Thursday, April 19, 2012

In a Word: AWESOME

After my Word Art tutorial a few weeks ago a few of you sent in your own Wordle and Tagxedo creations. And for some reason I'm rather partial to these two:

Made by Trisha F.

Made by Ginni B.

Helloooo, new office art!

Then Isabella A. went and drew me these two pictures:

Epbot Who?

You guys, my 'bot does cosplay better than I do. SO NOT FAIR. But I love it. (Especially the Dalek one. *squee!*)

Plus, I was just about to post this when John returned from our P.O. box bearing gifts! Check it out: Jordan sent me the original of her baby Epbot sketch!

(I'd like to point out that envelopes can really never have too many stickers. Fortunately, most of you seem to instinctively know this, and act accordingly.)

(And please excuse the crappy iPhone photo)

Needless to say, this kind of thing makes me grin like an absolute idiot, so thanks for making my week, ladies!


  1. Nice word art! Also, the 'bots are so frickin' adorable.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from the squished coins I sent. (:

  3. Wow, Baby Epbot is downright adorable. Even though I think the robots will enslave us at some point, I think it might be okay as long as they all looked like that.

  4. YAY! Glad he made it to you safe and sound. :)

  5. Oh, you need more than one word to describe those! Totally, completely, all-the-way-around freakin' AWESOME!!!!!! Wow you guys have the best fans ever. And I know myself pretty well, so I can say that without fear of contradiction. :-)

  6. Jen, I wish I had thought to send this to you several months ago...
    There is a brand-new Steampunk Festival in Atlanta, and I think you might love it. It's very small; this was only its second year of existence. But the participants are enthusiastic! I have some friends who are involved. I'm not a steampunker myself, just a loyal CW reader! Here's some info:
    And a recent article on CNN.COM
    Cheerio! Keep up the good work!

  7. epbot bot wears a fez now. because fezzes are cool......

    that being said: baby epbot word art is so freaking adorkable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Trisha is a genius! And the others aren't slouches either...

  9. I LOVE the Doctor Bot! So cute! :)


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