Monday, March 9, 2015

The Best Cosplay Of Dragon Con 2014, Part 7 (Last One!)

At long last, it's my final DC cosplay post! Yaaay! [Kermit flail]

First, a dirge of Death Eaters:

I don't know if "dirge" is actually the right word, but it should be.

For those of you who recognize me and John up there, I should point out that a lot of today's pics were taken by my amazing friend-turned-handler Renee, who was a real life-saver while we were in costume!

Sunday night was the Yule Ball at DC, so there were plenty of fun Potter costumes around. Check out these deliciously dapper witches in each of the four House colors:

So pretty!

Inside the Ball itself it was ridiculously dark, so photos were extra impossible... but look who we found!

And lemme tell ya: SUCH a nice guy.

My favorite from the Ball:

How perfect is this Luna? Right down to her robe made of flags! 
And that lion hat is adorable.

A picture-perfect Professor Trelawney & Arthur Weasley: 

And this Madame Pomfrey made her own bottle of Skele-Grow!

I bet you could do something similar with a plastic Halloween skeleton over a bottle. (Aaand now I wanna make one.)

Here's my friend Dana - in full Quidditch gear - and the deathly "hellos":
"Deathly Hellos?" Eh? EH? 

I slay myself.

Oh! And before we leave the Ball, here's your new favorite thing today: John boogeying down with Bellatrix: 

Ok, time to leave the Yule Ball for better-lit areas!

Here's La Muerte from The Book of Life:

And check it out: the candles on her hat lit up!

Dragon Rider:

A mismatched Disney pairing:

Best part? Gaston is holding five dozen eggs.

Everybody now!

No oooone shoots like Gaston
Makes these beauts like Gaston
Then goes tromping around wearing BOOTS like Gaston!


And now, the sweetest I Dream of Jeannie cosplay you will ever see:

Which is ironic, since it looks like she's actually Jeannie's "evil" sister, Jeannie II:

I didn't even know Jeannie HAD a sister. See? Cosplay is educational!

Talk about a small world; just a few weeks ago I heard from this guy's sister, who's an Epbot reader:

He's "Doc(umentor) Octopus," and each of those arms has a fully functional flash in it for photos!

And while I'm thinking of it, here's his sis KendyllAn (the one who e-mailed me) as a flapper-style Ariel:

She made that "bubble boa" and her own dinglehopper bracelet, which is SUCH a fun detail!

And here's their sister Shannon (ah yes, three siblings, all cosplaying at DC!) as flapper-style Ursula:

 Her trident is a vintage style cigarette holder!

Now back to another Doc Oc, this time in a miniature variation:


And speaking of cool: work it, Thranduil!

Raver elves. Only at Dragon Con.

(Oooh, looks like he could be "Party Dad Thranduil" from this comic. Too funny!)

This Toothless was a dark moving target, so not the best pic:
He's kind of like a giant puppet draped over her shoulder, though. Really clever!

Married With Children, anyone?
Gotta love a cosplay that has a built-in excuse for sitting down most of the time. BRILLIANT.

This father and son duo are more Epbot readers, rocking the Laser Cats outfits from SNL:

From the show:

A beautiful Xena:

Some impressive steampunk gadgetry:

I won't try to guess on this next one; you guys tell me:

Aaaannd within mere seconds of posting, I can tell you she's from World of Warcraft, and is a Draenei Priest with Avatar Regalia.

 Thanks, guys!

Another of my top favorite shots: this stunning Lady Riddler:

And finally, let's go out with a bang: a Rumpelstiltskin who looks straight off the set of Once Upon A Time!

Here's the best comparison shot I could find from the show - though the color is obviously way off:

Rumple changes clothes a lot, so this outfit was hard to find.

And back to the cosplayer, 'cuz gotta see those boots:

K, that' does it for Dragon Con 2014!

You'll be getting more pics soon enough, though, since this coming weekend is Dapper Day here at WDW! If you're there Saturday afternoon, be sure to say hi!


{Miss one? Click here to go back to Part 1!}


  1. She's a Draenei Priest with Avatar Regalia.

  2. "I won't try to guess on this next one; you guys tell me:"
    World of Warcraft, Draenei priest wearing Teir 5 gear
    and wielding the Staff of Immaculate Recovery

  3. I was gonna say, I don't want this to be the last post!!! I love these pictures.

  4. Holy crap, that Xena outfit looks authentic. Wow.

  5. Jen...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the amazing Dragon Con posts. I didn't comment on every one, but I loved them all and greatly appreciate the huge amount of time you spent taking, organizing, and editing the photos, hunting down comparison pics of the characters that inspired the cosplayers, and posting it all here for us to gawk and drool and geek-out over. You're the best!

    You and John looked great in your Death Eater costumes, too.

    Hope you two have a blast at Dapper Day, and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Thanks again,

  6. It's Party King Thranduil!!! First drawn by Gingerhaze over on Tumblr:

    It's so cool seeing crossovers from two of my favorite blogs!

    Gingerhaze has done a lot of fan art of LotR and the Hobbit... including the "Broship of the Ring," which re-imagined characters as modern day hipsters. She's also drawn a great "monk-punk" webcomic called Nimona... kind of a medieval-science-fiction story. (

    1. Yes yes yes! Gingerhaze is fantastic. Jen - you simply must check out Nimona

  7. Xena!
    Flapper Ariel!
    I can die happy now.

    --Piper P

  8. I just flailed like a muppet when I saw the Doc(umenter) Octopus and the Flapper Ariel and Ursula siblings...I KNOW THEM! Watching them develop their costumes was great, and I'm glad they got some recognition in your Best Of list! So proud!

    That rad Thranduil is Party Dad Thranduil, based off of Noelle Stevenson (Gingerhaze)'s comic. Her fanart is so fun and silly, and you should definitely check out her original comic, Nimona. It's a webcomic that is coming out in book-form this May!

  9. THOSE BOOTS! OMG, those boots... Now I can die.

  10. I may or may not be screaming right now. (YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!!!!)

  11. Yayyy! We're so excited to be on here! Thank you! Love all your pictures so much! (Flapper Ariel here)

  12. No way that Rumple isn't actually Robert Carlyle! Oh my goodness! Amazing!

  13. I'm a huge fan of Jeannie's evil twin sister so this cosplay made my day

  14. I'm so excited to see my Riddler on here! I only wish you guys could have seen my sister's matching lady Scarecrow costume with it. Her mask is amazing. Unfortunately, the airline lost her luggage. Couldn't lose the suitcase with the normal clothes in it, of course....

  15. I love that without too much time on the nets, you can find a LOT of fanart of raver elves which makes his costume all the better. :)
    Also, the Rumplestiltskin is UNCANNY.

  16. It's creepy, but that Rumplestiltskin looks SO much like one of my former classmates O.o He also does cosplay! But I know he's never been to the U.S! Evil twin over there perhaps?

  17. Wow! My favorites are the Rumple, the four witches with the different house colors, and the steampunk lady riddler :) Awesome stuff!

  18. I *love* when people cosplay characters that aren't current pop culture. The "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Married with Children" are awesome!

  19. Hey, I know Rumple, and I"m married to Trelawney!

  20. That cosplayer doing Rumple is named Carl Daniels. This is his Facebook cosplaying page:

    He's an awesome dude, and a friend, too! ;-)


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