Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No, I Didn't Fall Overboard

Sorry for the radio silence, guys; my health took a nasty turn this past week, and I'm just now forging my way back into the land of clogged inboxes, funny cakes, and awesomely geektastic steampunkery. (Srsly, how cool is my life?)

I hope you all have had and are having a fantastic holiday break! I also hope to return to my regularly scheduled program of entertaining (read: embarrassing) family anecdotes and crafty geekery very soon, but in the meantime....

Can I please have a pair of these for a late Christmas present? [Bambi eyes] Pleeeeese???

This was filmed by Epbot reader Veronica B.'s mom at the Knoxville Zoo, and you can actually hear Veronica talking in the background. On a side note, I love that you guys think of me when you see something this cute. Over at CW, it's all, "This cake was SO DISGUSTING, I immediately thought of you!" Yeah. Um. Thanks?

Now: can I please have a baby red panda? Or two? I promise to be VERY GOOD this year. :D