Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where All The Lights Are Bright

[singing] Doooowwwn Toooowwn!

Disney, that is.

I haven't had as much time as I'd like to write Epbot posts lately, but I thought I'd at least share the pics I took a few weeks ago at the Downtown Disney Vinylmation store. This statue here? Look closely; it's made up of all VM toys. (And if you're not familiar, Vinylmation is Disney's take on vinyl toys: they're all shaped like Mickey, but come in hundreds of different collectible designs.)

I was much more interested in the store itself than the merchandise, though. Check out this antique register, which tops a display cabinet:



And this edgy industrial chandelier:

If it were about a quarter of the size, it'd go great in my dining room. :)

This white lion statue on a high shelf caught my eye:

See the green sparkles on his chest? They were shimmering and moving ever so slightly, and I was sure they must be embedded fiber optics. (For the record: I am easily distracted by "sparklies." I would walk zombie-like through oncoming traffic just to stare at a bowl of glitter. Fiber optics, therefore, rank reeeally high on the "lure Jen into traffic" scale.)

Eventually we figured out the lights were actually coming from a small spotlight under the statue:

I wish I knew how it achieved that cool twinkling constellation effect, though. Then I'd cover my entire office with them. (BWHAHAHAA!)

Oh, and here's the promised "hidden Cake Wreck" I mentioned a few posts back: once you're in the VM store, look in the left-hand display window. There you'll see this *awesome* Rocketeer VM:

Be sure to admire it from all angles:

Once you're done with that, look down:

See the pink VM doll, facing outside?

If you'd like, you can even exit the store and look in at it:

For some reason it has a Band-Aid on its face.

Now, look closely at the toy's left shoulder:

See the little cake tattoo drawn there, with the intertwined initials JMY in it? I did that! (I tried to be subtle, since I figured it would be obnoxious to advertise Cake Wrecks on it - although I guess the "Disney Every Day" people didn't have such qualms.)

John and I participated in the online VM scavenger hunt earlier this year, and all the "winners" got to sign the toy. The hunt was ├╝ber cool: online clues led us all over Disney property, filling in answers which, when decoded, spelled out a time, location, and password. When we showed up at the finish line with 50 or so other people, we each got a free VM blind-box toy, some stickers, and the chance to sign Pinky there.

Ok, time for more eye candy!

This is the ceiling of TrenD, another new-ish shop in Downtown Disney, stocked with urban style women's clothing and accessories. It's actually pretty cool stuff, but once again I think the store design is even better than the merchandise.

Here's another shot, with the colors toned down:

I think I like this version better. The pastels are so sweet, like a candy shop.

Another cool shelf dressing:

Yep, they already had Christmas decor up.

Love the gals in retro business attire, though:

While there, I also spotted this fantastic art book which is now on my Christmas list:

(click the pic to go to the Amazon page)

These aren't your typical Disney princesses, though: they're various artists' re-imaginings of them. Which are GORGEOUS.

I found a book review over on Parka Blogs that included this great flip-through:

I think I'd like to frame prints of about 90% of this book. Awesome.

And one final beauty shot of the House of Blues:


So, what's your favorite eye candy shot this week, guys? Share your links in the comments!


  1. Oh, you are SO LUCKY to live so near Disney World! My hear ACHES to visit even Downtown Disney again. Great photos! Just to let you know, I will never, ever, ever get tired of Disney related posts!

  2. Oooooooh! I love the new princesses! I'd like a couple of those prints as T-shirts. :)

  3. Hey, Jen, that book is on Amazon sale for $26.40 with free shipping instead of $40!


  4. They actually have shirts with some of those princess images on them ... which I totally lust after. They used to sell them in the Disney.com store.

    I must admit to slowly developing an addiction to vinylmations ... which makes it a good thing that I live on the other side of the country from both Disney's. XD

  5. I love the display curating in the Disney stores, they're so stylish! I was at Disneyland for Halloween, and they were displaying jewelry in the window by stacking small antique drawers and hanging the jewerly from the knobs. They also had a window that was all birdcages, and one that was old-timey telephones. I'll be back next week for Christmas, I'll have to take some pictures...

  6. That book looks sooo awesome! I just love it. :-D

  7. I saw someone buy that book last time I was in Disney and didn't even think about it... princesses really aren't my thing, but OMG I WANT NOW!

