Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank You, Twitter! Comic Con Goodies

Hey, just 'cuz I'm not at Comic Con this weekend doesn't mean I can't bring you some Comic Con goodies! That's right: thanks to the miracle of Twitter and grainy cell phone pictures, we, too, can now get our geek on - at least vicariously.

And, for those of you who have jobs and responsibilities and lives and whatnot, I've spent more time than I'm willing to admit today wading through all the tweeted madness to gather up some of the best shots for you.


What's cookin,' Darth?

The cast of The Big Bang Theory:

From @CBStweet

Aww, I love Wolowitz. Ok, I love them all, but I really love Wolowitz. I even have the same NES belt buckle that he wears every now and then. :)

Another cast shot from @MichaelAusiello

And Psych!

By @Psych_USA

This made me drool: a shot of some of the art in artist alley:

From @_Gray

I want everything on that wall.

More great art: JJ Abram's Bad Robot:

From @HeredityFilms


Some of the signage around the convention:

By @MichaelTritter

"Theeeere's Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow.
There's Klingons on the starboard bow, wipe 'em off, Jim!"

And then, of course, there's the cosplay:

By @britl

By @jonniechang

Holy crackers! That is one awesome Iron Man suit!

A cutie-patootie Super Girl:

By @DamianTVGuideMg

Here's a clever photo op:

By @briankameoka


By @justicepie

These two were extremely popular:

By cc2Konline

And speaking of disturbing Star Wars cosplay, there's also...this:

By @BigRedShark

Hm. I feel like Great White Snark will want to weigh in on this somehow. :D

Glad to see Old School Trek representin':

By @TightPantsJack

BSG, both old and new:

By @townsendmarc

Here's Will Ferrell:

By @tenttrail

And the lovely Felicia Day, with some great Indy cosplayers:
By @FeliciaDay

Futurama in the house:

By @trashwire

TRON is getting a LOT of tweets:

Also by @trashwire

But I prefer this mode of transport, myself:



When you start feeling *too* jealous of all the Comic Con goers, though, just remember that most of the tweeted pictures look like this:

By @patriciawayne

Um. Yeeeah.

If you want more, I also found tons (and tons) of cosplay pics here. As I understand it, that site will be updated each night with more photos, too, so you can check back for more over the next few days.

Now I guess I really should go do some work or something. [grumble] Oh, and if any of you actually *are* at Comic Con this weekend, be sure to share some pics with the rest of us less fortunate ones, k?


  1. Great pics. I went to ComicCon 2 years ago and literally swam through seas of people in the dealer's room, which gets old verrrry fast. It's an interesting and sometimes fun event, but it's really too big (and a bit too corporate) for my taste.

  2. I can attest to that last photo. My boyfriend and I went last year and had to leave after just a few hours because my head was about to explode (and not in a good way). But the costumes are awesome - I'll enjoy them from the comfort of my couch.

  3. OMGawd, I am so jealous of those people who get to attend. My fav pics were of the Bad Robot and the diaper Star Wars fellow (????). I would also LOVE to have my picture taken as an action figure from the Empire Strikes Back. So glad you posted these!

  4. Yay! Thanks for weeding through all those tweets for us! :)

    I particularly like the photo op and the old school Trek cast. They're all there!!!

    My hubby is geekin' out over the old school BSG dude. :)

  5. Elisa & Laura, you're making me feel much better about not being there. :) I've heard similar things from a lot of folks, too, so all in all I'm quite content to just be a Dragon*Con girl. D*C was crowded last year, but never unbearably so.

    I also love that everyone we met at D*C was super polite and friendly. That makes handling a crowd *so* much better.

  6. Love Felicia! Love The Guild, Love Dr. Who, love ComicCon! Would love to attend one day!

  7. One day I'll make it to Comic day... Once I've moved an entire island continent north-east. ^_^

  8. Did you see the Bender and Fry at the protest-protest of the Baptist church?

    Is. Awesome.

  9. Le sigh. I wish I was there. I think I would dress up as Starbuck.

  10. *sniffle*
    I wish I didn't have to work. I'd much rather be having fun at things like ComiCon. Or maybe a great paying job with enough awesome paid vacation days that I could go.

    I agree though - hubby would want to go with me, but the massive crowds would just make us explode. I don't do well with my 5'4" body being shoved around by everybody taller than I. It was bad enough at a MLBaseball game last month.

  11. And yet again, Darth Vader and Boba Fett prove that while the darkside may have cookies, pimpin' still ain't easy!

    Great pics! Thanks!!

  12. Check out today's PhD Comic:

  13. cgardner222@gmail.comJuly 23, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    My friend runs this website He is at Comic Con and is constantly updating his twitter. You might appreciate his website and FB and Twitter feeds =)

  14. OT, but I just had to show you this:

    I feel it could be tweaked to be steampunk easily.

