Sunday, June 28, 2015

Incredible "Floating" Howler Craft (From Harry Potter)

Every now and then I get something fun sent to the Epbot P.O. box, but this latest surprise from reader Linda F. simply MUST be shared:

It's a Howler!

More specifically, it's Ron's Howler from Chamber of Secrets:

Linda made the paper Howler herself, then suspended it with clear fishing line in one of those crafty snap-together ornaments:
 You can't see the line at all, so it really looks like it's floating in there!

 (This was a bugger to photograph! Finally resorted to a photo cube to cut most of the glare.)

Even the back side is perfect, with a little address label:

Linda finished it off with red ribbon bow and decorative wire hanger:


Linda sent this along for our Harry Potter Christmas tree, of course, but 'til then I'm hanging it in my office! It's one of my new favorite things. Love.

 Linda has craft blog here, btw, but sadly I don't see any mention of this beauty, much less a tutorial. I've seen some Howler origami tutorials around online, though, so maybe you could modify and/or shrink one of those down to make an ornament of your own?

Thanks so much for the inspiration, Linda, and for the howling good addition to our Potter tree!


Time to announce this month's art winners!

So, the winner of the Wonder Woman print is... Buncha Stuffes!

And my wild-card winner, who gets her choice from the Pinterest give-away board, is the Jennifer with the blog "My Fur-Real Life!"

Congrats, you two, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!


  1. Oooh, next you need a Remember-all!

    1. OHH man that would be epic!!!! If you could get it to change colors and be "foggy" like that would be cool

  2. This is amazing! Such a great idea. Gonna have to google the origami tut.

  3. Love it! Will be thinking of you during our trip to Universal/IoA at the end of July. :)

  4. fab ornament. I have vowed to knit you a couple of Weasley sweater ornaments and this WILL happen!

    1. Omigosh, that would be EPIC. (But no pressure! :D)

  5. I really like this its so cute.. i actually started "Reading" the howler that is just squee!!

  6. I am so excited I'm screaming over here, LoL. Thanks, Jen, you rock!!!!

  7. Wow I love this. I can't wait to get an apartment with my fiance in a few months so I can immediately do ALL THE HP CRAFTS!!

  8. LOVE it!!! So cool! And yay! I FINALLY won something! Now I'm off to make the impossible decision of which print I want. Haha

  9. Oh my goodness, that's absolutely PERFECT! I think I have to make some of these this year!

  10. Linda, that's beautiful and PERFECT!!

  11. That is amazing. I may need to make one or fifty for christmas.


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