    Seeing that you did the vinylmation quest thing, are you doing the 2 day scavenger hunt in May? I'm so excited, I'm scheduling my next trip to Disney around the scavenger hunt and Destination D!

  8. I had to stop halfway down your post so that I could add that book to my Amazon wishlist IMMEDIATELY.

    Such beautiful photos. I was there this spring and can't wait to go back.

  9. You went to Disney Westside, posted about it on your geekery blog and DIDN'T include some gratuitous photos from the Lego store? Jen, this is the first time you've ever disappointed me... you're forgiven, though, for all the deliciousness you do post!

  10. Surely you have visited the Adventurers Club once at Pleasure Island, many many artifacts from the old club have been 'repurposed' as props in the D-Street store. Oh how the Adventurers Club is well missed.

    Congrats on the awesome hidden CW!

  11. I think this is what caused the purple/green sparkly lights you saw on the lion: Laser Stars Projector (http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/8ed4/)
    I was at a sci-fi con going from party room to party room (and visiting the bar in each one). As soon as we got to the cool room with the laser star projector, I just laid on the floor and watched the pretties flow by...

  12. i looooooooooooooooove the chandeliers! love them!

  13. One of my best friends ALWAYS has to go into Off the Page in DCA and flip through the "Art of the Disney Princess" book, I think I've got every page memorized! It's a beautiful book though.

  14. Oh, how I adore the cover of that book! I didn't see Snow White at first, but I went to Amazon to add the book to my cart because I instantly fell in love with it, and when I saw the thumbnail of the cover, I saw her! I literally gasped! Stunning! Thanks, Jen!

  15. I am also distracted with sparkly/shiny things. To the point that I have diagnosed myself with ADOS Attention Deficit.... Ooooh, Shiny!

  16. @ Christine - is the May scavenger hunt here in Orlando, or in Anaheim? For some reason I was thinking Anaheim. (Not that I'd be adverse to going to Disneyland again, of course! Especially since my birthday's in May. :))

    @ Tammy - One of my biggest regrets from the time I worked at MK was that I didn't visit the Adventurer's Club more. I think I only went twice! :( Now I'll have to look up pics & video online to see which props are over in D Street; I don't think I'd recognize them otherwise!

  17. "(For the record: I am easily distracted by "sparklies." I would walk zombie-like through oncoming traffic just to stare at a bowl of glitter. Fiber optics, therefore, rank reeeally high on the "lure Jen into traffic" scale.)"

    LOL! ME TOO! I get a bit overwhelmed in stores with a lot of bling in them. My husband said I'm like Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH: "*GASP* A sparkley! You've got a sparkley!"

    Those colored chandeliers are amazing. Those are definitely my favorite pictures.

    I've never been a Disney Princess fan, but that book looks way cool. I like stylizing stuff like that. Is that a word?

  18. I have an antique cash register. While it's not as pretty as the one shown you are welcome to it if you want to make arrangements to get it to you.

  19. Jen--what a coincidence! I read this post today and then look what I found on ThinkGeek...SPARKLES! http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/7226/

  20. Ohhh, the Adventurers Club was the highlight of our honeymoon! We spent half our nights there...honestly it was the main reason I wanted to go back to WDW. I was crushed to hear it was gone. The actors/fans have an active online existence (try YouTube) and thank goodness some records are still there.

    Haven't jumped into the Vinylmation trend, though they have run tributes to some of my favorites, I don't know why, they just don't appeal to me. LOVE that princess art book, I'm adding that to my list too! Thanks for the update, Jen!

  21. @Jane - Wow, really? Can you e-mail me a snapshot? I'd have to see if I have room, depending on how big it is. (And thanks!)

    @Katie - ooh, I like! Someone also sent me a link to the LED lights over at Spencer gifts. Soooo spaaaarkly.

  22. Ooh, I wonder if there is a whole Vinylmation store in Anaheim's downtown Disney. I'm going to the park for my first holiday visit this Saturday, I shall have to look.

    And thanks for the heads-up on that book; it looks gorgeous!

  23. Oh so shiny! I miss working in WDW so much! Downtown Disney was a usual day-off haunt and I'm so sad I'm missing all the new shops! I think its vacation time...

    Thank you for sharing these photos! And since its my first comment, thank you for bringing laughter into my everyday humdrum life.

    Also, in case this hasn't reached your East coast attention yet, meet the steampunk ghostbusters and monster hunters.

