Friday, December 10, 2010

Things That Make You Go "Ohhhhh"

It's Wear & Share Star Wars day! Are you rockin' your SW gear? And have you donated a geeky toy to charity yet? (Full disclosure: I haven't yet. But I will, I will!)

What's that? In honor of the day you want to see another amazing Star Wars mash-up?

As you wish:

(Video not working? You can also watch it here on Youtube.)

And if your mind hasn't exploded from sheer awesomeness yet, here are a few more fun links to check out:

- The complete list of Star Wars snowflakes submitted by @thinkgeek readers so far, along with templates so you can make your own!

One of my favs:

Time to break out the paper and scissors!

- and another goody you've probably already seen, but too good not to mention:

Dr. Seuss does Star Wars. Srsly, how awesome is "Darthly Vader?!?"

See more at artist Adam Watson's site, where you can also purchase prints.

And finally, have you heard of the famous ice hotel that gets constructed every winter in Sweden? I saw a documentary on it once: really fascinating, beautiful stuff. And yes, you really do sleep on a bed made of solid ice, in rooms made of snow and ice. (Assuming you have enough cold hard cash to afford the reservation, of course. Heh.)

Anyway, check out the special theme room this year (!!):

**stunned silence**

TRON, you are now officially really, really cool.

(No pun intended.)

Check out more pics at the builder's blog here, or the Youtube vid of its construction here.

(Thanks to GirlsAreGeeks for the link!)

Oh, and if you're not following Epbot on Facebook: you should. 'Cuz then you'd already have seen the amazing CNN article on Katie that I was interviewed for last week, plus the steampunk cupcakes that dozens and dozens of you have been e-mailing me about, plus lots of other fun geeky tidbits and links that I share there from time to time. It's also a great place to share your stuff. I get a kick out of seeing all your photos and links - and you never know when I might feature them here on the blog!


  1. So my daughter Maya (8YO), my son Lance (4YO) and I wore our Star Wars clothing on behalf of Katie today. And guess what happened to Maya? Yes. The boys in her classroom laughed at her and told her that SW was for boys. She usually doesn't say anything back when it comes to this, but because of Katie's story, she told them "I don't care" and they stopped. Thanks Katie's mom. And thanks Jen for sharing Katie's story.

  2. Ack, really? I'm sorry, Sarah; I didn't realize that clip wasn't viewable outside the U.S. Here's a simple trick that may let you see it, though. (And if you try it, lemme know if it works!)

  3. I have friends who stayed in that hotel last winter. Verdict? Very cool!

  4. Gena,
    That made me choke up. Yay for your daughter!

  5. Actually, Sarah, it may not be because you're outside the US. I can't see the video, either, and I'm definitely in the United States.

    Jen? There might be something wrong with your video. Or it doesn't like Firefox or maybe Ubuntu...

  6. Hmm, I'm using Firefox and the vid works for me, but it did take a longer time than usual to load. I'll add a direct link to the vid on Youtube in to the post; maybe that'll work better than the embedded file. Fingers crossed, anyway!

  7. How did you know that just last night I bough a can of spray snow so I could put snowflakes on all of our internal glass at the office for the holiday party next week? I bought a generic snowflake stencil, but these are WAY better, especially for a software party, where all the white elephant gifts came from ThinkGeek (including Star Wars and Star Trek goodies)! Thanks for the link.

    Seems it would be pretty easy to take all those cool pumpkin patterns from Halloween and adapt them to this purpose. It's the same principle--all the positive space has to be connected. So guess who's going to be breaking the Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy, etc patterns back out this weekend? ;-)

  8. *sob* I can't see the video either (I'm in Australia).... I tried the "simple trick"... didn't work :(

  9. In terms of donating geeky toys to the needy, I read an article yesterday that the Salvation Army won't distribute Harry Potter or Twilight toys directly, and might not even give them to other charities to donate.

    Know your charity!

  10. I'm from the UK and can't see the video either.

    "This video contains content from MGM, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

    I tried the suggestions you mentioned to an earlier comment, but no joy I'm afraid. I will keep checking back to see if someone finds a solution though! I adore the Princess Bride.

  11. @ Joy - Shhh! That typo I just corrected will be OUR LITTLE SECRET. :D

  12. Icehotel TRON just made my week!! It rocks!!

  13. OMG*SQUEE!!!!!* My favoritest movie ever + lightsabers = awesomeness overload!

  14. Wearing this today:

    That ice hotel TRON room looks so awesome!!!

  15. I may or may not have peed my pants, just a little, after watching that video.

    But I have to say that I'm more than a little offended by Inigo's red saber. He's most definitely would have been the more appropriate way to go here.

  16. That Star Wars/Princess bride mashup reminds me of the promo video for Trilogy Studio's DVD device that could edit movies to make them family friendly or just cooler. They also had one for 'The Matrix' where all the blood was replaced with glowing digital code and 'Titanic' where Kate Winslet was wearing a dress for her nude scene.

    I wonder if it's the same video?

  17. Boooh! I can't watch the video since I am in Canada. *grumble* The Dr. Seuss Star Wars, however, made me SQUEEE!!!!

  18. Jen, here's a continuation of that lightsaber battle--by a different creator, and frankly, the one you posted is the better one, but here you go anyway:

  19. While I didn't have a StarWars shirt to wear, my baby girl and I wore our NASA shirts; it's space, so I say it counts, heh. Plus, we watched RotJ with my boys when they got back from school. :-)

  20. That video was AWESOME!!

  21. Teresa (the Swedish one)December 11, 2010 at 4:53 AM

    I've actually stayed at the Ice Hotel! It was cold, yes, but also something that I will remember for the rest of my life. If you get the chance, take it!

    (And no, I can't watch the video, either.)

  22. I couldn't find any SW stuff on a short notice (I'm temporarily living at my relative's place "out of a suitcase"), but I did wear a loot t-shirt with characters from an XBox LIVE Arcade game the developer my fiancé works for did.

    WWI British troops is a wee bit of an obscure geeky reference... I'm just feeling bad for not having the blimp one with me... Who doesn't love t-shirts with airships on?! :D

  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't watch the video LOL. I even called the kids out into the living room to see it.

    I unfortunately didn't read the blog until bedtime and almost entirely missed out on the Star Wars day. I did, however, watch my little nephews have a lightsaber duel :)

  24. Literally gutted that that video can't be viewed in the UK!

  25. I thought I'd also point you at a space-themed snowflake contest - with some pretty neat prizes!

  26. Have you seen this new fiber optic fabric? It is called Luminex and
    it is $500 a yard. It is pricey! However, it does make some gorgeous
    clothing! :-D

    Something fun to dream about. :-)

  27. I can't get the snowflake link to work :(

  28. If you could get one of those aluminum trees that were popular in the 60s and made a brief come-back a few years ago, I think it would totally suit your steampunk tree.

    Here's some more crossover SW geekiness.

  29. I had my 6th grade math class making snowflakes as we learned about symmetry and some of the boys attempted the Star Wars patterns. They came out pretty good! I blogged about it here.

  30. Ooh, I hadn't seen the Rebel Alliance symbol themed snowflakes. I love it! Thanks for the link.


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