Monday, August 17, 2015

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2015, Part 2

Time for my second cosplay batch from Tampa Bay Comic-Con!
(Miss part 1? Then you can see that here.)

Let's kick off with one of the most creative cosplay configurations I've seen: a Mad Max car... being towed by a standing wheelchair:

 That's Max himself up front, from the scene where he's strapped to the front of a car:

And the women beside him are two of the brides from Fury Road:

As I said, Max's chair was actually towing this car and driver:

She was awesome; I saw her hours later, and she was still doing that fabulous creepy grin and rattling the steering wheel for everyone.

They were going slowly enough that I was even able to take a little video:

Really impressive stuff. I'm still not sure how they managed to get the dune buggy into the center; there were a lot of stairs, and I can't imagine the elevators were that big.

Now on to the rest!

Not sure on the character, but this is a gorgeous witch:

Her staff has an orrery on it, and there are lights inside the skirt!

Another Warhammer armor suit:

And a cutie-patootie Thor:

More great Princess mash-ups:

That's Beauty Fett, Rapunzel Solo, and then an Assasin's Creed Rapunzel.

Remember Fern Gully?

That's Crysta and Batty!

Gorgeous superhero trio:

Found a great Borderlands group, too:

This Galadriel had the best prop: a glowing "Light of Earindil" bottle - but I brightened the photo so much you can't really tell:

Ahem hem hem.

Mawwaige. Mawwaige is what bwings us togevahh.. today:

Have you... da wing?


(When I asked for their photo I had no idea they'd pose like this - so it made my whole day!)

Beautiful Princess Bubblegum &  Marshall Lee from Adventure Time:

(Or she could be Marceline. The plaid is throwing me. Heh.)

Character reference:

Another insanely creative chair costume: IRON MERMAN.

Check out that tail! And with armor besides? Can you imagine trying to get into that costume? MAD RESPECT.

It was refreshing to see a girl Captain America who chose not to go "girly," if that makes sense:

Even her makeup is spot-on: nothing flashy, just sweet and natural. Perfect for a gender-swapped Steve Rogers, am I right? (That's Miss Day Cosplay, btw, if you want to follow her on FB!)

Speaking of Cap, here's... Captain Spidey?
The colors and design work so well together, it took me a second to realize it was a mash-up!

Rocket Racoon with the cutest baby Groot sculpture:

Look closely: Groot's pot has been signed by James Gunn!

Effie Trinket from Hunger Games:

And here's 9LivesArmory in Paladin armor from WoW,
 & Technically Toki as Platts the Barbarian from Diablo III:

Some reference shots:

(Think I have the wrong armor on the Barbarian, but you get the idea!)

And finally, prepare to have your childhood ruined in the most impressive way possible:


At least, I'm assuming this is a Mad Max mash-up - though it could just be a generic post-apocalyptic Muppet hunters thang. 'Cuz, you know, those are SO common these days...


Can you see her contacts? (click to embiggen) Freaky-deaky cool.

You can't see from this angle, but the guy's "Mohawk" was a faux pelt, with bloody streaks dripping down his head. SO WRONG. Ha!

And on that disturbing note... Hope you guys enjoyed! My next convention will be Dragon Con in Atlanta in a few weeks - the mother lode of the best cosplay in the country - so I expect those photos will last me many months to come. Can't wait! (And I hope to see some of you there!)


  1. those muppet hunters are bad a**, man!

  2. Cool! And - oh no to the Mad Muppets! LO-WTF? :) It looks like the stuffed Elmo on the lady's side has a ball-gag. :)

    I love amazing cosplay. But does anyone else think it is a little... (irresponsible? annoying? what's the right word?)... much when someone's got a CRAZY-BIG cosplay and decides to go all around the con (even in the areas where the crowds are quite tight - which usually seems to be the vendor areas at the cons I've been to), regardless of the size of the cosplay? That Mad Max standing wheelchair pulling the car is amazing - but it's HUGE!