  24. MEEE LIIIIKEEEEYYYY!!!!! I want want WANT that princess art book! Thank you so much for showing us all sorts of amazing and geeky things on this blog! :0D

  25. Saw this advertised and instantly thought of your blog, sorry it has nothing to do with the context of the entry but had to send it anyhow.


  26. downtown disney is the best. my boyfriend and i go frequently- disney we kids we are :) no matter how many times you go, it never gets old.

  27. Since I think you'll like it, being a Disney fan. This is a Vinylmation using Etsy store for disneyfied replicas of anyone in Mickey form. It's here."

  28. I am soooo in love with the pastel chandalers in TrenD! I was trying to find a way to sneeak one or ten home with me!

  29. I was so filled with squee when seeing an awesome version of Belle in the Princess book, but then came crashing down to learn that the Adventurers Club is no more. My heart just broke. :-(

  30. I too, like other commenters, immediately put the princess book on my Amazon wishlist! Absolutely perfect art for me to drool over. Jen, I don't know how else I would find out about all the cool stuff if I didn't visit this blog all the time! Thanks!

  31. We trick or treated to my youngest daughters teacher's house and he had one of those green sparkly light things in his yard. It was mesmerizing. It belongs in Pirates or some ride like that.

    I thought that Mickey was covered in popcorn when I first saw it.

  32. OH DANG i consistently forget that you are in Orlando. I totally work at Downtown Disney. If you're in the mood for a little girliness in overdrive, come visit me at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside World of Disney, I'm a Fairy Godmother in Training! It's basically the single most adorable thing ever created.

  33. Yah! If you look on the shelf just to the right of the lion in the first picture, you'll see the projector (just a hint of blue on something glass!)

  34. @Jen

    The May scavenger hunt is in WDW. They had a one day event in Disneyland in September this year and at that event it was announced they were doing it in WDW this spring. The dates are May 11-12. They say park wide, I don't know if that means just the 4 parks or the entire property, sounds like it'll be fun but also a ton of traveling!

  35. That Disney Princess book looks really cool. I will say that one major disappointment to me with Disney is that Aurora is now shown predominantly in pink. Aurora wears a BLUE dress. Her dress is BLUE! BLUE!!!!!!!!! Since you have such an in with all things Disney, think you could let TBTP know how upset I am about that??? Kthx! ;o)

  36. Hi Jen, I don't know if you post these, but I have a blog award for you on my blog. Feel free to pop by and grab it - you know, in all your free time. Toodles!


  37. http://roflrazzi.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/90d83b17-98d3-4a93-ab1f-470eff6339fc.jpg

    Its not Disney...but I thought it might help put you in the Christmas mood...
    Happy December
    Perfect Vixen

  38. It's okay. I'm sucked in by glitter/shiny things too. Hahaha. That book with the re-imagined Disney princesses looks awesome.

  39. Lovely photos and great links in the comments. If everyone gets a superhero name, mine would be "Easily Distracted Girl". Shiny things, intricate things, red things, pretty much anything. It's one reason why I have too many hobbies and more unfinished projects than I can count. Sigh. The princess book looks gorgeous but I am. not. putting. it. on. my. list. So there!

  40. It is so funny that you said that about the Disney princess art book! I just bought myself one after ogling it since July now that the holiday discount is up. I keep saying I'll have to buy two more copies so I can frame all my favorites, front and back! There is a pretty rad Pixar art book thats about the Pixar creative process with all kinds of extra pull-out goodies that I bought my fiance to go with my art book.

  41. I would get you the book if I knew where to send it. (and I might put a little suprise in there as well.) I am serious. (kinda)

    Sarah (and yes I am the one that sent you a bunch of e-mails) :D

  42. Jen, I sent you an e-mail regarding the cash register. sorry it took so long. i forgot to check back here!

  43. Our son is 4 and I strongly believe that prime disney age is around 6 years old (time to start saving)

    My husband and I discussed "why disney" and I could not get someone who has never been there to understand the DETAIL put into EVERYTHING. Your website has helped so much!

    Story: I was around 12 years old with my mother in magic kingdom. She was eating a micky head shaped ice cream pop when it fell on the ground. "Sh*t" exclaimed my mother and I swear ...hand to god...that an employee came out of the bush behind us, mopped up the ice cream IN A MICKY HEAD SHAPE, and told her to use cleaner words, please.


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