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Great Geeky Easter Eggs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I haven't painted Easter eggs in ages, so while looking for geeky inspiration I started compiling a list of some of my favorite geek eggs out there. Eventually the list grew too epic NOT to be shared, so, without further ado, here 'tis. I hope it inspires new heights of geekery in your own households this week!

By My Little Norway

By Shelly & Milo

(Superman & Wonder Woman are my favorites. SO CUTE.)

(There's something hilariously poetic about Angry Bird Easter Eggs.)


(Quite possibly my favorite Easter egg of all time. And I love that stand!)

By Supernewby - and check out her/his Instructible to make your own.

("I'm different!")

By The Artsy Nerd

(Now I'm thinking I need a whole Doctor Who-themed set of eggs. :D)

I'm sure I missed a bunch, so please share links to your favorite geeky eggs in the comments!

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  1. For a split second I mistook the Dalek for R2-D2. Now I'm imagining C3PO with a Dalek for a companion... somebody make this happen!

  2. Neatorama had a bunch of geeky egg designs on their site this morning. I love the Bender one and the Legos. Just in case you hadn't seen.

  3. LOVE the eggs! I am actually commenting on this post because I wanted to comment on your Williamsburg post...but you had 42 comments. I couldn't bring myself to change that number. So. FANTASTIC pictures!!! I love both the watercolor-ey wisteria one and the sharp one. I hope I can achieve this kind of photographic excellence one day! (I need a macro lens, though....)

  4. These make me wish I was going home fore Easter. :D

  5. Love These! They are so cool. Love the Doctor Who Tardis and Superhero eggs!

  6. I don't know if anyone really does this anymore, but we always used to take a white crayon and draw on the egg, then dip it in the color so the egg shell takes the dye but the crayon stays white. My dad used to draw pictures on the eggs and then tell us this one goes in the red dye, or this one goes in blue, and then we'd be surprised by the pic he'd drawn. It was so much fun. Today's egg kits come with stickers and all kinds of crap...it seems there's no creativity in it anymore.

  7. I NEED DR. WHO EGGS!!! I want an amy egg, and a rory egg, and maybe a curly-haired river egg. And my own dalek and police box egg and a silence egg and madame kovorian egg. And of course, an egg with a bow tie and a little fez!

  8. Oh no! Now you've put me in the mood to blow the yolk out of some eggs (so I can keep them forever) and paint them - and I don't have time for another project!

    I don't know if I can pick a fav but the Dr. Who ones and Angry Birds are the cutest! (I like the irony of the Pig on an egg, hehe.)

  9. EVE EGG!!! Must make for my son. Wall-E is his current favorite movie.

  10. OMG. Some people have all the time (and talent). :P

  11. all very good... but is the TARDIS egg bigger on the inside?!

  12. Ok, that Dalek is seriously the best Easter egg ever.

  13. Wait...what??? Don't tell me you haven't googled "Steampunk Easter eggs"! You'll find such eggs as this one: http://www.pseudooctopus.com/2011/04/steampunk-easter-egg.html

  14. Have you seen these embroidered eggs?

  15. I made a Netherwing (WoW) egg, though it's not strictly an Easter deal. I collect eggs. :)

    Netherwing Egg

  16. I have been planing on making Easter eggs that look like the Yoshi eggs from the Mario games. Hopefully I'll have some pics of them soon.

  17. Ev-ah! Ev-ah! Quite possibly the most adorable egg ever. I am lusting for it. I would so have to hollow that one out so I could keep it forever.

    Second favorite: the zombie egg with a bite taken out of it. So clever!

  18. Wow. Now I feel kinda sad I only made Easter cupcakes for this year. Now I want to make some of those zombie ones for my family dinner on Sunday. I can just picture the look on Grandma's face now...

  19. OK.. So, I gotta think, being as crafty as you are, you probably already know this.

    But did you know... You can use duct tape to color your eggs? Yep.. stick the stuff on in a design.. dunk the eggs in.. the taped part stays white, the rest gets colored. Now... here's where it gets fun.. Let the tape stay.. dry off the egg really well, then either remove some tape or add more over the colored part and dunk again. The possibilities go on and on! I made the most gorgeous plaid egg one year.. took almost 2 hours to do just one egg.. of course the picture is lost on an old camera phone. :-(

    They even make clear duct tape (we discovered that last year) and it's really awesome to help you see, especially if you're taping over a color.

  20. I scrolled down to the Dalek egg and my heart did a litte skip. I want it for ever. I can't make it as an easter egg. I would be like a hoarder and keep it till it was rotting and stinking up my whole house. (NOw you know what show my husband has been watching and thus making me watch) I my have to make a stuffed one though. :)

  21. Jen,

    If you take out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle egg from the Super Heros, you have the cast from the Big Bang Theory on New Year's Eve for the costume contest at Stewart's comic book store. "Aquaman Sucks!"


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

  22. They are all fabulous but the two Doctor Who eggs are my favorites!

  23. For those of you who like to keep your painted eggs, there are wooden eggs at JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. Then you don't have to worry about them getting crushed or stinky :)

  24. I love decorating eggs at Easter to the point where I have stopped destroying them!
    This is Feathers McGraw, 2010's Easter Egg:
    And can you tell what it is yet for 2011?!
    I haven't decided yet what 2012 will be but I have about 4 ideas kicking about in my head, so fingers crossed it turns out well! Oh, and I think I should bury Feathers McGraw this year - 2 years is a bit too long to keep a boiled egg...

  25. Found this one on pinterest...
    <a href="http://blog.rangerink.com/blog/2012/04/rangers-easter-egg-designers-challenge-day-4.html>steampunk egg</a>

  26. tried to do flash,but it did not work


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