    Anyway, just wondering what everyone else thinks.

    1. We managed really well at TBCC with the war rig (the Mad Max is my son, @bloody_ben). The only difficulty we had was everyone stopping for pictures, but all were very appreciative of the work and were really nice. We also did our very best to stay out of the really tight spots. Just returned from DragonCon in Atlanta with a MUCH smaller rig and, to your point, the car NEVER would have worked in the tight over-crowded venues in Atlanta. Much thanks to Jen and Claire for the kind words about the costume! Stay shiny and chrome!!

  3. That second character is Jade Harley from Homestuck! That is such a neat interpretation of her costume, I love it! Here is a reference pic!

    1. also, her title in the comic is Witch of Space, hence the witchy costume. :)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one out there with a passionate love for Princess Bride. Wuuuuv, twu wuuuuv....! = )

  5. Hi Jen (and John!)
    I will be at Dragon*Con again this year, and will be looking for you, as ever. :)

    I think I've got a pretty awesome mash-up of my own for you. (*Hint: it involves a beloved Disney Character'ette - so I hope I get to see you! Can't tell ahead of time in fear of being mimicked.)

    SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! Can't wait for D*C!!

    (And if you happen to see 2 or 3 London Metropolitan Police officers: male with one female - come say hi!! I'm doing an ensemble with friends.)

    Your friend/fan,
    (Wendy Middleton, Raleigh, NC)

  6. Oh, and I agree, those Muppet hunters are bad a$$!! I LOVE MASHUPs soooooooo much.

  7. Someone killed Elmo! Thank goodness.

  8. She is Marcelline the Vampire Queen, not Marshall Lee.

  9. Mad Muppets! So cool! I loooooooved Mad Max so much. Furi-Elsa is probably still the best cosplay I've seen from it, though.

  10. I've never been to a con but I love "going" through your posts. So thanks!! Some friends of mine will be at DragonCon as Disco Mario, Luigi and Peach. :)

  11. I think I found the lost member of the Muppet Hunters.....

  12. Great selection--it's so wonderful to see a Princess Bride cosplay, and it definitely warms my Tolkien geek heart to see Galadriel. I also agree about the Captain America one. And have fun at Dragon Con! I'm not going this time since I have a baby to deal with/conventions aren't my husband's thing, but my best friend and a couple other friends are. (Oh well, gives me more time to plan for baby's first cosplay this Halloween.)

  13. That is the greatest gender bent captain America ever!! She's so realistic and kick ass!

  14. LOVE the Muppet / Mad Max mashup group! Amazing! Also, Crysta and Battycudda are fabulous! Great stuff! Hope to try to catch you at DragonCon this year - as Jill mentioned above, we plan to have a Disco Mario Party group on Saturday there (Mario & Luigi Progress if you are curious)! Will you be cosplaying there at all this year??

  15. The mad muppets are amazing! So much good stuff, especially that spot-on Fern Gully! Ahhh childhood.

  16. I keep an eye out for you at DragonCon every year - maybe this year our paths will finally cross. If a really excited Galadriel or Abby from NCIS runs up to you, it's me. :)

  17. Iron Merman's tail is simply divine.

  18. As someone who has to watch Sesame Street somewhat regularly (I have a four- and two-year-old), I LOVE the Muppet hunters!! There are days I've daydreamed of doing similar things....

    On another note, will you be cosplaying as Lady Vadore again at DC this year? If so, do you know yet what day/time? I'm frantically trying to finish a steampunk Leia costume, and I'd absolutely love to try to catch a picture with you in your gorgeous get-up (though I'm not sure mine will measure up in a side-by-side--it's my first cosplay! :-P ).

  19. Thank you so much for the great article & review! Please check out more of our cosplay on Facebook at

  20. The witch with the dog ears on her hat is cosplaying as Jade, from the massive webcomic Homestuck. Jade is the Witch of Space, and that's a very nicely dressed-up ball-gown version of her Hero costume.


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