Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mail Bag!

Lots of mail to catch up on, so let's dive right in:

The gorgeous Alyssa G., aka my candy corn bracelet winner, shows off her sweet bling:

And, look! She found the perfect place to wear it!

Woot! I love that she even dressed to match. :)

Remember when Casey asked for suggestions on displaying her Pokemon card collection? Well, here's a progress shot of what she decided to do:

Those are plastic display sleeves that she pinned to the wall. Doesn't it give a neat mosaic-feel from a distance? Now I want to see a whole room wallpapered with these. (You'll send pics when you get there, right, Casey?)

One final pumpkin picture, from Tara C.:


And if you think that shamelessly pandering to my Epbot 'bot will get you featured on this blog, well...

You are absolutely right.

Really, though, is that not the most EPIC steampunked 'bot EVER?!? Christine sent me the actual painting - which I cannot *wait* to get a really ornate old-timey oval frame for - along with THIS:

[swoon] That's it, I've died and gone to geek heaven. Christine: I love you. But not in a creepy way. (Unless you think having a blogger you've never met declare their love for you is creepy. In which case, ok, it's kinda creepy.)

And speaking of readers I now have a completely non-creepy affection for:


Angel's roommate Meagan made these guys, who are now terrorizing my Animaniac dolls. So, Angel and Meagan? LOVE. NON-CREEPY LOVE.

And finally:



These pint-sized pretties came from Sherry of the wove-her-elbow-plate-into-a-cool-necklace fame. Here's what was inside:

Woven gear bracelet & key fob! Woohoo! (There were more gears in the tiny green box, too.)

So once again, you readers have spoiled me rotten to the nerdy core. And that's not even counting all your e-mails directing me to fun geek news, great jewelry, new games, etc, etc. Far be it from me to get all mushy and whatnot, but dangit, I love you guys.

But not in creepy way.


  1. the card with the gift boxes is so adorable! ^^

  2. The picture on the notecard is by an artist by the name of Drew Falchetta. I hope he doesn't mind that I 'borrowed' that image--the colors and style were just right to go with that gear paper! Be sure to check out his other paintings--he's got a cool style!

  3. We love you too!
    P.S. when you featured my Treckie hostage photo from Fan Expo awhile ago, i pretty much fell out of my chair, and thats a mission, trust me
    ...just sayin hahaha

  4. Love your blog!!! I have a frame here that might just have your steam punk robots name on it...have you named him yet? He has to have a name lol.

  5. Wow! Simply, wow. Awesome Steampunk Epbot with his perfect little bow tie and watch fob and the goggles! Too, too squeeee!

  6. awww, *hugs* i love you too! in a totally non-creepy, internet stalkerish way.

  7. We all love you too, Jen! You inspire us. I always look forward to seeing if there's any new, geeky, fun blog here everyday!

    Btw, the steampunk 'bot is ADORABLE!!

  8. What's the address people use should they have something to mail you?

  9. I got a question. I'm going to attempt to cut down a pair of knitting needles and use each end for a dangley earring. Do you have any suggestions for filling in the end. Like, I think they're hallow, so I think it'd need something where I cut it...does that make sense? I saw all those great suggestions for other things, and thought they might be able to help.

  10. @ anony - should a reader have something s/he'd like to mail to me - and provided s/he is able to pass the rigorous "will you be sending poo or poison?" test, then said reader should e-mail me for our P.O. Box info. :D

  11. @krystina - if you're looking for something to fill the hollow portion of the needle, I'd go with an air-drying clay. Smoosh it in, smooth it over, and you could even paint it to match once it dries.

  12. ooh, didn't think of clay...thanks!

  13. As Laura P. said: You inspire us! I have about 300 ideas whirling around in my head thanks to you! I can't wait to share them with you!

  14. Those are great gifts!

    I just have a link for you, but it's for a craftsman's work that absolutely blew me away when I saw it online this morning.

    A carpenter does pencil (wood&graphite) carvings:

    It's stunning!

  15. Speaking of Ghostbusters I saw these the other day and though of you

  16. Not sure if the link work in my last post so here is is again
    Stay puffed

  17. Hm. Sounds like I need to start being creepy and show my undying love for you and your blog. It might actually provide a reason to create something. Focus. It could work.

    I love that robot card.

    (look, my word verification agrees "malit" or "Mail it, green!")

  18. Cute stuff!! I'm originally a visitor from CakeWrecks who now finds herself looking at this blog pretty often... love the nerd/geek stuff! Also, just thought you should check out this week's derby at since the theme is robots! Some great designs up for vote!! Just be warned, you might find yourself purchasing the winners later this week...

  19. Aww...glad you liked my pumpkin. I just wish the little spring on his head had shown up. I've been enjoying Epbot since I first saw the link at the bottom of Cake Wrecks. I now have way too many things I want to try that will have to wait until there's not a preschooler underfoot.

  20. Hey! I'm so glad you like the 'bot and the Ghostbusters! I worked quite hard on them. (:

    And I love how you took my awkward "sorry if I'm creepy" letter and pretty much based this post around it, haha.

    Love you (in a non-creepy way!)

  21. One question, why isn't Winston included in the Ghostbusters picture? I think he's the underappreciated GB. ;)

  22. I just came across this picture online and wanted to share it with someone who would appreciate it! :)

    (apologies if my link didn't work. I tried!)

  23. So, I saw this game online over the weekend that has a really cool steampunk look. It's called "Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club." Unfortunately the "snark" in question is apparently some kind of imaginary rodent, and is never seen. The look of the game is super awesome, though.


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