Thursday, December 3, 2015

MegaCon Fan Days Pt 2: Hobbits and Dwarves and Cosplay, Oh My!

Let's wrap up MegaCon's Fan Days with some costume contest winners:

(Lady Sauron!)

And a big Disney group:

I'm especially impressed with the two characters from Treasure Planet. See them?
That's Doctor Doppeler beside Belle, and Captain Amelia is behind him.

Here's a reference shot, since it's probably been a while:

You've also gotta love the matching Gastons. Ha!

On Saturday John and I attended John Rhys-Davies' panel, who stepped out in a dapper three-piece suit and proceeded to dispense life advice to the audience in that oh-so-elegant voice of his:

Mr. Davies is a class act through and through, and was especially wonderful to his younger fans:

This little girl told him, "I want to be an actor when I grow up." 
Davies looked at her gravely for a moment, then said, "My dear, you can't be both." 

He then invited the girl up on stage and proceeded to give her all kinds of acting advice face-to-face, which was just about the sweetest thing ever. Look at that smile on her face! Ah! Love it.

Of course my favorite part was when someone asked what Davies' favorite scene was from LoTR. He answered, in Gimli's voice, "TOSS ME." 

And then, "Don't tell the elf!"


K, back to cosplay:

These three brothers were perfect as a flying Ring Wraith and Merry & Pippin post-fireworks-explosion.

And here's a grown-up Ring Wraith:

This is actually a very clever trick: the cosplayer's head is at shoulder level, and the hood is built up to make him taller. I only realized when I spotted him adjusting it a moment later, and saw his face down low in the cowl. Otherwise, I'd never have known!

A life-sized Chewbacca:
Love that head tilt.

And a fantastic Rocket Raccoon with one of the prison inmates:
 The inmate is carrying a prosthetic leg, you guys. Best gag prop ever? I think so.

Speaking of props, let's talk about Billy Boyd's panel next, which had this memorable moment:

You may notice that the girl with the mic has a Gandalf hat, Harley's giant hammer, and a big Scooby Doo - and also that everyone is laughing.

So, in a nutshell, each person could only ask one question, but this girl wanted to ask two. Billy's solution was to let her ask the first question, then dress her up using various props from the audience, and then act like he didn't recognize her.  It was really funny, and only got better when the girl busted out in a terrible British accent to play along. Ha!

Billy was a rambler, but so entertaining no one really cared if he only got to half a dozen questions through the whole panel. Well, I take that back: *I* cared, but only because by the time someone asked him to sing "Edge of Night," - the one thing I DESPERATELY wanted to hear - he'd used up all his time, and so just sang the first word. Arg!

Here's a video of Billy singing  at another panel last year, so you know what I'm talking about:

The singing is at the very end, but I find his talking about the song pretty interesting, too.

Later Billy walked the convention floor, and stopped at my friend Charlie's art booth. Charlie has a little kids' parody book called If You Give A Hobbit A Ring, and Billy agreed to read it on camera for him! How sweet is that?? Here's Charlie's video, if you want to see it.

Ok, let's wrap up with a little more cosplay:

An impressive Kylo Ren and lady Sith lord.

This Claptrap even did a little robot dance for us:

And here's the littlest Cammy from Street Fighter:

I just recently saw Inside Out, so this made me laugh out loud:

It's Riley's imaginary boyfriend! And his pose is spot on. 

And finally, here's my favorite fan encounter from Fan Days:


The one with the machete is Christian, who somehow recognized me even in costume. It's funny, when his face first lit up I thought he just liked my mask, but then he asked, "Are you Jen from Epbot?!" and made me feel like a rock star. :D

So naturally, I suggested he and his friend threaten me for a photo.

(I'm attempting to look scared up there, but was grinning so much it didn't quite work.)

You guys have seen a lot of my costume before - here are the detail shots of the headpiece and mask I made, and here's how I wore it last time:

This time I swapped out the skirt from my White Rabbit cosplay, chopped the jacket in half to wear over a gold brocade steampunk corset, and then eliminated most of the accessories to streamline the waist. (Looking at this now, though, I may go back to the orange skirt next time.)

I'll end with a few beauty shots John took as we were leaving the center:

I'm wearing my light-up steampunk flux capacitor pin - remember that? And would you believe it still works?

I so rarely want to be photographed, but this costume - the mask and headpiece in particular - makes me feel pretty.

I'm tempted to write a post on how empowering a mask can be. Maybe some other time, when I'm not battling off this ear infection/cough fest nastiness. 

K, that does it for Fan Days! So maybe now I can work on getting the final batch of my Dragon Con photos posted... eventually. o.0  Heh. Aheh. Oy.


  1. I always enjoy these cosplay roundups. It's crazy how many talented people are out there!

    You look really good! I totally know that feeling of costumes making you eager to be photographed when normally you wouldn't. Are those your real eyelashes? If so, I need whatever mascara you used.

    1. Dude. Seriously. Those eyelashes.

    2. Ha! No, those are fake - my real lashes are like half that long. Crazy what a difference they make, right?

    3. But seriously, that last closeup is SOOOO gorgeous!!!

      I like the way the orange skirt balances and brings out the orange in the headpiece. That with the gold corset and cropped jacket will be even prettier!!!

  2. I love the short jacket and corset look. I do think the orange skirt gives it more pop, though.
    You are beautiful! Inside and out.
    Funny how a mask that covers 2/3 of your face makes you feel pretty. I feel you, though. When I ever get the nerve to go to a Con, I'll prob'ly go as a masked character.
    The reason you were recognized: it's the hair. : D

    -Just Andrea

    1. Yeah, the orange really works well in pictures, doesn't it? Plus it's a little shorter, which fits the silhouette better.

