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Convention Photos From 1980!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Britt sent me a link to a great collection of photos from the 1980 Westercon, and it is fascinating. There's some excellent cosplay in there - stuff I could have believed came from last year's Dragon*Con, if it weren't for the quality of the photos. In fact, it's actually kind of awesome seeing how little conventions have changed. Why, there are plenty of ladies in skimpy outfits...

This Lady of the Lake/mermaid was by far the most photographed, I'm guessing on account of her free-flapping boobages. And the giant live snake she later had wrapped around her.

...guys sporting excessive weaponry:

Anyone else suspect that's Adam Savage in the middle?

And plenty of stunning fan-made creations:

I want her hat.

Check out this fabulous Leia and Yoda:

I thought Yoda was a statue until I found another picture of him walking around. So, yep, there's a person in there!

And probably my favorite:

Not because I'm a big Alien fan, but because this proves fangirls have always rocked the house. I salute you, fellow geek girl!

There are lots and lots more pictures, so click on over to The LA Science Fantasy Society to see them all. (Keep in mind the costume photos are mixed in with the non-costume stuff, so just keep scrolling to see everything.) And thanks again to Britt for the link!

Oh, and speaking of conventions: if you're thinking of visiting Orlando next month, be sure it's on the weekend of the 17th for MegaCon. John and I will probably be there all three days, and I'd love to meet any of you who'll be there!

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  1. I do believe that *is* Adam. Wouldn't that be a laugh!

  2. Response to that last picture: "To infinity...and be blonde!"

    Okay, I'm done embarrassing myself now.

  3. So fantastic! I particularly like the group dressed up as characters from Amber and the guy dressed as a timelord.

  4. Jealous does not cover what I am feeling that you will be at MegaCon on my birthday and I will be home, working at a hospital instead of meeting all kinds of cool people there... :( But maybe I will be able to re-talk my hubby into considering Star Wars Celebration followed by a cruise out of Port Canaveral? (And a stop at Downtown Disney so I can get a fix!)

  5. I am a big Alien fan, so that costume is by far my favorite! That's an excellent idea, too--put together a Ripley costume for cons.

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Very cool!

  6. OMG, I know the guy in #ddg9, who is labeled as unknown! He made all his costumes back then. Nowadays he does cowboy reenacting and has twins. So fun to see.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Haha, those are great!
    also, my mom totally had the yellow terry cloth...thing in this pic:

    Who thought that was a good idea? Oh my.

  8. What gets me is that by themselves, the wallpaper and the carpet are both stunningly ugly, but put them together and they transcend ugliness into complete hideousness. Holy retinal scarring, Batman!

  9. I know that 'mermaid' (she was actually a 'Snake Mother'); she was one of my bridesmaids!

    Great photos of costumes from many (though not all) years of Worldcons can be found here: http://www.fanac.org/worldcon/

  10. So cool! Dana, I LOVE your comment! Probably because I AM blonde! LOL!

    wv: (do we even still do these?) dependsi - perfect for those "oopsi" moments! Okay, now I'VE embarrassed myself!

  11. It is a distinct possibility that Adam Savage rocked the house in 1980. So, who do we need to interrogate at Mythbusters to get the scoop? Hmmm....

  12. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if that really is Adam - afterall, he loves to put costumes on every chance he gets!

    Ah, the 80's glasses. Why were they all so awful and HUGE?? Nothing dates a picture from that time faster than the glasses. But the costumes are great!

  13. Clearly you need to tweet that pic to Adam and ask him. :)

  14. That really does look like Adam Savage in that picture! I wonder if he'd be proud or embarrassed...

  15. I'll be at megacon! (All three days.)

  16. My family will actually be in Orlando that weekend. Is the Megacon worth going to? I've never been to a con like that.

  17. I will also be at mega-con all three days. Maybe I will make it in to some of your pictures. That would be so cool!

  18. I think I've seen a picture of the 18th century couple on a book about goths- apparently there is a subset of glamor goths who really, really go for the 18th century look.

    And my hat is off to the gal in the photos who is dressed as Kei Yuki from the Captain Harlock anime series.


  19. I want to look at the costumes, I really do! But I can't stop looking at the heinousness that is the garish wallpaper and carpet. It looks like it came straight out of "Interior Desicrations: Hideous Homes from the Horrible 70's."

  20. @ Anony 5:12 - MegaCon is definitely worth a visit; it gets better every year, and I think would be a perfect first con experience if you've never been to one. Not too big, not too small!

    @ Anony 2:43 - Oh man, I LOVE that book. Lileks is da bomb.

  21. Adam Savage was born in 1967. He would've been around 13 in 1980. The "Adam" in the photo seems considerably older. (But, hey, maybe it's an even better costume that I thought.)

  22. The hat on the Rococo couple is inspired by a hat Marie Antoinette wore after the American Revolution.


    Sorry for the random information, I'm a giant history nerd and have this tattooed on me.


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