Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You Never Knew You Needed Custom Mickey Ears... UNTIL NOW

I've just come up for air after binge-browsing the most amazing online Dizgeek nirvana, you guys: Recycl EARS.

Jess, the genius behind Recycl EARS, first started making custom Mickey ears for her family for Star Wars Weekends back in 2011. The response was so great, though, that she eventually started selling some online.

Fast forward 'til now, and Jess has about ten bajillion custom ears in her Facebook gallery, each more squee-worthy than the last. I'm about to inundate you with some of my favorites, and believe me when I say: this IS the short list.

Since it all started with Star Wars, let's begin with these beauties:

That tiny BB-8 is how I first found Jess; someone tweeted that pic and a link to her Facebook page, and it was love at first sight.

Jess first sketches out each design, then hand paints and cuts each little piece of felt. She also hand sculpts and crafts any 3D elements, like Darth Maul's horns up there.

Those are all her relatively traditional ear shapes, though; Jess also does crazier stuff, like THIS:

X-wing fighter Mickey ears!! And of course my heart belongs to the full-size BB-8.

But this next one, THIS is my favorite Star Wars one:


Oh, but we're just getting started. Calling all Whovians!

Jess sculpted those little shoes, you guys. SO CUTE. And the matching TARDIS ears were a custom set for a wedding! Can I get a "D'awwwwww?"

Avengers ears, assemble:

And you better believe there was much Kermit flailing when I found THIS:

The little proton pack!!! ACK. Someone come scoop me off the floor, please.

More Nerd-gasms ahead. You have been warned.


And Firefly, too?!
 So shiny, you guys. SO SHINY.

And now, my favorites scene from Frozen, in ears form:

"It's so cute! It's like a little baby unicorn!"

(See the rest of the carrot, hanging out the back? Bwahaha!)

I love how creative Jess' designs are, like this table of spaghetti for Lady and the Tramp:

In AWE. Srsly.

You'd think I was posting her entire gallery here, but in reality I've barely scratched the surface. Head over to the RecyclEARS Facebook page for so much more, and get ready to lose some serious time.

I'll leave you with my favorite of Jess' Wonderland ears - because BREAD AND BUTTER FLY:

And the upside down teacup! And Cheshire lifting his ears! And flouncy Queen of Hearts goodness!

So good. So. GOOD.

Jess' ears are all made to order, and her lead time right now is about 5 months, so order early. Most of the designs in her shop average between $69 and $94, depending on complexity. Head over to her site to order, or follow RecycEARS on Facebook or Instagram to see all of Jess' new custom work. (Trust me, it's addicting!)

And finally, thanks to Jess for allowing me to post so many of her photos here. She's a total sweetheart, so I recommend saying hi if you get the chance!


  1. Those are so cute!!! <3 I am going to spend the last of my lunch break checking it out!

  2. i would have thought the figment one would have been your favorite!
    (yes, i am over at recyclears.com and just swooning out loud. incredible work!)

  3. Holy cow! If I had the dough to purchase some right now, I would! (We'll be at Disneyland *exactly* five months from now!)

  4. Thank YOU for this amazing post, Jen! I am humbled and honored by your praises. These are such a labor of love and it makes my heart happy to hear that others are enjoying them. Thank you!

    1. Jess, these are awesome! Thanks for bringing squee-worthy joy to all our lives. :)
      All the best.

      --Piper P from Washington State

  5. The picture of Stan Lee wearing the Spidey ears is ADORABLE!

  6. Now I have to plan a trip to Disneyworld just so I can justify buying custom-made ears.

    --Piper P from Washington State.

  7. Oh my! Yep, I never knew I needed them but WOW - what talent!

  8. I'm heading to WDW in 17 days (!) and you're right, I NEED some of those. Good thing there's not enough time, because I definitely can't afford it. ;) Mickey and Harry, here I come!

  9. Goram it, no Firefly ears in the store :(

    1. They're a special order, Raienya. I'd be happy to recreate them for you! You can reach me on Facebook, Facebook.com/RecyclEARS

  10. These are awesome. You really are my go-to site for great fan art.

  11. I must confess that the Lady and the Tramp ones really got me :) I love that you introduce us to all of the amazing things people are creating out there (including you and John!)

  12. ACK!! Be stll my geeky heart! I just love these! Especially the Firefly one. And the Sand person Star Wars. So freakin' cool!

  13. You remind me of Farscape: "Look upward, and share the wonders I have seen." I love coming here and seeing your new finds/projects. I always leave inspired. : - )

    -Just Andrea

  14. SQUEEEEEEE! Must have! Thank you! :)

  15. You should get the Figment ears for John--

  16. I must say I am really surprised you missed the opportunity to say "Aveng-ears, assemble".


    1. I was thinking the *same* thing!!

      I too had no idea I had a surprising lack of Ears in my life...until now. Want.

  17. I NEEEEED the Bread and Butterfly ears.......I'm the weirdo Alice fan who corrects everyone when they say "Aw look, a butterfly!" :D and I'm also the only one besides my husband who gets it lol

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  19. I need to find some plain ears of my own so I can customize them to look like Pinkie Pie's hair!

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  21. These are awesome. I wish I had your talent, very impressive. Is there a link somewhere to her site/store?


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