Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Best Tweets & Pics Of SDCC!

What's that? You haven't been obsessively following the flood of San Diego Comic-Con photos and tweets all weekend?

That's ok. I HAVE.

Now get comfy, and I'll catch you up on some of my favorites:


By far the most entertaining celeb at SDCC has been Misha Collins, aka Castiel from Supernatural:


(Mark Sheppard will be at CONjure here in Orlando this weekend - really looking forward to seeing him there!)

On Sunday Misha even served coffee to fans in line for Hall H... while wearing a cupcake apron:


There were plenty of other celeb selfies to enjoy, though:
 (The cast of Arrow.)

I spent a few sick days on the couch inhaling the first season and a half of OUAT, so now I understand the love/hate relationship most of its fans have with it. Heh. (SO ANGSTY. And yet... I keep going back for more. Dangit.)

Yeah. Like that.


Robert Downey Jr, being himself:


Pretty much everyone was talking about this new Wonder Woman photo:

And I never thought I'd say this, but Ben Affleck is lookin' good. BATMAN GOOD.

Miscellaneous happy-making things:

For my fellow Bronies and art lovers: Katie Cook & Andy Price:

Can't post so much Misha without Jenson & Jared, of course:

And SO. MUCH. CUMBERBATCH. The man dominated SDCC this year!

With John Barrowman!


And the cast of The Hobbit!

Now in flip-flops!


 (I'm actually more fascinated by his body guards eying the crowd. I love behind-the-scenes, candid photos like this.)

And while I'll fangirl right alongside you over Benedict, I have to sa...OMIGOSH LEE PACE!!

 Pushing Daisies fans, represent!
(He's also up there in The Hobbit pic, with floofier hair.)

That's one perk of waiting in that infamous Hall H line: the celebs do tend to come visit!

Two of my favorite famous people:

And at my friends' Paul & Storm's W00tstock, even!

My friend & fellow blogger Amy was all over SDCC, and I highly recommend following her Twitter and reading back for all the goodness. I especially loved her coverage of the Supernatural panel:
You can read her article on the whole panel here at IGN.

More cosplay!

(Not sure what the armored guys are from, but I love them.)

Holy false feet!

My jaw is on the desk. WOW.
A couple of sites posted this awesome shot of Batgirl ziplining across the Gotham skyline outside the convention hall:
And guess what? I KNOW THAT BATGIRL! It's Briana, the lovely Mad Hatter Disney Bounder John & I stepped out with some months back. Go, Briana!!

Official cosplay slideshows will be springing up everywhere soon, of course - and in fact there's already a great roundup here on io9.

If you know SDCC, then you probably know #AdamIncognito, the game Adam Savage plays each year where he dresses up in costume, and everyone else tries to find him. He only lasted about 20 minutes on the floor Saturday, but here's the video (and explanation!):


This man is seriously my Maker hero. I could watch him build things over on all the live-long day.

And finally, possibly my favorite thing about SDCC: Nerd HQ, the off-site event run by Zachary Levi:

Not only does Zach snag some of THE best guests for panels and guest photo ops, everything they raise is for the charity Operation Smile. So much awesome!

Even better, Nerd HQ streams all their panels live online, AND posts them all on Youtube for us non-SDCC-attending geeks! So guess what I'll be devouring this week. [crazy eyes]

Hope you guys enjoyed the virtual visit to SDCC! It's the one con I don't mind missing each year, given its madness and thorough coverage online - but it DOES have me pretty pumped for the conventions we're hitting this weekend, and of course for Dragon Con next month!

Speaking of which, this Friday John & I plan to be at Leaky Con - dressed as Death Eaters - followed by Tampa Bay Comic-Con on Saturday and CONjure on Sunday. So if any of you want to meet up at one of those, be sure to tweet at me!

And FINALLY, as a reward for making it through this monster post: time to announce this month's art winner! 

So, my randomly selected winner is... Evelina Persson! Congrats, Evelina, and please e-mail me your mailing address & choice of prize from my Pinterest Art Give-Away Board

UPDATE: Ack! I was supposed to announce TWO winners, wasn't I? Sorry, guys! Ok, my second randomly selected winner is.... ScaperMama! Congrats & please e-mail me your info, too, Scaper!


  1. Jackjackjack!!

  2. say, aren't there supposed to be two winners for the art give away this month?...cause you know i've got a 1/688 shot that the second one might be me :) wink wink, nudge nudge

    1. Heh, you and I has the same thought. And yes, "Since I'm swimming in new art again (LOVE having that problem!), I'll choose TWO randomly selected commenters this month".

    2. Me too. I still have my fingers crossed!!

  3. One day *wistful sigh* One day I'll go to ComicCon. The guys in armor are PEKKA along with the wizard and archer from the game Clash of Clans.

    1. Source images here:

  4. I am literally screeching with fury at some of these pictures. Why can't I be theeeeerrrrrrreeeeee? Can't you just sneak me in with you? I can be in a back pack or something.