      Funnily enough two of the artists that recognized me later said it was the hair, too. Better watch out; this could go to my hair's head. ;)

  3. You looked great. And gosh, I hate to be pedantic, but isn't that character in first pic, the Witch King of Angmar (or in this case Witch Queen)? "I am no man!" (Favorite part of all six movies!)

    1. Pls don't apologize; I rely on you guys to help me keep these cosplays straight! That said, I looked both up, and I'm pretty confident that *is* a lady Sauron. The Witch King helmet has horizontal spikes and a larger face opening - plus Sauron has the staff.

  4. Wow! Your eye make-up looks beautiful! And the white skirt is really pretty. In fact, you are really pretty. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for posting all these various Con photos. Your blog encouraged me to dress up for my first Con with my daughter (tiny Captain Mal), and she's already planning for April for her 4th Con. I think she wants us both to be Darth Vader. Take care of that cough/ear infection. I've just gone through that, so I sympathise.

  5. Billy Boyd was supposed to be at's One Last Party, but ended up going to a con instead. I crocheted a Pippin doll to give him, but wasn't able to.

    So I'm jealous.

  6. you are beautiful! love the costume, I could never wear a mask but think they look great on lots of people :)

  7. Awww, Jen! Sorry to hear that you're sick! Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

    Your costume is stunning. You're beautiful wearing it, but you're equally beautiful in a T-shirt and jeans.

    Thank you so much for the Fan Days coverage and for all these fantastic photos of the cosplayers (including you). You're the best!


  8. Good God, you're stunning!! That's not a real dermal piercing though, is it?

    1. I was wondering the same thing!! Is it real?!??

    2. No, that's just a stick-on gem. I'm such a pansy, I don't even have pierced ears! :D

  9. Jumping in with compliment: Jen, you're beautiful.

  10. Maybe the orange skirt with a longer skirt underneath and the newer top? I think the new top rocks! but it needs the longer line.

  11. Maybe the orange skirt with a longer skirt underneath and the newer top? I think the new top rocks! but it needs the longer line.

  12. Your outfit is really awesome. Seeing your con round-ups always makes me wish I lived in the US so that at least one of these cons would be near enough to me for going to be feasible. Although there are some over here that I never get round to going to... so I probably wouldn't manage even if I were there.

  13. I love, love, love the new take on your outfit! But you're right that the skirt isn't quite right first thought is that it was too white. Maybe one in a shade of ivory...or tea stained to add some variation and depth to it? I like the orange too, but hate that it would then distract from your amazing headpiece.

  14. Since I take 90% of my selfies with my phone covering my mouth (like, selfies taken in mirrors ... otherwise it'd be weird), the type of mask you wear might be perfect for me. You look gorgeous in those photos btw!

  15. You are stunning in that costume! I love the flowers you used around your head, so rare to see people use flowers in steampunk and it has such a lovely effect! The gold brocade is a nice change! Well done, as usual and thanks for sharing the fan days pics - hopefully we'll hear about it and get to go next time! Any chance you'll post a heads up when small cons are in FL? I never seem to hear about them until after the fact. :(

    1. Sorry about that - I know I'm not great at advance notice on little cons! Your best bet is to do what I do: follow a couple of local Orlando artists on FB (I recommend Bianca Roman-Stumpff, Nathan Szerdy, & Charles Thurston for starters), and they'll keep you in the loop. Every new little con I find is thanks to artists' pages!

    2. I never would have thought of that - thanks for the suggestions of who to stalk, I mean follow. :)

  16. You are gorgeous. That necklace is stunning!!
    I always look forward to your con pictures. I feel simply at home.

    Thanks for being who you are.
    -- Piper P from Washington State

  17. I like the way that you switched up your costume! It also makes me happy that LotR is still getting such costume/panel love. Also, I need that book. Hobbit is my baby's nickname!

  18. Jen, you are so lovely -- inside and out! The costume is stunning, as all your costumes are!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  19. It surprises me that you don't find yourself attractive; I thought you were a pretty person when I met you at your book signing. It amazes me just how skewed a person's self persona can be.


    P.S. It was great to meet you in Pittsburgh!

  20. Amazing, simply amazing costumes! Sorry you caught the con crud but so glad you were able to share these pictures with us. Feel better soon!

  21. Your costume is so pretty! I love it. I do love the orange too though, perhaps a creamy white tone would be a good mix. I will be waiting to see your mask post as I have wondered how I'd feel with one. I tend to feel like I HAVE to smile when someone looks my way and the longer I spend smiling, the more zonked I feel at the end of an event. I think a half mask like that would help me be able to rest. (I don't mind smiling genuinely, it's just the "pageant/dance mentality that kicks in and I end up fake smiling.)

  22. And I vote for bronze, copper, gold, or rusty metallic colors ... or a palest peach. Though looking back, even a lightest butter yellow or tea stain might work. I agree the white is just too stark --- too clean.

  23. I agree about the orange skirt, but you look amazing, lady! P.S. saw your response to a comment above--I don't have pierced ears either. :)

  24. I think you should layer the orange skirt over the white one and raise the orange hem with a couple ribbons to show the white underneath in the front. Best of both worlds!

    1. Ditto this -- that would make the white skirt look more like a petticoat. *Love* the way the jacket is refashioned.


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