Monday, November 2, 2015

John's Birthday Hunt!

It's John's birthday today (EPPI BURGDAY BEBAAH!!) so I decided to break out my old scavenger-hunt-writing skills. I used to love writing these for friends during college, and it was fun springing a bunch of riddles on sleepy John first thing in the morning:

Here he is solving the coded first clue. (The decoder card is from the awesome CrankBunny on Etsy.)

The clue read, "u can't surf these waves."

After a small hint, John solved the riddle and found his first gift, which had *this* clue:

"To give is better than to receive."

Another gift (no answers yet: let's see how many you guys figure out!), then:

"You'll find this one if you use your head!"

Here's John puzzling that one out: 


He quickly found that gift, which had his final clue:

"Is this wrapping job cheating? Well, you could make a case for that."

I thought that one was the hardest, but by then John was a riddle-cracking machine, and found it in just a few minutes.

So, how many clues did you guess? All the answer are locations any house should have. 

John and I are off to Diagon Alley for his birthday lunch now, so I'll post the Hunt answers later tonight! Enjoy! [evil grin]

Also, if you want to make John grin today, go share your favorite funny and/or cute picture on the EPBOT FB page for him - he loves that stuff. ;)

PS - I'm writing & posting this from my phone, so please excuse any heinous formatting/spelling issues!


UPDATE: Some prettiness from our lunch at Leaky Cauldron:

So, did you guys get all the clues? If not, here's where each of John's gifts were hidden, with their corresponding hints:

 "u can't surf these waves." - in the microwave

"To give is better than to receive." - behind the receiver

 "You'll find this one if you use your head!" - under his pillow

"Is this wrapping job cheating? Well, you could make a case for that." - on the bookcase, inside a decorative box


  1. Aw, happy birthday, John THoJ! =D I hope it'll be absolutely wonderful.

    You guys are the best. =)

  2. The radio; something present-shaped (companion cube?); something that's a hat (Mickey ears; any of y'all's masks, etc.); idea. Happy birthday, John!

  3. Either a TV or maybe a radio

    A toilet maybe? I wouldn't want to receive anything from a toilet.

    A hatstand? I don't know if you have one of those. Maybe a headrest?

    A bookcase? Laptop case?

    1. I thought toilet for clue "number #2", also.

  4. I thought of the stand with John's hat on (can't remember if it was the Dreamfinder or the Chesire Cat hat) for clue 3...
    Hmmm, and maybe the speakers with the Wizarding Wireless Network for the non-surfable waves (radio waves)...

    Anyway HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY John! I hope you have a blast!

  5. Happy birthday, John! I hope you had a wonderful day, and I wish you a year of everything fun and amazing!

    Good thing you could figure out Jen's clues, because I have no idea what any of them mean!

    I always love your Cake Wrecks posts, especially the stick-figure ones. Your stick-Jen and stick-Lily are the cutest things ever...besides real-Jen and real-Lily, I mean. :-) And I've been loving all the Epbot teases you've recently made for Cake Wrecks, too. It's fun finding Eppey or seeing him cosplaying. And thanks, also, for all the behind-the-scenes work you do to keep everything running so smoothly. You are quite the multitasking genius. Pretty sure you're amazing at everything you try!

    So, to summarize, you're incredibly, spectacularly awesome, and I'm so grateful that Jen has you so that she can be her best for all of us.


  6. For one fleeting second after seeing the first picture, I thought you were going to reveal you were pregnant. The decoder in John's hands looks like the old school birth control dial dispenser. *facepalm* I thought you had given him one to say "I don't need this anymore!".

    1. Thank God, I'm not the only who saw it.

    2. So did I! I would love to see a mini John/Jen.

  7. Happy happy birthday, John!! Last Christmas my mom hid one of my gifts and left me this clue: In Harry's room. My husband was completely lost but I bee lined to....the closet under the stairs! We so clever...

  8. Normally, I hate puns, but those clues are pretty dang cute. <3

  9. I thought the "use your head" was going to be in a vent! Remember in Toy Story 2? Rex doesn't want to use his head! Good thing it wasn't me!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. First, happy belated birthday John! I hope it was awesome!
    Second, I love this post, because it totally brings back a ton of happy childhood memories. There are eight kids in my family and we lived on a single income, so money was always pretty tight. But I never really noticed it when I was little, because my mom would do awesome things to make birthdays and holidays more memorable and meaningful - one of which was to hide our presents and give us clues to find them. I still remember waking up to find the first clue taped to my headboard. The anticipation was as good as the presents themselves. And now my oldest son is about to turn four and I'm thinking it might be time to give him a scavenger hunt birthday..... :-)
    Thank you for sharing, and again - a very happy birthday to John!

  11. John! We have the same birthday! Happy birthday to us! Hope you had a fun and relaxing day with Jen and the kitties :)

  12. Leaky cauldron... I believe they have a pill for that.

  13. Is Johns decoder thingy made out of a birth control holder thingy? Cuz it totally looks like one! LOL!


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