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Friday, April 20, 2012

In my last craft roundup I mentioned that I wanted to find something small to display inside an empty lightbulb - and that was all the inspiration reader and artist Caroline B. needed! Check it out:

Caroline knit this tiny fish sculpture, and then used a bit of wire to carefully display it inside the bulb. GENIUS. Especially since the bulb looks like a floating bubble!

Love this so much. Even the simple wooden base is perfect.

I'm trying to convince Caroline to put these in her Etsy store (she's concerned about shipping them, which is understandable), but in the meantime you can see more of her projects (tiny felt teddy bear, anyone?) over at her blog, Uniqart.

UPDATE: After all our positive peer pressure, Caroline has decided to hold a drawing to give away this cutie over on her blog! Just pop over here and leave a comment to enter - and good luck!

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  1. SO adorable!
    She could ship just the insides with instructions on how to get it into a lightbulb if the customer wants to.
    I want a tiny ship to go in one. Or, a tiny spaceship!

  2. Sooo cool! A good amount of bubblewrap should allow her to ship them just fine, but I understand her hesitation with mailing - the packages are never handled as gently as you hope.

  3. Thank you for featuring my little goldfish bulb! I WILL make more - just trying to find the time among various other commissions at the moment, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop for the future. Your turn now - what will you put in yours?!

  4. Oh wow! I love that so much!

  5. That is awesome! Do you accept special orders? I think my sister would enjoy a sea turtle. :) as a shipping suggestion, what about using the sleeves the lightbulbs came in & packing in a larger box to ensure it won't move around in there. Just an idea! :)

  6. Jen, you need to sweet talk Caroline into knitting you a tiny seahorse for your own bulb!

  7. This is adorable!

    Can you imagine a whole display of them? A few different colors of knit fish in a few different sizes of bulb.

    It's a shame shipping them would be so hard, because I can't knit, yet think that that is absolutely PERFECT.

  8. All I have to say is:

    something very undigified and involving girly squeels.

  9. wow.
    I'd really like to try improvising this but we don't use incandescent bulbs at home; we use the curly energy-efficient ones instead. Dratted energy saving.

  10. That is fabulous. And, what about a piece of hard styrofoam, cut in half, with a section for the lightbulb hollowed out...that should keep it from breaking.

  11. That's adorable!

    I would think that if Caroline saved the packaging from the light bulbs, then repacked the bulb inside the packaging when she'd finished her creation, then wrapped the whole thing in bubble wrap and placed it securely in a small box, it would ship safely. We do similar things when shipping fragile items at my family's company; usually, the manufacturer's box is designed to cushion the object for shipping.

    Light bulb companies have to ship bulbs all the time, there has to be a way to do it which doesn't result in breakage!

  12. OK, you have twisted my arm! If you visit my blog, I am holding a draw to win this fish in a bulb on the condition you will be a bit of a guinea pig regarding it's shipping. We will see how it holds out when packaged and subjected to the mercies of the post office....

  13. Holy cow this is soooo cute!

  14. I'd love to see a tutorial, or at least know how she got it inside a light bulb. :)

  15. OH MY GOSH have you seen this tutorial about changing your light bulbs into hot air balloons?!?!?! You could so make this into an awesome steampunk Christmas tree ornament...

    I tried to make a link, and I failed...
    Dollar Store Crafts

    Also, Jen - way awesome that your jewelry stand was featured!


  16. That is incredible!!! I LOVE it so much! wow, awesome.


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