Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 6

Oh yes, there's still more.

Let's start off with this epic group of elves from The Hobbit:

Just after I took this some little kids jumped in dressed as Bilbo Frodo and Gollum, and the reactions were priceless:

Kid Gollum was really into character, and so incredibly creepy that he totally stole the show:

See what I mean??

Here's just the kids later on:

Remember how I said Gollum was really into character? 

It's amazing I ever caught them both standing still!

K, moving on, here's a gender-swapped Jareth from Labyrinth:

And a group of Disney princesses:

Nice to see both Kida and Giselle in there - you don't see them much!

Pretty sure these are both from Mass Effect:

This group, too:

This Sailor Moon Cinderella was actually playing a video game strapped to someone's back (because Dragon Con!), and gave me some fabulously cheesy poses with the controller:

Another great mashup: Halo Kitty. (Get it??)

Check out the light-up whiskers!

Now how about a kitty Ghostbuster?

And can we all stop for a moment to appreciate that Caution sign on his waist? Ha!

Here's another group I took too many pictures of - this time from John's favorite game, Skyrim:

The two on either side are Draugr, undead warriors, which look like this in-game:

 Those glowing eyes are fantastic - and see all the arrows sticking out of him?

The woman in the middle is wearing Nightingale Armor, which looks like this:

Here's a better group shot, this time with an armored knight:

Btw, the two Draugrs are husband and wife, and you can see some amaaazing build photos over on his site, Punished Props.

You see a lot of TARDIS dresses, but this couple went all out and had the guy dress as one, too!

Love her white hair and his hat.

How many cons have both Mary Poppins AND Mrs. Banks out together?

And you see Barf from Space Balls in his regular jumpsuit pretty often, but almost never in the guard uniform from the prison break:

Remember this scene? Ha! Great prop choice. 

A cutie patootie Pinkie Pie:

And you've gotta love vacationing Joker smirking in the background.

Super dark photo, but here's a group of Princess Jedis:

And a fantastic armored Wonder Woman with a Dragon Priest from Skyrim:

I tried to find a Priest pic from the game to show you guys, but there are TONS of different versions, and I couldn't find this one.  >.<

[Update: Aha! The "priest" is actually a "Dragonborn Cultist", which looks like this in-game:]

Wow - twins! Thanks, commenters!

Mad Moxxi and Tiny Tina from Borderlands:

And here's what those two look like in-game:

Not a great photo of the costumes, but I thought this shot was really fun:

The camera flashes across from me ended up looking like the Storm Troopers blaster fire! :D

Ronan and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy:

An unmasked clockwork robot from Doctor Who:

And a screenshot from that episode:

Because venetian masks weren't freaky enough, right?

Since I'm guessing most of you haven't watched Soul Eater (though you should!), this is Lord Death from the show:

He talks with a ridiculously high voice, likes to high-five people, and is generally hilarious.

And now. in real life!

And since every DC cosplay post needs a moment of what-the-actual-heck:

Those aren't condoms, they're baby bottle nipples. And he also had a long glowing tail, which is giving off that purple light. 0.o

And finally, let's end with some My Little Mandalorians:


(Mandalorians are the mercenary/bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe, like Boba Fett.)

So Fluttershy is holding a tiny bunny, Pinkie has her confetti cannon (complete with color-changing lights!), and Rainbow Dash is sporting a hank of hair ala Boba Fett... in rainbow. So good.

Ok, guys, we're nearly there! So in next week's final (yes, finally) DC roundup, I'll have pics from the Potter-themed Yule Ball, plus some jaw-dropping cosplay from Book of Life, Once Upon A Time, and lots more. Stay tuned.

{Click here for Part 7, or here to go back to Part 1.}


  1. hey! Love that Pinkie Pie work the Joker in the background. seriously confused by the nipple thing... but I love all the Skyrim armor!

  2. What a great way to start the day, by reading through this post :D. By the way, I think the elves at top are from the Hobbit movies. but no matter. They all look awesome!

  3. These costumes are...just! amazing! It would be great fun to head to a cosplay event someday.

  4. Oh my Gosh! :D Your photo of "a fantastic armored Wonder Woman" ... that's Kamui from Kamui Cosplay in Germany! Her cosplays (mostly armored ones) are really fantastic :) And to think that two of my idols from the world wide web (yes, I mean you, Jen :P) have met without knowing each other, seems just crazy xD

    1. Ah! I actually follow her on FB now, but didn't recognize her in the pic!

    2. I was actually about to point this out too, but I can see I'm days late to the party. Also, if I'm not mistaken the Dragonborn Cultist in the picture with her is Will Morgan of WM Armory, which is funny because he's shop mates with Bill of Punished Props. Too bad he wasn't there for the Draugr picture.

    3. Oh and also the guy in the blue warhammer armor getting shot by camera flash/stormtroopers is Gary Sterley of Gary Sterley Studios. He's a fantastic costumer and is working on some epic Destiny costumes right now.

  5. Total nit pik moment. It's spelled Ronan not Ronin. I only know because that is my son's name. He's not named after him, but he thinks it's pretty cool that it's spelled the same way.

