Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So I Made Some Punny Potter Valentines...

If you've read Cake Wrecks, you know I'm a sucker for bad puns. So even though I've already seen a few punny Harry Potter valentines out there, I decided the world just needed MORE.

So, hey, [winkwink] - YOU'RE WELCOME, WORLD.


Here's a list of ones I didn't make, in case any of you are feeling artistic:

- You must be an animagus, 'cuz Valentine, you look FOXY.

- Oh, boggart. My love for you is RIDIKULUS.

- You-know-who loves you!

- Valentine, let's get Sirius.   - I never liked that guy. 
 (I realize that makes no sense; it just made me laugh.)

And now, John's favorites: the dirty ones. (Maybe not for kids, parents?)

And finally, the one that made John laugh the hardest:

Feel free to download these to use, guys; just crop off my watermark before you print for a cleaner look. If you're sharing them publicly online, though, please leave that on so folks can trace the source back to Epbot.

And hey, if you think of more Potter puns, share 'em in the comments! These are fun to make. :)


Art Winner Update

This month's roundup winner IS.... Swarztikoff! (And I'm gonna guess there's only ONE Swarztikoff out there, so that helps. :)

But wait, I also have TWO BONUS WINNERS, since I skipped 2 months of roundups. And they are...

 Beryon Clark!

Congrats, winners, and please e-mail me with your mailing address & choice of art from the Pinterest Give-Away Board! (And since there are three of you, better give me a second choice on the art, too.)


  1. Giggling like lunatic is a great way to wake up! Thank you so much for Expecto my bone-um. That is going to make my whole day.

  2. I'm printing out the dirty ones. After I stop cackling. :)

  3. yup, giggling to myself at work....good thing no one can see me!

  4. You should change the last one to be "Inspecto My Bone-um"

  5. I need to stop checking epbot at work.. i about spewed coffee on my work computer when I saw "free the house elves take off your clothes" and "expecto my bone-um".... my boss thinks i'm crazy now because she heard me. Well the more she knows. I have been watching MASH on netflix (more like binge watching but whateves) and I heard "expecto my bone-um" in Hawkeye's voice with eyebrow wiggle *gigglesnort*.

  6. I'd like to let you know that I laughed. Out loud. In the middle of a room full of sleeping toddlers. No more Epbot during nap... lol.

  7. I love these. Bless you, and bless John. Hilarious

  8. via nerdist's roundup of geeky valentine ideas, my neville-loving heart is partial to this one: "i long for your bottom."

  9. Those are awesome! My kids just watched the first three Harry Potter movies, so guess what they are getting from Mommy for Valentine's Day?!

  10. You'll have to change your name to Myrtle this Valentine's, 'cause I'm gonna have you moaning.

    If I were the Black Lake squid, I'd hug you with all ten arms.

    I'll give you a ride on MY broomstick, Valentine.

    This Valentine's Day, let's get the shack shrieking.

    You must be a Horcrux, because you hold a piece of my soul.

    Just call me Hedwig, Valentine, because I wanna be OWL over you.

    Let's be like Fawkes this Valentine's Day and get hot and bothered over and over.

    I'd let you suck my sugar quill, Valentine.

    My head's in the clouds because you cast Leviosa on my heart.

    The sorting hat chose you to be my Valentine.

    You must be great at DADA, because you've cast Petrificus Totalis on a certain part of me.

    Eye of newt and toe of frog, Accio! Valentine so we can snog.

    I really need to stop now. This could go on and on...

    1. I really like the Horcrux one! The others are fabulous but since I'm celebrating Single Awareness Day I won't be expecting any of those.

    2. These are great!! You and Jen need to get some of these boxed up and on Etsy for us lazy geeks!

    3. Those are amazing! You have a gift.

  11. Baby be my whorecrux.

    Let me put a little bit of me in you.

  12. A family friend coined "orgasmus! Againandagainus!!!"

  13. I love these! I'm going to have to show my Harry Potter loving middle schooler these... Stopping just before the dirty ones, of course.

  14. Jen, thank you for making me laugh on a day that has been full of tears :)

  15. These made me and my fiance laugh so hard! Thanks for the giggles!

  16. These are fantastic!! Much better than the ones they sell in the stores! I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to get into Harry Potter. So far the only things they like are the wands I made (THANKS TO YOU TUTORIAL!!).

  17. These are awesome! The whomping willow is my personal favorite... I bow to ye, master of the puns!

  18. The Slytherin one almost made me snort I was laughing so hard. Love it!

  19. I'm doing the house elf one for my boyfriend this year :)

  20. I'm doing the house elf one for my boyfriend this year :)

  21. I just recently ran across a coffee mug for Potter fans. It says "Espresso Patronum". I was amused.

  22. If you want to make IT levitate, you've got to swish AND flick

  23. I really need to stop reading this with a cup of coffee in my hand. Laughed to hard I spilled it all over the place. Thanks for all the laughs!

  24. " Valentine, let's get Sirius. - I never liked that guy."
    That is dead brilliant!!
    (too soon?)


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