Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My New Office Door

...in my dreams, I mean. Because - oh yes - I will be dreaming about this tonight:

[swoon] It's all about that sound, amirite? Love it love it love it!

Even better, there are full instructions and progress pics of the construction over on Instructibles. Break out the air compressors and power tools, my friends! And also John. Because, c'mon, we totally need a few of these, Sweetie. [Bambi eyes]

Found via the amazing ThinkGeek twitter feed, which you should really be subscribed to if you're a twit. I mean a tweeter. I mean a person addicted to social media. Ok, I mean me.


  1. haha! I just saw this on Twitter, via @thinkgeek. I love it!!

  2. D'oh!

    Guess I should have read a little more carefully, where you pointed out the same thing I just commented.

    Perhaps I should be wearing those cute reading glasses I got?

  3. Love love love! Ah, now two will dream of this.

  4. wv: iusneade
    Iusneade this door in my house!!!

    I love it when the wv fits so perfectly.

  5. I'm not even a trekker and I want one!


    And while it is about the sound, it's also the hilarity that ensues when the door doesn't open right on time.

    I need one of these for my office/sewing room. In the WORST way. How to retrofit.... Hmmmmmmm....

  7. That would also be an awesome option for my wheelchair bound husband for whom doors with handles are a pain.

  8. It needs to go "AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh" like in Hitchhiker's Guide.

  9. Hmm, I already have a pocket door in my house - I wonder ...

    Thanks for the lovely link Jen.

  10. This guy is suuuper crafty when it comes to Geek-lectronics! he's also the one who replicated the Daft Punk Helmet for Dragon Con. You can see how he did all of this on his blog!


    Plus he's a suuuper nice guy! (we share a mutual friend!)

  11. That door is completely awesome. I want one!

  12. @Nightfall: That's better than my idea, which was that all you need now is a doorbell that goes "beedee-BEEDEE" like Capt. Picard's ready room doorbell. Although perhaps someone has already thought of that...time to do some internet searching!

    So Jen, I didn't post on your previous Star Wars post about the alphabet because I know the posts were for the contest. But I have to be honest: I'm an Eps. IV-V-VI ONLY fan myself. I grew up with them and I refuse to acknowledge that Eps. I-II-III exist because they were so terrible. I like the Clone Wars stuff, but honestly, I don't follow it so I also don't think much about it. So I came up with an alphabet that includes only Eps. IV-V-VI and thought I'd share. Because I'm a nerd, and that's what nerds do: we share. Whether people want to know about it or not.

    A – Admiral Ackbar
    B – Boba Fett
    C – Chewbacca and C-3PO
    D – Dak Ralter / Death Star / Droopy McCool
    E – Ewoks
    F – Bib Fortuna
    G – Greedo
    H – Han Solo
    I – Imperial Guard
    J – Jabba the Hutt / Jawas
    K – Obi-Wan Kenobi
    L – Lando Calrissian
    M – Mon Mothma / Millennium Falcon
    N – Modal Nodes (the band at Mos Eisley Cantina) / Momaw Nandon (the Hammerhead from Mos Eisley Cantina)
    O – Princess Leia Organa / Oola
    P – Emperor Palpatine
    Q – Quarren (the squid head bounty hunter at Jabba’s Palace)
    R – R2-D2
    S – Luke Skywalker
    T – Grand Moff Tarkin / Tuskin Raider / Tauntaun
    U – Uncle Owen Lars
    V – Darth Vader
    W – Wedge Antilles / Wampa
    X – The MaX Rebo Band / Luke's X-Wing
    Y – Yoda
    Z – Zev Senesca (Rogue Two – “I’ve found them, repeat, I’ve found them.”)

    And I did find this cute set of ABC Star Wars flash cards as well: Star Wars ABC

  13. I love the idea...but my first thought was...my kids would either break it or strangle themselves to death in it...or both.
    Kids...ruining cool ideas since birth!