    1. Ronan and Gamora are and

      Thranduil is who also did the amazing

  6. I do remember seeing those elves during the Night in Bree party, but I definitely didn't see kid Bilbo/Gollum. That's so fun! (I think my other favorite Tolkien-related cosplay that I saw was a girl walking around in a black dress with spikes added to make her look like the tower of Barad-Dur, complete with a giant flaming Sauron eyeball that she wore over her head.) Also, I love that a guy dressed like a TARDIS. Because usually I just see dresses for that. And that panel in the front of the dress in the same picture that looks like the interior of the TARDIS is also pretty fantastic!

  7. The Dragon Priest you couldn't find a picture of is a Cultist from the Dragonborn DLC (I've spent WAAAY too much time in Skyrim!)

  8. I cannot believe the guy with the baby bottle nipples. Those things are so expensive!

  9. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing these photos. I haven't been able to go to a con in years and your pictures help me feel like it hasn't been that long. Thank you!

    Plus, I love seeing the costume mash-ups. People are just so danged creative. It's very inspiring!

  10. Ahh! I know that Wonder Woman.. that's Kamui!!! She's an amazing cosplayer from Germany, and she just wrote a fantastic book about armor and prop building for cosplay. Here's her facebook page

    1. I've actually been following her for a few months now; just didn't recognize her in that photo! I want ALL of her books for my bookshelf - not just the digital downloads - so at some point I'll bite the bullet and buy 'em. (Why must shipping from Germany be so expensive? ha!)

    2. Oh , well that's no problem! She's good friends with Yaya Han (US Cosplayer) and Yaya sells Kamui's books in her online shop and sends them from the US :)
      Here is a link to Yaya's Shop:

    3. I couldn't help but fangirl when I saw her in your pic, Jen! I am determined to have all her books in my collection at some point too (*shakes fist* Darn you shiiiiiiiipppping!!!!)

      Feenuss I follow Yaya too and didn't realize she carries Kamui's books! Thank you SO much for the tip!!!

    4. You're welcome! :) Advantage of being German.. first hand information :P

  11. Wonderful costumes! And thanks for the nod to Soul Eater. I've enjoyed the manga as well as the anime, and that's a dandy Death costume! (I prefer Death the Kid, Death's OCD-driven heir, with his dual-wielding pistols (aka the Thompson sisters), but Death Sr. is so quirky that he makes for a very impressive outfit.)

  12. These pics make me smile from ear to ear!
    --Piper P from Washington State

  13. That's not a Vacationing Joker in the background of the little Pinky Pie pic, that's Joker from "The Killing Joke." One of the most messed up comics of all time. It is how he is dressed when he shoots Barbara Gordon through the spine, paralyzing her until the new 52.

    It makes the picture better/worse.

  14. Love these posts. Thank you for sharing!

  15. How did they make all the armor? how? How? HOW? I'm plotzing... *thud*

  16. Gah, somebody beat me to it! It was driving me nuts because I knew I recognized it but couldn't place it. Yes, the unidentified Dragon Priest from Skyrim is actually a Cultist, part of the Dragonborn DLC.

  17. That Gollum is absolutely amazing. It would scare me so much to see them scampering about even if I knew I was going to. Such great work.

  18. I was going to comment about Kamui but see there's two other fans of her work here ^_^ She's amazing. I aspire to build armor as wonderfully as she does. Great pics! Those kids!!!

  19. Great! Loved them! Thanks for sharing Jen. I also really liked your FB posts.
    Maureen S
    (Faces were My Little Mandalorians and...... whatever that thing was before them. You know, with the nipples. Yikes)

  20. I love all your photos of these cosplayers, and am in awe of their inventiveness and skill. The fact that I don't know who 90%+ of them are does make me wish I had played some of the games. (My videogame skills peaked 40 years ago, with Pong.)

  21. As awesome as the first picture of the elves is--I couldn't stop looking at the scary photobomber on the right.

  22. I'm going to be pedantic, as always. The "vacationing" Joker (in the background) is actually the "Killing Joke" Joker.

  23. I think I had that many baby bottle nipples by the time I left the hospital. They really pile on the swag.

  24. We've never gone to a big con (YET!) so thank you so much for taking the time to share stuff like this! I don't care if you spread it out for a year and post one a week/month as long as I get to keep living vicariously through you and checking out all these amazing costumes! :)

  25. Totally late to the party but those two pictures are indeed from Mass Effect! In the first are a Salarian on the left in yellow and a Volus on the right in the white (albeit taller.) The second is Tali Zorah vas'Normandy on the left, a Commander Shepard, the big guy with the hump is Urdnot Wrex and finally another Commander Shepard.

    Hope that helps!

  26. Thanks for the references and explanations- they were really helpful!

  27. Apparently my comments never posted, so trying again!

    First, the Mirkwood Elves are simply amazing. Thranduil in particular is perfect. Thank you for sharing. :)
    Second, I'm pretty sure the kids are Frodo and Gollum, not Bilbo and Gollum - not the brown vest with white sleeves under the Lothlorian gray cloak. Also, Frodo and Gollum spent weeks traveling together, while Bilbo and Gollum only interacted in the goblin tunnels.

    1. Gah, you're totally right! I get so wrapped up in *spelling* the names right that sometimes I don't realize the actual name is wrong! Ha! Ok, off to fix...


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