" ripping off independent artists that I've learned to be cautious!)

You can find all the "Talk Nerdy To Me" designs - and download links - here

But wait - at the risk of sounding like a game show host -  there's more! The Dating Divas also has cards for a bunch of different fandoms, including Harry Potter, Star Trek:

...Lord of the Rings, Star Wars:

... and a few superhero options:

My only quibble is that Dating Divas labels all of these valentines "Man-Approved." Hey guys, how about "Geek-Approved" instead? And if you're feeling SUPER generous, some lady superhero - or supervillain - cards for next year would be extra-mega-duper-awesome.


  1. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Valentines?! I need those.

  2. I second the request for Woman Approved (but these are all awesome to this fellow geek-girl = )!!

  3. These are awesome - thanks!

  4. Thank you, Jen, for this PSA!!! One of those is just what I was looking for to match my totally Geek-ified Valentine's Day DIYs!! I'd love to see Geek-Approved rather than Man, and yes - some female geekiness would be Super-mega-squealy-fangirl AWESOMESAUCE too!

  5. Aside from physically twitching at "Hans Solo" (It's Han! HAN!!) these are fantastic!

  6. These are satisfying... and I'm now going to send anonymous valentine's day cards to all of my friends, family and co-workers. :)

    --Piper P from Washington State

  7. My geeky heart is squeeeeeing right now. Must print ALL the things!

    -Just Andrea

  8. I'm surprised there is no Doctor Who.

  9. Glad to see the site gives credit to the artist. These are all super neat!

  10. These made me laugh - thank you for posting them. =-)

  11. I make a geeky-nerdy card every year for my yard ape. I have two of them uploaded to my LJ, and they're Creative Commons licensed: feel free to borrow them for your sweetie-pie, whoever they may be. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Portal Fandom: Portals are orange, portals are blue; if we die while we're testing, I'll blame it on you. Link:

    Gravity Falls: I'm plum ding dang diddly crazy about you.
    Link: (It won't go live until 5pm PST tomorrow. Unless I screwed up the scheduling, which is always a possibility.)

  12. One of the first compliments my now husband ever gave me was to tell me I was as pretty as Leia and as wise as Yoda ... which I actually think is a Simpsons reference, too. But anyway. The love of geekdom knows no gender. Come on, Leia, Rey, Phasma, Maz??? and that's just Star Wars!

  13. Totally don't get why they went out of their way to make a big deal out of labeling them "Man Approved" when they are really for about any geek, man or woman.


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