  14. I absolutely LOVE it...and I adore the Think Geek feed.

  15. You know I didn't even think of Star Trek when I saw this video. I immediately thought of the utilidors that used to be in Epcot that "magically" transported you into the Living Sea Aquarium. I do miss those.

  16. I'm putting this (and maybe the guy too, is he single?;-) on my Christmas wish list!

    And does anyone know if a smiley icon inside a parenthetical remark requires another parentheses to end the remark or is his smile sufficient? (I guess I could make him smile backwards.(-:) Or not. Now he just looks pleasantly surprised. Can't believe this sort of thing wasn't covered in EN 101!

  17. yep, I have been a ThinkGeek girl forever!

  18. I'm don't really know star treck that much so I would personaly go with a motion sensor ( so no button to push ) and the H2G2 "AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh". ( and of course a button and a manual override, I've watched to much sci-fi to thrust an AI house if I can't open the doors manualy if I have to...
    I need to keep that idea in mind until I can put it to use..

  19. omg, I can't even rationalize it as being in any way practical, but I love it and want it!

  20. I so need one of these. And I need to get a Kindle and hold it while walking through through the door, looking concerned and official.

  21. On Star Trek, the doors had to be opened off-screen by pulleys. The technology of the 21st century has outpaced the fictional 24rd!

  22. OMG, I wish I had room for one of those on my office. Sadly, my doorway is on an angled wall, too near an inner corner. Wonder if DH would consider a little demo and rebuilding...

  23. @Karyl, OH MAN, your comment REALLY made me laugh!

  24. Sweeeeeet. And yes, it's the sound. With out it, you're no different than a grocery store.

  25. My favorite thing about this is that he just took a normal, white wooden door and, like, cut it in half to make a Star Trek door. As ya do.

  26. The coolest part? Of course, that the real doors on the Star Trek set were operated by two stagehands, and the sound was added as an effect.

    So, the completely imaginary sound...was exactly the sound a hydraulic door would make.

  27. The only thing that came to mind was...where is the infrared motion sensor?

    So...I'm a bit demanding.

  28. I so want my husband to make this for the door to our master suite!!!! Is it really wrong that I also want him to install a motion activated sound track so that as you step throught eh doors you hear Picard say "Make it so!" in a slow, Barry Whitesque voice? *crickets*
    Yep, I thought so. sigh.

  29. that's awesome! I want one that sighs. "Siiiiigh" :)

  30. Hey, Jen, an article about you in cmm.com


    Everyone should check it out.

  31. First time commenter - Hi Jen!! Love the site!!

    I will see you and raise you:


    A wizard's wand universal remote, that you can program specific movements to turn on your tv, change channels, ect :)

    So. Much. Want.

  32. Jen,

    Have you seen this???? Katie is on cnn.com as are you, by association!!!!


  33. Love that?! Then you should ADORE this!!!

  34. Okay, this is totally unrelated to this post,but I just read the article about Katie's on Cnn.com- and I'm bawling...I was Katie-still am some days-and now I am a nanny for twin 6-month-old boys and a two-year-old girl. All of them are Hoppa (Chinese-Caucasian) and that's not a common mix in this area. I hope that they never have to go through what Katie's has experienced, but I love knowing that everyone out there will be ready to support them if they do. Thanks to the geek community- you guys rock!

  35. OK. I know you like Disney stuff. My sister in law's family is giving away a print of her Grandpa's original pieces. It's a really cute winter scape.

    Go and enter here. I hope I did the link right.

    Claude Coats Contest entry

  36. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought, "This needs a motion sensor!"

  37. S'ok when I saw this I was staring in awe-maizment
    Going "haaaaaaaaaaa..hehehehehehe ( my I just saw total amazement sound) my next thought was squee! Then omygosh..... I WANT!!!!! I wa convinced this door was made for people like me..... I also agree thy it should Have a doorbell and motion sensor


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