Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Indiana Jones Bar at Disney Springs: Photo Tour!

My parents have been visiting this past week, so John and I took them out to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) to wander and see the newest additions. 

Chief on that list was Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar, which really knocked my socks off with its incredible theming and fun atmosphere.

To give you an idea where my expectations were, I didn't even bring my camera. (Boops.) Here's hoping these shots from my iPhone will do!

As you walk up you'll see this nifty gear-driven crane holding the Hangar sign, already half obscured by nearby trees.

 The building itself is already decked out for Christmas, with colorful travel postcards tucked into the garlands and wreaths.

In case you need a refresher (as I did): Jock Lindsey was Indiana Jones' pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark. As such, his bar is filled with exotic treasures and fun Easter eggs for fans to find.

 If you walk around the outside corner of the Bar, you'll see the wrap-around deck with unique "patio" seating:

And here's your first Easter egg: the boat is named after Jock's pet snake, Reggie.

Now let's go in!

Here's the view from the entry way:


After gawping at those gorgeous roof beams, I zeroed in on the diving bell chamber in the back right... which you can sit in.


Diving suit over head:

And some interior shots:

Steampunky heaven, let me tell ya.

(In fact, most of the new construction at Disney Springs has a distinct steampunk/industrial vibe to it. And I approve.)

After we'd settled in the diving booth I ventured out again for more pics, usually getting in the way of our poor server in the process, since these are tight quarters in the aisles:

Looking back towards the entrance. (That's my dad with the camera near the doors.)

The bar overhang has tools carefully arranged all around the outside edge.

Here's the bar itself:

At one end is a glowing, bubbling cistern:

The plaque reads "Reggie's Revenge." Another ode to Jock's pet snake!

(I assume this is an actual drink you can order, btw, but I didn't check to see what's in it. Sorry!)

Another Easter egg on the bar's drink coasters:

Help me, Obi Wan Club, you're my only hope... of getting a stiff drink.

And check out the graphic on the top "Artifacts" sign here:

It's the holy grail!

I'm sure there's tons more to find in all the various photos and newspaper clippings around the bar, but I didn't have time to look too closely...

... because around this point our food and drinks arrived.

Our only non-boring drink was a Mojito, which comes with loads of fresh mint and a "blow dart" topped with a little rubber Koosh ball:

I kept the dart, of course. I bet a pair of them would make fun hair sticks.

The soft pretzel rings arrived on a fun biplane server:

There's both a mild cheese sauce and a spicy mustard for dipping. Pretty good, but nothing spectacular.

The stuffed dates, on the other hand, are definitely worth writing home about:
The dates are sweet as candy, and filled with creamy goat cheese. Then they're topped with roasted almonds and pickled vegetables, which helps balance the sweet. Good stuff.

And look, tin plates!
Now I want a set of these for home.

K, back to pictures - because, oh yes, I even took a picture of the floor:

The locker area just inside the entry doors:

And a terrible shot of the Christmas tree over them:

(The doors were kept open, so the glaring afternoon sun made pics a challenge.)

A large airplane motor suspended over the bar:

And one of many travel posters and banners hung throughout:

Lots of lovely travel posters around.

I'll end with my favorite piece, which sits right in front of that last photo: an "ice machine" complete with moving parts, bubbling water, and enough character to open a solo show on Broadway:

It actually took my Dad and I a moment to figure out what it was; fortunately some of the gauges are labeled "ice machine." :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour!


Time to announce this month's art winners! 

The winner of the Marvel roundup is: Antinomia
The winner of Leia is: Faith Harrison
And my wild card winner is: Mona Fitzpatrick!

Congrats, winners, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!


  1. So we'll be visiting the drawer handle I "own" at the DVC Polynesian Villas in April, and I hadn't planned for us to go to Disney Springs since Disney Quest will be closed by then (much to my kiddo's MASSIVE disappointment). Now after seeing your pics, I'm not so sure. We've got some free time; do you think we should make the effort?

    1. Oh, definitely. Disney Springs is really coming together now with lots of fun shops, and watching the aqua cars drive into the lake alone is worth a drive over. ;)

    2. how do you "own" a drawer handle at the dvc polynesian villas?

    3. I bought into the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows through the Disney Vacation Club. I joke that what I paid probably amounts to about a drawer handle, and my son says our trip in April is to "visit" it. :-)

      Thanks for the recommendation, Jen! The Boy will be thrilled he gets to go to the Lego Store after all (although my wallet will NOT be happy about that ;-) ).

  2. Club Obi Wan was from the Temple of Doom. I always loved that cross-over.

  3. Great pictures! I have been a couple of times and notice something new whenever I visit - you caught a lot of excellent easter eggs.

    Last time I visited the Hangar, I had the patio seating area on the "boat" all to myself (literally all to myself, since I was surveying Disney Springs before meeting with family in the area). My server was very jovial, in the spirit of other Indiana Jones properties in the Disney parks. I would give the experience a 10/10, and the food & drinks a 9/10. The date plate was delicious, but while the "Anything Goes" was advertised as a spicier drink, the spice was lacking (it was tasty regardless).

  4. next time you visit, Jen, go look at the Lost and Found....there are SO MANY NODS to the Indy films. and even games! :D

  5. Ha! I wish you had posted this last week. I just got back a couple hours ago from a school trip to Disney. This place sounds really cool, and I wish we had been able to go there!

  6. My husband said, 'I can't believe you ate the dates!"

  7. Oh that looks like such fun! I love all the details!

  8. IDEK that place existed. The decor's awesome! If I ever end up there, I want to order a hulk and see what happens.

  9. Since it's highly unlikely I'll ever make it over to America, let alone any of the Disney parks, I love living vicariously through all your pictures! Particularly restaurant visits like these - I don't know why I like the idea of visiting all these themed restaurants so much but I do. Lovely pictures and thanks for the 'tour'!

  10. Wow - what an amazing place! The vaulted ceiling with the open beam supports is awesome. I haven't been to Disney in eons (I think Epcot only had 5 countries the last time I was there). You and John keep tempting me with all the cool places you find. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Somewhere else to check out when we come back next year, my husband thinks it looks interesting

  12. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now i must get back to orlando! wow, what a place. thanks for the tour!

  13. Eee! I want to go!

  14. We were there last month and loved it - the theming is great, and the food was really tasty. For those of us who still lament the loss of the Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island, there are even more Easter eggs to be found. A hint for one of them: the display between the men's and women's restrooms has several passports. Take a close look to see who one of them belongs to!

  15. Ooh! I caught another Easter egg! The second to last picture - under the National Air Races banner - is a poster for "Pankot Province". Pankot Palace is the setting for Temple of Doom!

  16. If you're into that ceiling, go ahead and Google Tillamook Air Museum. It's a WWII blimplease hanger that is all wood. Its5 absolutely gorgeous and photos do not


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