Friday, December 10, 2010

Things That Make You Go "Ohhhhh"

It's Wear & Share Star Wars day! Are you rockin' your SW gear? And have you donated a geeky toy to charity yet? (Full disclosure: I haven't yet. But I will, I will!)

What's that? In honor of the day you want to see another amazing Star Wars mash-up?

As you wish:

(Video not working? You can also watch it here on Youtube.)

And if your mind hasn't exploded from sheer awesomeness yet, here are a few more fun links to check out:

- The complete list of Star Wars snowflakes submitted by @thinkgeek readers so far, along with templates so you can make your own!

One of my favs:

Time to break out the paper and scissors!

- and another goody you've probably already seen, but too good not to mention:

Dr. Seuss does Star Wars. Srsly, how awesome is "Darthly Vader?!?"

See more at artist Adam Watson's site, where you can also purchase prints.

And finally, have you heard of the famous ice hotel that gets constructed every winter in Sweden? I saw a documentary on it once: really fascinating, beautiful stuff. And yes, you really do sleep on a bed made of solid ice, in rooms made of snow and ice. (Assuming you have enough cold hard cash to afford the reservation, of course. Heh.)

Anyway, check out the special theme room this year (!!):

**stunned silence**

TRON, you are now officially really, really cool.

(No pun intended.)

Check out more pics at the builder's blog here, or the Youtube vid of its construction here.

(Thanks to GirlsAreGeeks for the link!)

Oh, and if you're not following Epbot on Facebook: you should. 'Cuz then you'd already have seen the amazing CNN article on Katie that I was interviewed for last week, plus the steampunk cupcakes that dozens and dozens of you have been e-mailing me about, plus lots of other fun geeky tidbits and links that I share there from time to time. It's also a great place to share your stuff. I get a kick out of seeing all your photos and links - and you never know when I might feature them here on the blog!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My New Office Door my dreams, I mean. Because - oh yes - I will be dreaming about this tonight:

[swoon] It's all about that sound, amirite? Love it love it love it!

Even better, there are full instructions and progress pics of the construction over on Instructibles. Break out the air compressors and power tools, my friends! And also John. Because, c'mon, we totally need a few of these, Sweetie. [Bambi eyes]

Found via the amazing ThinkGeek twitter feed, which you should really be subscribed to if you're a twit. I mean a tweeter. I mean a person addicted to social media. Ok, I mean me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Star Wars Smiles

This Friday, December 10th, is Wear & Share Star Wars day! As you guys probably already know, this is in honor of Star Wars Katie and her ├╝ber cool water bottle. So, break out your Star Wars t-shirts, backpacks, earrings, or what-have-you, and rock 'em with pride this Friday! Also don't forget to donate a Star Wars toys (or other geeky toy, if you'd prefer) to your local shelter, hospital, or Toys For Tots charity.

And to get you in the Star Wars mood, here's some stuff to make you grin.

First, some rockin' art sent in by Daya:

Yep. This rocks.

This was a Star Wars Fan Club exclusive by Hugh Fleming all the way back in 1998. Happily, you can still snag the poster for less than six bucks on Amazon, though, and I even spotted it on a few t-shirts on Ebay. So... I think I'm gonna have to buy one of those.

Another oldie but goodie: Steampunk R2D2

By DeviantArt user amoebabloke

Ah, but it gets even better: have you seen the updated version?

[drool] LOVE the improvements on R2's noggin'!

If you haven't seen the adorable Alphabet Star Wars prints by new parents Emma and Brandon Peat already this week, I'll just assume you've been living off grid in the wild somewhere. Still, for you campers, here 'tis:

Vader is my favorite. :) Click here to see the rest of the set.

Oh, and here's a time-sensitive deal: the Peats are offering a printed book of their entire alphabet set for $15 here - but you have to order it by midnight, tonight! So, you know, hurry up.

While I was researching the links for that set, I stumbled across another adorable Star Wars alphabet - this one done Chibi style:

D'awwww. See the whole set here on artist Joe Wight's DeviantArt gallery.

And finally, I have a little something to give away: a Star Wars Christmas t-shirt!

The give-away has ended. Winner announced below!

This is the Teefury design "Hothmas." I bought it last year, but it didn't fit. So, yes, you *could* see this as me just giving away my clothing cast-offs. Or you could see it as a generous act from a benevolent blogger just looking to make your Star Wars Christmas a little more Hothy. [grin]

The shirt is a girl's XL, but I discovered that Teefury shirts not only run small, they're also long and skinny (as you can see on the model, the printed design falls below the waist). So, if you're long and skinny and wear about a juniors' size L, this is the shirt for you! If you want it, leave a comment on this post by midnight tonight. I'll announce the winner here and on FB then, so be sure to check back.

Happy commenting, and MTFBWY!

UPDATE: And the winner is....Brilliantpants!! (I trust there's only *one* commenter out there with that name?) Congrats, and please e-mail me your mailing address, Brill.