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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Judging by the view count the entire world as already seen this, but I'm behind on e-mail and just now got to Michele H.'s e-mail with the link, and now my world has literally exploded with cuteness:

I like how the music goes with the owls' different expressions.



I like to imagine my cat Tonks snuggling with him.

[That was me imagining it.]

Oh, was that not enough mind-melting cute-a-tude for you?

Then perhaps you haven't seen Oskar, the blind kitten, playing with his new toys?

found via @urlesque

Seriously. I was bawling by the first frame. By the end, though, you'll have a hard time believing this little trooper can't see! He's just as happy and playful and pouncy as any other kitten!

(I'm not sure "pouncy" is a word. If it's not, though, it totally should be. In fact, let's all try to work "pouncy" into our Thanksgiving dinner conversations tomorrow! You know, like, "My, this aperitif has made me quite pouncy!" - which will get you bonus points, because nobody knows what an aperitif is, either, so your family will be too intimidated by your dizzying intellect to ask you what either word means, and then you can chortle heartily into your cranberry sauce until you realize you're not wearing pants.)

(Ok, maybe I just flashed back there for a moment to something I'd rather not talk about.)


(Never mind.)

(Oh! And there should be a cat named Pouncy, too.)

Anyhoo, this was me coming up for air after answering 57 e-mails. I have about 53 more to go, so allow me to apologize now to 53 of you for using the word "pouncy" excessively. Or at all.

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  1. Hey, if Tigger can use the word "pouncy", you most certainly can!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Those are amazingly precious!

  3. This post scores massive cute points... I love the baby owl, and wow - what a sweet kitten! Okay, now I don't need dessert for Thanksgiving. (hah!)

    It's good to have you back! You'll conquer the email monster soon - keep at it! :)

  4. We have a blind kitty too, so watching this video really brought back memories! On the off chance that she gets out, she'll chase bugs by sound alone.

  5. Oh, Oskar! At first I cried because I was sad that he was blind, but by the end I was crying because of how much fun he was having! I gotta go hug my kitty now.

  6. You. Rock! You never fail to, at the *very* least, make me smile! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. i just died from the cuteness ... i think i need one of each of those little critters now ... my life simply will not be complete until i do lol!

  8. Daw, Oskar is adorable! Thank you so much for brightening my Thursday afternoon :)

  9. I hadn't seen either of these before (and if I had, I should think it would still be enjoyable to watch them again)- so thank you for sharing this blast of total cuteness! :D
    And now, I've got to go enjoy my own pouncy little ball of fur to (hopefully) distract myself from the sudden urge to find a little pet owl! DH would NOT appreciate yet another pet... *sigh*

  10. Too cute!! I love animal videos! I am so glad you had a safe and wonderful trip. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  11. Oh. My. SQUEE!
    I need a barn owl for Christmas. And I will love it and pet it and call it Fred. ('Cause George is so over used. Give the other brother some love!)
    And Cute little Oskar... GAH!
    Here's your Christmas list Jen;
    Baby Sloth.
    Red panda
    Steampunked red panda plushie (if there is such a thing) ;)

  12. Just don't get a barn owl. They aren't really cute. More like incredibly creepy.

    Creepy Barn Owl Video

  13. Why are the owls awake in the daytime?

  14. *dies of cute*
    That owl is so cute I watch the vid every single time I see it posted somewhere. SO ADORBZ!

    Luff that kitteh too. <3

  15. Owls are like cats with wings.

    And while we're on the topic of owl videos that have done the rounds... TRANSFORMING OWL!!


  16. Oh my, that little owl is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! As is Oskar! Wishing you and John (and your family) and very happy Thanksgiving :-)

  17. I had a neighbour for years who had the most adorable blind orange long-haired tabby. He was actually born without eyes and he used a sort of echo-location thing to get around. He would wobble his head back and forth and make a wierd sound then figure out what was around him by the way it bounced back at him.

    Just goes to show that humans aren't the only ones who can adapt to a handicap.

  18. Speaking of owls, have you seen the transformer owl? Nothing to do with the toys and most decidedly not cute but amazing! In a disconcerting way... ;


  19. I think I've just died of a cuteness overdose. And I can't stop singing Soooooft Kittyyyy, Waaarrrrm Kittyy... And is it me, or does it seem like owls are really cats? That can fly?

  20. My best friend's cat is named Pouncer. That's pretty close. :)

  21. OH! That first owl is totally Pigwidgeon. and I WANT him!

  22. I have a dog named Pounce - also close.

  23. Thanks for bringing the cute, and thanks for bringing the nerd every week. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Awwwww...now I've had enough cute to get me through work tonight. Love the little owl getting his head scratched! And Oskar is so sweet. Watching him figure out what was going on and then going into full-blown 'silly kitten' mode...sorry, eyes got a little blurry there. Darn allergies....

    The other night at work a patron, who can be rather brusque, overheard some of us discussing our cats and joined in the conversation-patron has four kitties, all of whom he loves, but his favorite and night-time snugglekitty is named Pounce.

  25. Dont forget folks, to Rotate Your Owl periodically.


  26. Have you seen this owl video? It also loves scritches!


  27. My good friend Jeanette TOTALLY has a wonderful cat named Sir Pouncival, or Pounce for short. He lives up to his name.

  28. I am so excited. Not only were the videos cute, but I thought we were the only people who named their pet "Tonks." Everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I tell them our dog is named Tonks! You just made my day.

  29. For those of you who might care, I dug around and found out the little blinker is a Little Owl, (Athene noctua), a common owl of Europe, Asia and North Africa, and is THE owl originally sacred to Athena, goddess of wisdom.

    I rather think that no owls make especially good pets, howsomever adorable they may look. You're better off with a Tamandua (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meen3MrYDX8)


  30. the owl movie is super cutey wonderful, but the beauty geek in me cannot get over the chipped nail polish! i realise im super pathetic but thats the only thing i could focus on

  31. Cuteness! I have a blind cat, and boy, you wouldn't know it!


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