Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miami Supercon 2014, Part 2!

Time for the rest of my cosplay pics from Florida Supercon! Costumes were a bit sparse since we were only there Thursday and Friday, but I still have plenty of beauties to share:

A fabulous Cruella and Harley. Harley's holding a giant pop gun. :)

A little Breaking Bad:

That's my friend Chris on the right, who's married to the hipster Elsa (aka Christie) from my last post.

More steampunk:

Which I also couldn't resist aging up:


Time Lords:

That's Dana, the Angry Sith from my last post, as the fourth Doctor.

This Riddler was a delight:

I could tell he's a pro because A) he was so gosh-darn NICEB) Look at the way he's holding the cane: by holding it close to his face it's still in frame when I crop like this:

and C) Can you spot the backpack he's wearing? It had black string straps, so it's virtually undetectable from the front. BRILLIANT.

You guys will have to help me ID this Star Wars character:

(Possibly Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic. Thanks, other Jen!)

There's a lovely young lady in there - though you'll have to take my word for it!

Appropriate for the 4th of July weekend: a super sparkly Captain America burlesque dancer:

And a gender-swapped Castiel from Supernatural:

 She had black wings, too, but it's the upside-down badge that really makes it. Ha!

Soooo... this was awesome:

 It felt like everyone in Miami had dogs, so it seemed only fitting to have a doggie cosplayer.

More friends of ours:

That's Jennifer, Jeff, and Emily Disney Bounding as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. (Look at Emily's carrot necklace!)

Just about the sweetest Jack and Sally ever:

The kiss was completely spontaneous on his part, but I love - LOVE - how she closed her eyes for it. It was like they were sharing this quiet, tender moment. D'awww.

This guy's Wheatley-inspired Portal costume was super cool:

The back had LED wire inside the Aperture logo, but I don't think it was lit up here.

I messed up and called this girl "Katniss." Oops.

I should have known by the gun: she's Lara Croft, of course!

Another Sally - this time with an adorable Zero on her back:

 And I will never not be delighted by King Arthur and his coconut-clopping squire, Patsy.

I love her expression, and how Arthur doesn't look at the camera. :)

And finally, these ladies are wearing actual screen-used costumes from the movie Spartacus:

How cool is that?? I'm amazed by how much color is in there; check out the leather sleeve in particular. (You can click to embiggen.)

And finally, let me end with this thought:

When you ask cosplayers for a photo, most will be instantly pleasant and accommodating, a tiny fraction might seem put-upon or tired, and another few - the ones most fun to photograph - will light up like a Christmas tree. There's this infectious joy that comes spilling out of their expressions, whether they're smiling or snarling or menacing you with foam weapons, and you can tell - you can just feel - how much they love what they're doing.

It's addictive.

So the next time you're shyly trying to photo-snipe a great costume from 10 feet away because you don't want to "bother" anyone, remember: sometimes the highest compliment you can give is to ask for a photo. And sometimes the best feeling in the world is being the one giving that compliment.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Another set of awesome costumes! Thanks!!

  2. "I should have known by the gun: she's Laura Croft, of course!" - It's Lara Croft, of course.

  3. There really needs to be more Monty Python cosplay in the world.

    1. Agreed. The perfection of that sun on their regalia gave me much nostalgic feeling.

  4. I think your mystery Star Wars character is Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic (an awesome game, BTW!)

  5. I love the women in the Spartacus costumes - lovely! There needs to be more outwardly nerdy, geeky, cosplaying-types from a variety of races. I'm Mexican American and only recently started to get into the whole "geek culture" because of my husband. Geek culture has not only been male-centered, but white centered as well. Your last pic made me happy, and I love reading your posts Jen! :)

  6. Great photos, as always! That guy in the Riddler outfit is super-cute!

  7. I love the Captain America burlesque one! Great photos. And you are absolutely right - getting asked for photos is the highlight of cosplay for me, even if I am not super good at "lighting up" just as a result of my introvert. I have never turned anyone down for that.

  8. Your final thoughts about asking a costumer for pics is spot-on. I costume for myself - because I want to be a particular character for a day - but it makes me smile whenever someone asks for my picture. It's like getting a pat on the back and a "well done" from a complete stranger.

  9. That Darth Revan is impressive. I think she might be my favorite. Also, I love that both her lightsaber and The Riddler's cane are peace-tied. Huh?

    1. Yeah, I decided to cut the gripe fest about Supercon short, but the ridiculous weapons-tagging thing was on my list. Would you believe they tagged lightsaber HILTS, with no saber attached? So basically plastic tubes had to be checked?? But they allowed a cosplayer with a *baseball bat* in, no problem. Seriously. It's like the TSA was running the weapon's check. If you don't laugh, you'll want to scream. ;)

  10. I was volunteering at a convention last month and most of the cosplayers were awesome (Including a Tony Stark dressed in a black t-shirt with a glowing reactor underneath!) But one kind of made me mad. She was awesomely dressed as Wonder Woman and I asked for a pic. She said she was busy and would be right back...and promptly avoided me the rest of the afternoon.

    The really, really awesome guy was dressed in drag (I can't remember who he was) and when I was guarding the balcony door, he and two female cosplayers were discussing how to get cheap shoes and other material. It was a hoot. :D

  11. Wow! I love the creativity! I'm skipping DragonCon this year, but I'm getting so inspired for 2015!

  12. "King Arthur and his coconut-clopping squire" is making me smile from ear to ear!! Monty Python for the win!
    --Piper P from Washington State.

  13. Oh my, that Wheatly is amazing!!!

  14. I LOVE the Monty Python cosplay! I've never seen any of that before, but it's great!

    I just had to write a note regarding bringing animals into cons. I am VERY allergic to cats and dogs and don't appreciate it when people bring their pets into places they don't belong, even when it's clearly posted (like, I assume, at this convention center). If I had been to this con (which I'm sure wasn't cheap) and due to crowds, had been close to a pet, I would have started itching and sneezing, which pretty much would have done me in for the day. I would have been pretty mad if I had paid to be there but then had to leave early due to someone else's flippant attitude towards bringing in their pet. So, please people, don't take your pets where they don't belong. (Yes, I realize Jen was there on an off day and it was probably empty enough to clearly avoid the dog, but that's not the point.)

  15. Great photos! My kids and I love to dress up at DragonCon. We love it when people ask to take photos. The great thing about a Con is that there are so many people who really appreciate the work you put into a costume, and taking photos is one way to show that appreciation. Simple politeness is all that is required-- if the person is eating, for example, acknowledge that and ask if you can get a photo. Sometimes it's no problem to set the food aside for a moment, but sometimes the person needs to touch up makeup after eating and doesn't want you to have a bad photo. Don't be afraid to ask, and be willing to be a little patient.

  16. When did "cosplay" become a word? Im going to create a new word for loading the dishwasher. "Loadsher"

    "Loadsher's" love to have their photos taken while they "loadsher".

  17. That's Aaliyah Mason and Maya! Gratitude Jen for the lovely photos of the Naevia's from the Spartacus series. The cosplayers and costumes was the best thing about Supercon.

  18. The Revan is

    She's great, I met her at Supercon as well - I was cosplaying the lightsided version of Revan, so it was really cool to hang out with her.

    The tagging of lightsabers was really annoying, and pissed me off. Way to ruin pictures.


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