Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Of Color

I don't have a whole lot to say about World of Color. I mean, I liked it, but like all big Disney shows, the hassle of the waiting and the crowds and the little punk kids elbowing you in the ribs does detract from the experience somewhat. (Grumpy? Me? Never.)

All the hassle afforded us a great viewing spot, though, and the visuals were stunning, so it's definitely something you'll want to see at least once.

And this was before the show even started.

WoC makes heavy use of water screens, like this:

If you've seen Fantasmic at either park, then you're already familiar with this technology. Many of the projections aren't as clear as this one, though; sometimes I couldn't tell which movie clip was being shown.

Unlike Fantasmic, there's no over-arching storyline with WoC; just a montage of song and movie clips.

A definite advantage over Fantasmic, though, is that these water screens give you a more panoramic view:

One of my favorite clips: a scene from UP. Seeing all the balloons go by was a real breath-taker.

And this one draws you in with almost 3D intensity:

In addition to the water screens, there are flame spurts...


And pop up mini-screens, which are mixed in among the fountains:

Those light fountains were by far my favorite part. Disney could have left everything else out, and I'd be happy as a clam. I mean, just look at these!

You think John could install some of these in our back yard? :)

In fact, it was *after* the show that most of my favorite parts occurred; that's when the light fountains cycled through some of their prettiest combinations:

I never imagined water could have such intense color! Love it.

This was actually the final scene:

I couldn't quite focus on the "World of Color" text. Who knew lasers on mist would be so hard to capture? Heh.

Most folks started to leave after this point, but believe me, you should stay! The extra few minutes are well worth it.

Ok, one last shot of those awesome fountains:

I tell ya, after this, the 4th of July fireworks actually seemed kind of drab. :D


  1. Haven't seen it yet, but kinda reminds me of Dancing Waters that was at the Disneyland hotel a gazillion years ago. Loved Fantasmic... hope they bring it back soon!

  2. I worked on another project with the guy who developed those fountains. glad you liked them.

  3. You actually can install something like those in your yard. I don't know about the lights, but the jets shooting out of the ground are a lot like splash-pads, and you can have those installed. For like, three grand for a 4x4 area. Good luck with that.

  4. I love the World of Color show! :] I agree that the last few minutes are so worth it. What section did you & John get? Did you get to see the fun pre-show? I finally got the 9pm "Blue" (best) section and it was crazy! A bunch of people pushing and shoving, and having to wake up super early to get a good spot. Yikes! (But totally worth it! :P)

  5. Did you happen to catch GlowFest at DCA? We skip WoC just to rock out on "Hollywood Boulevard". The projection onto the sky backdrop down at the corner of "Sunset" is my favorite. I love watching everyday folks dance with their negative or sometimes infrared mirror-images up on the screen after the Bollywood dancers move to the platforms. SO cool!

    It's also fun to watch people engage with the castmember dancers. The cutest was a little old Asian grandma who couldn't have been 4'6" dancing with the spandex mohawk guy. Adorable! I think my daughter caught that on video. :)

  6. Ooooh, that is gorgeous!:) I'm sure it's absolutely astounding in real life.

    Jen, I have a question for you. A very good friend of mine is coming to visit me here in California, and she is wondering if "Captain EO" (the Michael Jackson show) is still showing at Disneyland. It's listed on the website but we wanted to be sure before shelling out the dough. I know Disneyland is huuuge and you may have no idea, but I figure it can't hurt to ask...thank you SO much.

    (I haven't commented here before, but I adore both CakeWrecks and Epbot. Muppets and Star Trek and...I'm even starting to see the appeal of steampunk!:D)

  7. @ Diane - Yes, we did stop to watch the dancers at GlowFest for a while - pretty fun! I wondered why only one guy was dressed Bollywood style among all the other neon jumpsuits, though. When he first climbed one of the dance towers, I thought he was a tourist! :D

  8. @ Theresa - (now that I'm correctly logged in as myself. Hah! Oops.) Yes, Captain EO is still playing. In fact, they just brought it back to Epcot here in Orlando, too! I haven't heard how long it will be playing, but I imagine at least through the rest of the summer.

    John got to see it for the first time ever there at DL, and actually liked it! Even after all these years, it still holds up; everyone was jamming leaving the theater. :)

  9. Wow, it looks beautiful. It's been awhile since I've been to Disneyland, but it looks fun. I got to say, your pictures are beautiful. As an amateur photographer I'd like to know: what kind of camera do you use?

