Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Smiles 4/30/12

Some of my favorite art finds this week:

Just look at this adorable Wall-E art. LOOK AT IT.

I actually fell in love with this next one a few years ago, but I recently rediscovered it again on DeviantArt:

The airships! The colors! THE AIRSHIPS!
I would *love* to have a giant print of this in my house, but sadly I don't think Jennifer has ever made one available. (If I'm wrong, someone please let me know!)
[Update: Prints are now available for sale here.]

 I'm digging all the great art nouveau/geek mash-ups lately, and this has got to be one of the best I've seen:

(From what I can tell this print isn't available, either. Sad panda is sad.)

 Sillof is an artist who makes Star Wars toy mods which re-imagine the characters in styles like steampunk or retro sci-fi. And they. are. AWESOME.

Rand-2000, Dark Vanquisher, & Princess Lura from Sillof's "Serial Wars" series.

I desperately want to see these characters cosplayed.

Remember the "historical Disney princesses" series that went viral last year? It was the one that put each princess in a more historically accurate dress. Well, check out one of the latest additions: Tiana from Princess and the Frog!

Isn't she fabulous? Now, go gawk at the rest of the series here, and just TRY to resist buying them all when you realize the 4x6 prints are only $4 each. ONLY $4, YOU GUYS.

And speaking of affordable amazingness, check out "Droidettes" by Robin Kaplan, aka the Gorgonist:

Robin has a whole series of girls in scifi dresses - which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before - and they're only $7 each for a 5x7 print.

I'm also quite partial to the Doctor Who one:

And finally, feast yer eyes on this fabulous Alice poster:

(Click for full size)

By Dave Perillo, who has a bunch of prints (though sadly not this one) on sale here for $10. (And yes, I already bought the Ghostbusters one. OF COURSE.)

Hmm. I actually didn't intend for this post to be a Disney/Star Wars love-fest, but it kind of worked out that way, didn't it? Hehe. Whoops. Next time I'll try to mix it up a bit more. :)

Seen some amazing geeky/girly art lately? Link to your favs in the comments!


  1. I love, love, love Tiana's dress, but I've probably been reading too many posts about uncomfortable poses on book covers, because as soon as I scrolled down far enough to see her legs, I couldn't focus on anything other than how uncomfortable/improbable that leg and foot position looks. That makes me sad, because I love the rest of that artwork so much!

  2. Princess Lura looks like a cross between Leia and Silk Spectre from Watchmen! I would love to cosplay that except I could never pull off a skirt that short.

    I'm working on a steampunk sci-fi costume instead that I think you'll love, assuming you're coming back to D*Con this year?

  3. Arg! Now *I* can't stop looking at Tiana's legs, Elizabeth! CURSE YOU.

    And yes, you can bet we'll be at D*C, theni! It's a yearly tradition now. :)

  4. If you like a piece enough and are a member, you can request art prints on deviantArt, so there's that for the second one.

  5. Hmm, I just though Tiana was caught in the middle of a Charleston dance step. And Jen, I LOVE the airship print too! The colors! The airships! Yay! :D

  6. I want an R2D2 dress! Too cute!

    Jen, will y'all be at Celebration VI this year?


  7. Just imagine that Tiana is dancing and a photo caught her legs awkwardly, then it doesn't look quite so uncomfortable. And hooray for Art Nouveau! Art Deco gets all the attention. :(

  8. Is it just me or does the link to the Disney Princess fanart page say that each print is $10 instead of $4? Am I missing something? Because those pieces are TO DIE FOR!

  9. I just bought that R2D2&C3PO print like, 3 weeks ago from Sakura-Con because it looks just like my best friend and I- who actually planned on dressing EXACTLY like that for a convention. Sweetest coincidence ever.

  10. On Tiana's legs: I dance, and can do the Charleston...not only is that pose attainable, it's actually accurate!

  11. Darn it Jen, I just had to go and buy some of those for my daughter's room. She's 6 years old and obsessed with Pokemon so I had to get her those Pokemon girls.

  12. Gosh DARN it, Jen! (.... And I suppose by extension Elizabeth.) I'm redoing my bathroom and I need to find some pretty art for the walls, and you reminded me of the affordability of the Disney-Princess-Prints...

    I'm not normally all 'ooh yeah Princesses!' when it comes to the Disney films, but those are so pretty.... D:

  13. This doesn't have anything to do with the art post, BUT have you seen Pirates: Band of Misfits! yet? The art with the airships made me think of it, -- and I really think you'd like it.

  14. When i look at Tiana's legs to me it looks like she's dancing the it doesn't look wierd to me...

  15. @ Alison - Ohh yes, we'll be there! Can't wait. :D

    And Anony, the prints on the main page are 8X10s, which are $10. If you go to the ordering page you can grab the smaller prints for $4.

    @Beth Rang - I don't think I have! I'll go look 'em up now.

  16. if you like that Leia one, check this chicks stuff out......

    sorry, tried to link it but didnt work......

  17. I cringed when I saw Tiana's legs too, but I can live believing that she's doing the Charleston.

  18. Oh, I love the Alice in Wonderland print. I have always loved the works of Lewis Carrol. He was like the Hunter S. Thompson of his day.

  19. Even better than the $10 4x6 prints on the Claire Hummell site is the fact that you can buy ALL THE PRINCESSES as desktop wallpaper for only $1. $1! So I did.

  20. This was going around the Internet a while ago, so I don't know if you have already seen this, but this artist has done some amazing "real life" pictures of Disney princesses.

    You can find it here

  21. The "Last Daughter of Alderaan" poster reminds me of the Firefly posters they have at thinkgeek.

    The set is of the guys and

    this one is of the gals.

    And my other favorite art as of late is a series my daughter is working on. She made Shojo girl versions of the My Little Ponys. They're pretty amazing and spot on, and she's coloring them now so she can post them on Deviantart. I don't have a link (yet) but even I thought they were cool, and not just from a mom's "my kid is so awesome" standpoint.

  22. Thank you for sharing Claire Hummel. My baby girl (4) is so into her princesses..but i cringe at princess art for the reason of maturity leading to a dislike of the art we've invested in. But these have an appeal to both my daughter, who recognized every character right off the bat, and me who sees her becoming a teenager and still appreciating the princesses as the art when the disney version might lose appeal with her "growing up". So thank you for sharing.

  23. I went to an art festival last weekend and found <a href=">this guy</a> who does his interpretations of characters. I bought The Lorax, which he calls "orange guy", and I saw several other awesome ones. Yay, art!


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