Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Geeky Grins & Art Winners!

As if it being Friday afternoon weren't enough, here are a few more things to make you smile:

Zachary Levi (aka Chuck, Flynn Rider of Tangled, and all-around awesome guy) tweeted this pic, and I have to agree:

Best. PiƱata. Ever! Hee! 
(original source with more party pics here)

Felted Falcor. Oh. My. WANT.

By Craftster member Harlan, see more of her work here.

And finally, here's the latest in deviantArt user renegadecow's My Little Pony automatons. Cushion your desk, 'cuz your jaw's about to hit it: 

That's all hand-carved wood, if you can believe it. WOW.

The real beauty is seeing it in action, though:

(Found via BoingBoing)

I can't get over those falling apples! There are still five days left to bid over on ebay, if you're smitten enough and have several hundred dollars to spare. (The bid is currently at $405.)

And speaking of great art, it's time to announce my art give-away winners! (Yep, I'm picking two this month!) So, my randomly selected winners are...

Jade Rodger
Amy Broadhurst!

Congrats, you two, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses, along with which piece from my Pinterest give-away board you'd like. (On the off chance you both want the *same* piece, whoever e-mails first wins.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

PS -  I thought all of you helpful cooking types would like to know that John and I made a simple pasta with pre-cooked chicken for dinner the other night instead of going out, thanks to all your suggestions. Baby steps! (Which are that much easier when John does most of the work. Ha!)


  1. My eight year old has fallen in love with Falcor. I've looked everywhere for a pattern to make one for her. I found a stuffed one on eBay but the price was crazy. I'm thinking about buying a dog and a snake at the toy store and creating my own luck dragon.

    1. My friend created a dragon scarf crochet pattern recently. Maybe you'll find it adaptable to your needs.

    2. Thank you! Since his head has always reminded me of a puppy, I hadn't even thought about looking up dragons. Great idea!

  2. Falcor's face is so amazingly well done. I actually gasped aloud.

    -Barbara Anne

  3. Wow! That pony is really cool! No way I'm bidding on it, but still, really cool! :) And good for you guys with the baby steps towards cooking! Keep it up!

  4. I don't know if anyone has suggested it already, but you could also check out "Eat This, Not That" so that when you DO eat out you can at least make the best choice possible. Some of it is common sense, but I found myself surprised at many of the dishes' calorie content.

  5. Squee! I love Tangled. Is it okay to be turning 30 this year and love that movie? Probably because Zachary Levi's in it. lol I also like that the parents didn't go over the top with the party and made a lot of the stuff.

    Wow, that My Little Pony thing is amazing! :D

    1. I love Tangled, too, and I'm 51! Fortunately, I have a 5 year old granddaughter that I can use as an excuse to watch it. :-) Was that a GREAT idea for a pinata/party or what??? Actually though... my husband and I quote Tangled every time we see a frying pan used as a weapon in another movie or tv show...which happens more than you might think! I KNOW! Who KNEW? Right? :-D And Jen... I spent a good hour or so writing down recipes, and suggestions, and cookbook titles. My boss was gone so it was all good. :-)

    2. I have a 1 year old boy now, so hopefully he'll enjoy the movie when he's older. :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a kid who likes it. :D

  6. congrats on making dinner lol;) you CAN do this!!

    I agree.. best pinata ever!!

  7. I have an easy recipe for you. put chicken in a crock put (or pan if you wish) add 1 can cream of chicken soup. and fill it up again with milk and pour it in too. Add some taco seasoning (I use about 1/3 of the packet) and a little sour cream (like a large spoon full) let cook till done. Serve over some rice and top with Tortilla chips. Good luck

  8. Cute little Tangled princess and My Little Pony! Love it. I still have all my ponies and Apple Jack and Bow Tie where the first two I ever got. yes I'm one of those that remembers every name of every doll/ animal they ever owned. Maybe that's why I can't do math. I have too much space taken up by the name of Strawberry Sortcake's cat and Rainbow Brite's sprite.

    Loooooove the chain and glass hot air balloon. So so gorgeous. Much kudos to the artist.

    1. Custard, Twink. I've always blamed song lyrics for taking up all my brain room, but maybe you're onto something.


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