  10. Hey Jen! Nice pics. I saw this shirt today and it tickled my inner geek:

    Thought you might enjoy it too:)

  11. awesome pictures!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing with this poor gal who has yet to ever visit a Disney establishment (east or west). I SOOOOO want to go!

  12. Looks awesome! What kind of camera do you have? All of your pictures are so clear.

  13. Jen - Thank you so much! That is definitely good to know.:) :)

  14. you are getting paid by Disney for advertising, right?

  15. Loved Fantasmic! It was the most spectacular thing I saw on my WDW trip a few years ago. However, I thought they should have warned people that small children might find it scary. The night I went families by the dozen left with crying kids. My 4 yr.old nephew was already back at the hotel with his mom, and good would've scared the pants off him!
    Haven't been to DL in about 10 years, so I've got to go back soon! Your post makes me want to go tomorrow!:-)

  16. Holy crap. I really wish I had a job that would afford me trips like these. In my 27 years I've only been to Disney World twice and I've never seen anything like this.

    I'm such a kid! Why don't they have a grown-ups program to get us kidlike grown-ups to Disney when we don't have the finances for it!

  17. SOOO Beautiful!! I love any and all Disney posts! :) If you don't mind my asking, what sort of camera did you use? The shots are so clear and pretty! :)

  18. I'm so sad you didn't use quotes on "lasers"
    or did you use air quotes and I just didn't see 'em?

  19. Wow.. I would love one of those fountains here.. lol my landlord probably wouldn't but I sure would. Gorgeous!

  20. So cool! I can only imagine what it looks like in person! :D

  21. Damn. After you said Flame Spurts, I was really really hoping for lightning sand and ROUS's. Guess we can't have everything.

  22. Sounds like we have the same thoughts on World of Color. Unfortunately, my viewing spot wasn't as awesome as yours (not enough elbowing on my part!). So not seeing the bottom few feet of the show detracted from my magic. But I agree that some of the scenes were beautiful, UP balloons were a favorite, some scenes too fuzzy to make out, and the post-show fountains were amazing. Thanks for the great photos!

  23. Jen, I know this has nothing to do with Disney (gasp!), but it is a matter of utmost importance. Just thought you might want to see this one, in case you haven't already.
    If you go to the auction house website, you can see photos of all 100 Vaders.

  24. I saw it on opening night and yeah, it was crowded and irritating but i think the show was well worth it.

    We also had the problem of some of the images being blurry, (we were on the opposite side as you) and I believe most of that would be rectified by being in the center section. i know, easier said than done.

    I really wanted to stand in the "splash zone" but my friends were wimps.

    Beautiful photos in the last few posts. makes me want to spend more time photographing the little things next time i go (which hopefully will be during Halloween! Wheee!)

  25. Amazing place, thx for sharing.
    2 Items:
    A. I ran across Walt Disney's father in the book "Devil in the White City". Elias Disney worked in the Chicago World's Fair---
    and Elias's stories later sparked the son Walter's imagination.
    Could be, I do not know for sure.
    B. What happened to the Glass Slipper picture?
    I came back today to drool again over the pix.

  26. Makes me want to wander westward. On a Steampunk note, if you haven't seen the steam punk treehouse Dogfish Brewery just bought, you need to. Here's a link to an article about it:

  27. Love the pictures they are beautiful! ALMOST makes me want to go to California!
    Touringplans has a blog this week about Steampunk Mickey I thought you might like.

  28. Hey Jen,

    i love both your blogs and find myself giggling out loud while reading them. I have to ask, what kind of camera do you have? cause your pics from disneyland are wonderful!


  29. john (the hubby of Jen)July 9, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Jen and I use a Canon XT which is actually a relatively low end SLR camera. However, I once heard a pro say that the camera itself is really nothing but a box with film in it and that all that matters is the lens. So we got a couple of pretty great lenses. Oh. And Jen takes hundreds and hundreds of photos.



  30. stumbled across this webpage and thought u might enjoy it.

  31. Your pictures are really great. It's like I'm there! It's like I had Jeff sit there all day holding our perfect spot, while the girls and I ride Splash Mountain and Pirates in copious amounts.

    I hope they are still running the show when we get there.

  32. Hi - I've been a lurker for just a few weeks, but just had to say that you have some mad photog skills! That stuff had to be tough to shoot! Thanks, its awesome!


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