  5. Goodness, Captain Jack must have jumped on a plane as soon as the Comm Games Opening Ceremony finished!! (and three cheers to whoever it was that got the photo of him and BC together ... to much awesome accent in one space)

  6. I thought you were picking two winners....? (still hopeful...)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to DragonCon next month as a complete convention newbie, so what I've seen of ComicCon coverage is getting me really excited! Must finish sewing...

  8. Yeah, I really need to get myself to a Con one day.

    Have you seen this in the news?

  9. Ugh, as much as I love going to NYCC, I'm always so jealous of the SDCC con goers. The Flash preview, the Avengers, Benedict, the Supernatural cast, NERD HQ (and I have the very same cupcake apron as Misha, so I'm giggling like a madwoman over here), it's just not the same. *pouty face* I wish I was independently wealthy and could jet to all the cons.

  10. If you love Lee Pace, be sure to see The Fall, if you haven't already. Possibly my favorite movie ever.

  11. You should also check out Wonderfalls if you like Lee Pace and Pushing Daisies. It was only one season, sadly, but it was great! I second (third, fourth...) the request for a second art giveaway winnder! :-)

  12. Someday, eventually, in the near distant future I will get to SDCC especially if my little peanut winds up being as nerdy as her mommy

  13. Pushing Daisies! Whoop, whoop! Thanks for the heads up about the Nerd HQ videos. Nerdist News has some fun video updates from Comic Con as well.

  14. Not sure what your Dark Mark tattoo plans are, but I found some on Amazon last night while planning my baby's first birthday party. (Also, Lee Pace! Have you seen "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"?)

  15. Lou Ferrigno has been The Hulk since the 70s, and I have to say he looks great! He honestly doesn't look like he's aged a BIT!!!! I certainly look 30 years older than I did in the 70s!!

  16. Aw, I wish for a brilliant Indie continuance run of Pushing Daisies... Could someone please pick this up? Netflix, maybe?

    Everytime I see great Con pics, I feel like screaming, "MY PEOPLE!!!" In reality, I just smile and heave a heavy sigh that I cannot be there too!

  17. Love it! And those armored guys are phantoms from the Legend of Zelda video games. I have finally fallen in love with Mr. Collins!

  18. That con looks absolutely insane!! :) So many people! So much to do! I'm not sure my brain could handle it!
    Don't blame you for staying home!

    --Piper P from Washington State.

  19. Sounds like you're going to have an AWESOME weekend! Can't wait to see pics from all 3 cons, but especially excited to see Leaky Con! Have fun!

  20. Welcome to the OUAT fandom! I have absolutely loved that show since the moment it started. :)

  21. That Batgirl photo is incredible!
    And thanks for sharing links to my write-up and tweets. :) It is a fun convention but I am oh so tired.

  22. Ohmigosh, I actually won! Yippee! (Kermit flail!!!) My thanks to Jen, john(thoJ), and the folks who reminded her about a second winner.:-) Mmmmm...arty goodness!

  23. The fact that Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans looks almost exactly alike has caused untold confusion about the Hobbit movies I think, haha. I'm still not entirely convinced that Orlando isn't playing both parts.

  24. Just when I thought I couldn't love Zachary Levi more...

  25. Yes! I'm amazed by his Figment; pretty sure he even has the fake arm! Although of COURSE I think John's is better. ;)

  26. The Arrow cast had some great photos, including one with a bunch of fans. They seem to have had a great time. As a side note, Stephen Amell (who plays the Arrow) and Jared Padalecki are good friends and post pictures together or comment on each other's shows. Stephen Amell even posted a picture of Jared holding his daughter with the caption "Out of nowhere @jarpad sent me a photo of him holding my daughter. Assuming my wife left me and he's her new Dad."

  27. I agree John's is so much better

  28. Jen! You're going to Dragon Con?! I need a photo with you! Or rather, Chewie needs a photo with you! You're my hero!

  29. Please tell me you're going to Conjure on Saturday!!!!! I'll be there with my daughter. We're cosplaying Castiel & Charlie Bradbury with homemade FBI badges. We're getting our pics with Mark Sheppard & I'll be thrilled if we can meet you too!!

  30. Aw man, I just read where I missed you're doing ConJure on Sunday. Well, phoo.

  31. I don't know who most of these people are, but I love Zac Levi.

  32. Is that James Spader aka Ultron creepin' behind the Hulks???

  33. The Robot Ninja thing is called a Pekka. It and the other characters are from Clash of Clans.

  34. I actually got a little choked up seeing Lee Pace...

  35. The armored guys (and the wizard and the archer) are from the game Clash of Clans. The armored guy is a P.E.K.K.A and uses she/her pronouns. Which makes me happy.

  36. I thought the armored guys were phantom zelda! I am off to find out more about clash of clans, now I want to play it! Lol

  37. So I'm looking at the picture of Misha handing out coffee and I'm thinking, that apron looks so familiar...turns out my mom has that exact one! (Don't tell her but I think Misha looks better in it!)


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