Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jen's Gems 9/11/12

I thought the Robot who uses your cup as a hot tub was the best tea infuser ever, but that was before Kelly S. sent me a link to THIS:

I am now deeply, deeply in love with the "Deep Tea Diver." [gigglesnort] And the handle looks like an oxygen tank!! Of course, I'd have to get a clear mug to go with him, so I could watch him bobbing along. Not to mention start drinking tea... [plotting]

You can buy him for $14.95 now at Amazon, or Perpetual Kid has one with orange accents (!!) coming in October for only $9.95.

Think you've seen every geeky nursery theme imaginable? Think again. And get LOST:


The numbered bunny, the polar bear, and the vines are my favorites - but there's also an airplane mobile over the crib made up of all Oceanic planes, a custom baby station sign, and lots, LOTS more. (!!)  Check out all of the mind-blowing details posted by the mom here! (via NerdApproved)

I had a total squee attack when I spotted this mind-blowing, handmade, poseable (!!) plush Raz from Psychonauts over on SuperPunch yesterday:

Anna made this as a gift for game creator Tim Schafer. (Lucky man!) It blows my mind that she started with nothing more than a sketch and some wire. There are lots of process pics over on her blog - go see! If you're like me, you'll be adding "make a poseable plush" to your craft bucket list.

(What? You don't know Psychonauts?? Seriously, you guys should play this game! I have it on Xbox, but it's also available on the PC.)

Mashable featured a new phone today that makes me seriously consider re-installing a land line at our house:

AHHHH ORANGEY GOODNESS!!! This retro-styled "rotary" phone has a wireless handset and digital center readout. And it's awesome. If that rotary dial actually turned, I'd be about $150 poorer right now. (Am I the only one who wants a rotary phone just so I can play with the dial? I love spinning them!)

I only found these on ebay here in the US, but you UK folk can get one on Amazon for about 68 pounds. (I tried to make the pound sign - I really did. But I failed.)

And finally, Donald of KodyKoala did something I never thought possible: he gave a Hungry Hungry Hippos game a Mario "Koopa Kids" makeover. AND IT IS SO COOL:

(via Geekologie)

Look at this! Donald added sculpted heads and shells, carved bricks into the base with an Exacto knife, and then custom painted and clear-coated everything so it's still playable! He even printed custom name stickers for each marble base:

If you're going to the El Paso Comic Con this weekend, and you're quick, you can buy this from Donald there - although he doesn't mention the price. Personally I'm thinking he needs to make a lot more of these, and in all different themes. Think about it: Hungry Hungry Cthulhus?  Hungry Hungry My Little Ponies? Hungry Hungry Demon Dogs from Ghostbusters?? (You're welcome, Donald - and let me know if you do a StayPuft version, k?)

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  1. Look, it's creepy robot salt and pepper shakers!


  2. I still have an old rotary phone with my childhood phone number typed on a card in the middle. It still works, though it's currently sitting in the garage.
    I remember we had 4; black, white, light blue, and yellow. Since the parts are interchangeable, they all ended up multi-colored. Though I've ended up with just black and white for mine.
    Rotary's are sooo cool. and using the wall as a phone book ;)

  3. This summer, my 11 year old son had a tutor that had a working rotary phone. He was very interested in it - had never seen anything like it! LOL

  4. You can get Psychonauts on your PS3 now as well! I've been waiting for it forever and they just put it on a week or so ago ^.^

  5. I admire the creativity of the Lost nursery, but am I the only one creeped out by the Oceanic plane mobile? That was in the Dharma nursery, which was set up to house Claire's kidnapped baby. o.O

    Lostpedia Plane Mobile

  6. Great looking phone. Maybe I can convince my folks to get one so I can use it sometimes.

    For non-obvious symbols on a US keyboard, this is my go-to site.

    If I didn't do that html right... http://www.friedeggsdesign.com/mac/

  7. I love the diver but my favourite tea dunker would have to be the yellow submarine one. Not sure where it's from but I've seen it around a few times in posts. That phone is awesome! We've just had a land line reinstalled at our place ... I may just have to look into this ...

  8. my house came with a working pink-ish rotary phone hanging on the hall wall. it still works great, and we use it when all the cordless handsets are missing, lol!

  9. I have a clear glass coffee cup that a friend gave me. I never use it because I prefer larger coffees, but I couldn't just throw it away because it's interesting. I'd be willing to send it to you if you'd use it.
    Also, according to the Macintosh Accent Codes Webpage to get a £, press option and 3.

  10. I have that phone (but in black) - it may not be actual rotary but it does make the noise when you press the buttons! Just a shame that only my parents ever call me on it...

  11. I actually have a real, working rotary phone in my house in Ohio. It's black and hangs on the wall.

  12. Great to see some Lost love! I miss that show. All the little references in the nursery room are so subtle and sweet :)

  13. Speaking of demon dogs from Ghostbusters, my husband and I recently adopted a shelter dog. Her name is Zuul, which is fitting because our other dog didn't want her at first. Now they're best buds (TG!)

  14. In the car today the subject of pay phones came up, and my six-year-old daughter said, "What's a pay phone?" We are old.

  15. You know what Jen? EFF Psychonauts! That games made me want to throw my Xbox out of the window. The only reason I didn't was because it's a translucent Halo version plus my only DVD player.
    That game made me SO mad and I even had a step by step here's how to play this dummy guide.

  16. Oh my gosh, Psychonauts! That's the only video game I have ever beat (I'm more of a spectator when it comes to video games). No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I mention it!

  17. @ Zombie Edward - Bwahaha! I am SO right there with you, man. To this day I've never finished the game - BECAUSE I CAN'T. It's...impossible. But I'm not bitter. NoooOOooo.

  18. The pound sign is encoded as £ or £ in HTML, though whether the blog software will accept it is another matter...

  19. The best punny tea infuser I've com across is the Tea-Rex one: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ed28/?rkgid=275668648&cpg=ogpla&source=google_pla&gclid=CLPq-KKTtbICFQjc4AodB0YAfQ

    Makes me giggle a little every time I think about it.

  20. We had two actual rotary phones when I was a kid (I swear I'm not that old!) that could actually be used to answer incoming calls. But even after we got, y'know, real phones I loved to just spin and spin those dials. And one of them was the old-timey "candlestick" design, which was just double the fun! I can't believe we ever got rid of those.

  21. My father still uses a rotary phone... and not because it's come back into fashion for geeky people, only because he has had the same phone for a long time, and because the phone bill is lower with that kind of phone!

  22. You can enter the UK pound symbol with Alt+0163 or & pound (without the space.

    HOWEVER - for it to display correctly in the browser, you'd need to change your pages meta charset from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. I don't know if you can do this with Blogger.

    If you can't (or don't want to), you can use the abbreviation GBP, or just stick to "pounds"!

  23. Go to ebay. Those Deep Tea Divers are available in 3 other colours! I'm going to need to order one to add to my tea infuser collection :)


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