Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eye Candy For Your Neck!

I picked up this adorable lollipop charm at Shock Pop Comic-Con for $5, and then decided to make a little necklace with it:

(My inner 5-year-old is in heaven right now.)

I used my new Looper tool to make those Swarovski danglies (and wow is that easy/fun) and then added a tiny length of chain so the lollipop hangs just below them, like so:

I already had the crystals and chain, so this was a pretty easy upgrade for a $5 charm!

And now a close-up, since I can't be the only one who loves rainbow eye candy:


The lollipop is by Bon AppetEats, btw, and look what else I found on her website:

GLaDOS potato necklace!!

Lots more miniature food goodness over there, too, if you want to do some shopping. (The ice cream scoop earrings are crazy realistic, and super cool. [pun intended])

Now I've moved on to a much more involved necklace project. Still not quite done, but here's a peek - and I think my fellow Disney fans are gonna liiiike it!


I cast the bats from resin, then sanded, painted, aged, and drilled each one. Tedious stuff, and it took forever just to get the resin casts right, since my first few batches were riddled with tiny bubbles.  >.<

I've since found better/thicker chains, so I'll be swapping those out soon, but quick poll: what do you guys think of the green/teal bead? Any good? As a Haunted Mansion homage I wanted both green and purple, but do you think I should try other colors, too?


Aaaand now it's time to announce this month's art roundup winners! So congrats to:

Noortje Merks, who wins the Godzilla in love ACEO

Katelyn Nielson, who wins the cute Monster 

Lizzy (of Lizzy's Fancy) who wins the "snow maiden" Ermine girl

Angela McKean, who wins Leia

and Holly Denghal, who gets her pick from the Art Give-Away Board!

Congrats again, ladies, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses! (And your choice of prize, Holly!)


  1. Squeee, my husband loves Portal, I feel like I just might need a potato necklace!

  2. Yay, the Haunted Mansion ice cube tray in action! I love the green and purple, but those were the exact shades of my wedding colors, so I'm biased.

  3. That lollipop necklace is tooooo cuuuuute. Jen, if you ever open an Etsy shop, you will make a killing. Just saying.

  4. I like the teal/green bead, it has some of that coppery color to it which looks great. I think red (Like a blood red, not like a cherry red) and black would also be decent accent bead colors.
    And that lollipop is ADORABLE.

  5. Wonderful necklaces! Since the bats are gold, I like the purple a teeny bit more than the green. I like to combine beads of that color green with copper, it's a pretty combination. You can't really go wrong as long as you love them!

    (Also, commenting on your lovely blog is so hard!! It never wants to work right for me.)

    Karen Y

  6. Well-done with the new tool. I experimented with the 1-Step Looper at work for quite a while but could never get a decent loop with it, so I'm sticking with my trusty round-nosed pliers.

  7. The ice tray cometh! Or was it a chocolate mold?

    1. Ice tray - but it's silicon, so you can use it for either!

  8. The green is nice, but does makes it look a bit cheaper than the other. I think maybe a solid black tear drop would make it look very elegant and spooky :)

  9. Those are AMAZING!! Yes, I'm on Team Purple too for the bat-necklace teardrops. The green bead looks more---I don't know that I'd call it "cheap", but definitely somehow *lighter*, less somber and menacing than the purple one. I'd like to see either a really radioactive-looking poison green or a mysterious deep emerald instead.

    And I totally second the votes for blood red and jet black for additional colors, and perhaps black "pearl" or hematite as well?


  10. Thank you for picking me! I sent an email.

    I love the green/teal bead, but that is one of my favorite colors so I may be biased.

  11. The green is nice, but I like the purple better. Reminds me more of the Haunted Mansion vibe. You could totally make a killing on those if you decided to sell them. You know, in all your spare time :)

  12. Definitely like the crystals--both of them.

  13. The green bead looks good. It plays well off the golden color of the bats. I think with a design like that you could really go for any color. A blood red could be cool.

  14. I like green best! Those are amazing!

  15. So fun!! :)
    I also enjoy the green. But the purple does make it look more dark. Ooohh. What about TEAL?
    Also, the lollipop necklace is just so adorbz, I may have to use it as inspiration for a present for my niece. :)

    --Piper P from Washington State

  16. I LOVE the bat stantion pendants! (In fact, they make the perfect excuse to head over to MK to grab the ice cube trays. ;) Question though if you don't mind. What type of resin did you use? I've wanted to try it for awhile now but they all have warnings not to use in high humidity which is, as you know, like ha ha ha ha not... here in Florida. Low humidity! As if. ;) Anyway, wondering what worked for you. Thanks!

  17. WAIT. The Looper is a thing?
    How is that a thing?
    How did i not know about it?
    As a jewelry company owner i make approximately 3,999,986,558 loops a week.
    i am going to get one now.
    BTW - the lolli necklace is fantastico.

  18. Need a vacuum pump for excellent molding results, but you've already managed to do a fabulous job.

  19. That lollipop necklace is so adorable! I will have to try and get one for my niece.


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