Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Epic Mario/Ghostbusters Animation

What do you get when you cross Mario Brothers with Ghostbusters, and then condense the entire movie down to just under four minutes?

This jaw-droppingly fantastic animation by James Farr:

The 8-bit music, the graphics, the Yoshi eggs, the Tully 'Shroom, the Star Puft (!!) - I WANT THIS TO BE A REAL CARTOON. You know, a regular Saturday morning kind!

We may not get a whole series, but Farr *does* say a sequel is coming. I'm already picturing a giant Princess Peach Statue walking through the streets of New York...

Oh, and here's a neat side note: Farr is the same guy who made that Portal bedroom and bathroom for his son that went viral a while back, not to mention the Doctor Who/Back to the Future mash up cartoon you may remember from last month. Farr, you have TOO MUCH TALENT. Stop that. You're making the rest of us look bad.

(I'm kidding: NEVER STOP. Can you make a Princess Bride/Holy Grail mash up next? ["Fetch me...a SHRUBBERY!" "As you wish."])

I think Kendra C. was the first to send that in, so many thanks to her for the epic-ness.

Also, I thought this was especially appropriate considering the shirt I just bought last week from The Yetee:

Clearly some great minds out there are thinking alike!


  1. The video is incredible! That guy's imagination is strong! :D

  2. That was amazing! Thanks for bringing us all this awesome!

  3. I love that Kirby is Stay Puft! So fitting. Love this!

  4. Completely off topic but I just heard that Cary Elwes and Chris Sarandon will be at the Calgary Comic Expo! Inconceivable!

  5. Hey thanks for the plug and again glad you liked it! Wasn't expecting to see it posted! hehe


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