Sunday, August 9, 2015

These Layered Wood & Paper Pendants Are Tiny Wearable Shadowboxes!

I stumbled across this Etsy shop last night, and HAD to share. Lali Blue is run by two artists in Spain: Gemma Jericó Arnal and Cristina Arnau Tena. Together they design the most fantastic, beautifully whimsical necklaces: 


 Each pendant is inspired by a classic fairy tale, and uses layers of laser-cut wood and paper cuttings to create tiny shadow boxes. See all the layers and depth on Pinocchio up there? How cool is that??


 The Ugly Duckling:

 (The paper elements are sealed behind a layer of plastic, btw, for protection.)

Little Red Riding Hood:

I love how their Little Mermaid is framed by a scuba mask!

Here's Alice falling into Wonderland, as seen through a decorative key hole:

Each pendant is about $28, but if you live in the U.S., be prepared to spend another $11 or so on shipping. Even then, $40 isn't bad at all for something this stunning, right?
Oh, and these are just my favorites; check out the Lali Blue Etsy shop to see the rest of their "Classic Tales" - there are 5 more! - plus other beautiful jewelry bits like this:

Happy shopping!


  1. Would you PLEASE stop posting all the gorgeous jewelry and art??? I canNOT afford a second mortgage on the house, and yet that is what I'm contemplating as I drool over that Little Mermaid pendant!!!! These are just exquisite!!!

  2. I love the Red Riding Hood necklace and The lill Mermaid and Cinderella. But the first two aren't on etsy (anymore).

  3. These are AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this talented artist with us!

  4. Those are lovely! Have added to my huge wish list. On the minus side I may have noticed a sale on one of my other favourites whilst looking (moonfirecharms) and might have accidentally ordered a Time Turner and Captain America shield pendant. Oops. 😁

  5. Thank you for mentioning these! I wouldn't have known they existed without your blog. The Alice one wasn't on her Etsy site, but I wrote her and she added it on overnight. Ordered mine this morning! Yay! Thanks again!

  6. These are fabulous. It reminds me of a shop I saw that I knew I had to share here so others could appreciate: QUILLED GEEKERY!


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