    Love all your posts!

  15. Ok, it's official, Raj Koothrapali is HOT!

    And is that a man wearing a fez behind the tardis? Two layers of Dr Whoness in the same picture, woo!

    (That was actually one of my favorite 11th doctor quotes. "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fez's are cool.")

  16. Great pics! Yeah, my twitter is all clogged up with SDCC, and it's crazy, and making me wish I could be there! BTW - Love those Maleficent pics, she's my favorite villain,

    Girls Are Geeks

  17. Reading that just increased my geekiness quotient by at least 50 percent- and I love it!

  18. I. WILL. BE. THERE. NEXT. YEAR! I tried to go this year, but couldn't get my hands on any passes-they sell out so flippin fast!!

    But to make up for my sadness, I am going to Disneyland on Sunday!! =)

  19. thanks for the hours wading through pictures to share all the geeky goodness with us. awesome costumes! and I LOVE that Bad Robot! too awesome!

    actually, I just got a "geek" name badge holder from for my work badge and today is the first day anyone said anything about it, even though I've been wearing it all week. out of the blue one of my coworkers called me a geek. :-) that felt good.

  20. Omiheck! I want the Sleeping Beauty 3 tier drawings - the ones where they look like babies! So cute!

  21. Ahhh!!! Star Trekin'!! I loved that song: "It's worse than that - it's physics Jim!" hehehe

  22. Well, I don't feel so bad about not being able to go now that I've read some of the other posts. :)

    But I'll add Dragon*Con and Star Wars Celebration V to my bucket list!

    Jen, btw...I was shopping at Michael's Craft Store last night and while browsing their jewelry section I came across a new brand. It's called Industrial Chic. Right up your alley! Little charms of apothecary bottles, gears, aged dominoes, and other steampunk goodies. It made me think of you!

  23. I screamed when I saw the cast of Psych. I may, in fact, just roll over and cry now. [sob] dang it!

  24. OK I'm nowhere near ComicCon, but apparently Darth Vader just robbed a bank or store or something nearby (me not ComicCon). I dunno couldn't get past the description (especially since he was wearing a blue cape).

  25. *sigh* I USED to work DOWNTOWN San Diego and got to see all of it regularly . . . Now I'm not in DOWNTWON and I miss it so . . .

  26. Holy Cow! At ComicCon "they" annouced Guillermo del Toro is doing a new Haunted Mansion movie! While the last one utterly crushed my spirit, Pan's Labyrinth was one of the best movies ever so perhaps I just might start hoping for a new round of awesomeness. He even has a room dedicated to the ride and he goes to DL often. Here's hoping!

  27. We really hope to go next year. We went in 2008 as our Honeymoon! (Nah, we're not geeks in l♥ve)

    After seeing the pics this year, we better save up so we can have as much fun as everyone else and maybe go in costume! :-)

  28. The pics are awesome and your comments always make me laugh, but quoting "Star Trekkin"??? You are a Goddess of Geekdom!

    And of course I mean that in a good way!

  29. I want to take a ride in that ghostbusters car! lol

  30. ...OMG, that Chef Vader is the most awesome contest ever. Better than the Imperial officer with an Ewok skewered on a lightsaber I saw one Dragon Con. ;)

  31. I have a friend working there this weekend and he's been posting pictures he's been able to take on his Facebook.!/album.php?aid=247120&id=676848507&ref=mf

    I hope that link works.

  32. Thanks Jen- I'm going to have to spend today digging through my moving boxes looking for my Dr. Demento tapes instead of finding my kids' school supplies. I'll just print this post out to send in their empty little backpacks. Guess it'll be a quick way to see if their teachers and I click.

  33. Ah! The little mermaid is my friend Tarci Hines who is a professional cosplayer- She is perfect isn't she?

    I went alone for my first time to comiccon this year and I think I need a guide next year. There was so much to filter through I could find the nuggets like you did. ;-;

  34. For more Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) goodness, I highly recommend looking up the Pop My Culture Podcast-- Amazingly funny podcast all the time, but the episode with Simon is one of the best!

  35. I go to Comic Con every year and I love every moment of it. I did have a friend that was elbowed in the face due to the crowds (and the fact that she is short, I'm 6'1so I don't worry about elbows). It is a crazy 4 days, and you are exausted by the end, but it is fun!

    The pictures you found though are some of the cool costumes that I saw, and I think you got a nice "experience" just following Twitter... and just think, it was elbow free, and didn't cost you a dime!

  36. @ Christy. That's my car, I was just out looking for pics of it and one of them brought me here. If you ever happen to see us driving around let me know it's "Christy" from Epbot and maybe we'll make good on that ride.


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