Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Comic Con Highlights

I know, I know. I should stop.

But c'mon, Tony Stark is in the hoooouse!!

By @Jon_Favreau

And look at this adorable Iron Man lamp!

By @PaulGoebalShow

The Rocketeer rocks:

By @saulone

And the Ambiguously Gay Duo here made John laugh for like 5 minutes straight:

By @stewbear (which is the little bear in package there.)

More comic goodness: the Black Knight from Monty Python:

Also by @stewbear

He'll bite your legs off!

These zombie pirates actually freak me out a little, but their make-up and costumes are amazing:

By @SarahDope

Merchandising! Merchandising!


Ooh, I hope metal lunchboxes are making a comeback. Such retro goodness.

Because even Batman gets sleepy:

By @j_hat

That looks...comfortable.

And yet another reason why you've gotta love conventions: when it comes to costumes, anything goes:

By @danwall88

Even Broadway.

(So well done, I can't help but wonder if she's actually in the show somewhere.)

A pretty Ariel:

By @IntelGameOn

The fork is a great touch.

And finally, a moment of cute:

By @mikeypiff

D'awwww. Now that's raising your kid right!

Have a great weekend, everybody! I'm going to try and tear myself away from the Twitter Comic Con stalking tomorrow, promises. :D


  1. That baby Yoda is adorable! I'm loving all these pictures : )

  2. Great pics! I always love to see con pictures. It's amazing how creative people are.
    Baby-Yoda - how cuuuute is that! ^^
    Thx for posting!

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  4. Love all the pics. Especially that last one. We were a Jedi family for our daughter's 2nd Halloween. She made a great Yoda. I would so love to go to this Geek Heaven one day.

  5. Jen, any good Disney geek would know that's not a fork, it's a dinglehopper! :o)

  6. We have that baby Yoda costume! Our second son will wear it this year!

  7. Coming from a Con-Mom, I'm loving your pictures. You can keep stalking all you want. We'll keep enjoying it.

  8. So when can we expect the Epbot Lunchbox? I would buy one :-)

  9. Keep em comin', keep em comin'! I LOVE all of these pictures.

    I remember when they switched lunch boxes from the metal to the plastic. The metal ones were deemed too deadly a weapon in elementary school close combat.

  10. Those pirate costumes are AMAZING! and how cute is that baby yoda!

  11. This is so making me want to go to a comic con - not a fan of big crowds.

    However, the costumes are adorable; specially the baby Yoda.

  12. Oh come now, that CATS costume may be done brilliantly, but a real Broadway fan knows that it's totally not authentic! ;) The real costumes used yak hair...even when it was on tour and in metro areas off Broadway! Furry, luscious, yak hair....

  13. Arallyn - yeah, you can get costumes most anywhere, and unless they've changed some things in the show, none of them wear a collar? (especially a spiked one)
    And it's really not a great job on the makeup - the show makeup is way more detailed. She did a very lazy kitty nose and lip.

  14. How did you get to go to Comic Con? It's my goal to finally get there next year- how do I get tickets?

  15. Metrocon is this weekend. Just sayin'...

  16. Stop, woman, why would you stop....? Keep the Comic Con love coming, this is awesomeness. I think Ariel and her fork are going down in my favorite Disney dress up list.

  17. Ambiguously Gay Duo makes me weak! Those guys are awesome!

    WV: coman: i miss seeing the ambiguously gay duo on the coman obrien show.

  18. Just gonna say, baby Yoda there is just about the cutest thing ever. That's some pretty awesome parenting, indeed. :)

  19. re: Metal lunch boxes

    Has anyone ever seen a Star Trek the Next Generation lunch box. I've only seen original series boxes. Does anyone know if any Next Generation ones were made?

    Sci Fi newbie

  20. Baby Yoda is my son. :) Thanks everyone for the compliments!!

  21. My favourite form of Comic Conm stalking was following Andy Ihnatko on Twitter. He did a great #sdccMom thread.

  22. don't you mean, "Moichandising! Moichandising!" ala Mel Brooks in Spaceballs.

    wv: sycnz. a funky way of spelling sickens. or a mispelling of synchs.

  23. Aaawwwwwwwww... baby yoda so cute.

    In the picture of tin lunchboxes to buy I bought the Star Wars one with Luke Skywalker and the rest of the gang on it for my husband last year to put his lunches in when he goes to work. He's a Star Wars geek. If I remember right they have a "Dark Side" version too but it had the new Anakin from the third movie on it so I didn't get it. I got the one with the old school Star Wars on it. They had it at Fred Meyer for a bit. They might still have it.

  24. You make me want to go to comic con too! Especially after that pic of sleepy Bat man... My super hero fantasys are being revived. LOL

  25. HA! Anything goes. Well played. :D Can't sleep, Epbot archive-browsing seemed like a good way to pass the time. Thought comment since no one else seems to have mentioned the Broadway joke....

    1. Thought *I'd* comment. ugh. And yes, I do go back and proofread late-night comments I make on websites.


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