Monday, November 15, 2010

More Festival Festivities

More fun from our day at Downtown Disney!

While walking from West Side towards Disney Village, we came across this live artist demonstration.

Yep, he's painting a couch. And winking at me. Or, you know, "squinting into the sun." Which I think we ALL know means "winking at me."

He and his partner also did several canvases:

So fun!

Donald was our favorite:

Somehow I've completely forgotten the artists' names, though. Anyone know?

A little further on was this great LEGO mural:

It's not quite finished here; I thinks some of the light blue patches still need to be filled in.

On the Village side was all the sidewalk art:

Most were your run-of-the-mill classic paintings or odd abstracts, but a few really stood out:

Chalk art by Anna McCambridge


Again I say: WOW.

Sure, it's obligatory promotion art for Tangled, but hey, it looks good!

This one made us grin:

It's Zach Galifianakis, with Fruit Loops stuck in his beard. Heh.

Loved the colors in this one:

It was hard to make out the names, but I think it said by Gary Seymour & NC Wyeth.

Plus it really reminds me of the art I've seen for BioShock 3:

(If you haven't seen the trailer yet, go check it out. It's cool.)

And finally, this artist used one of my favorite pictures on DeviantArt for her drawing:

By Jennifer Chaparro

Pretty, huh?

After we wandered down to the Art of Disney store, we stumbled across the Epic Mickey preview area:

I'd completely forgotten it was going to be there, so we were lucky to arrive 30 minutes before they closed up for the weekend.

They had four stations set up to play the game, with large concept art panels behind them:

They also had three animators on hand, drawing sketches for free. I jumped in line for a sketch, and John mosied over to try his hand at the game:

I later joined him and took the game for a 10-minute spin. Considering that I've never played anything on the Wii (unless you count a few rounds of Wii bowling), I did a little better than I expected. Again, this is not saying much.

You use both controllers - one in each hand - but the game starts off simply enough that I think I'd get the hang of it eventually. You use the joystick to move, so fortunately the Wii gyrations seem to be kept to a minimum: just the occasional shake for a spin attack, and you point the right hand controller to aim. (That part was definitely the hardest.) There's one trigger per hand: one for paint, one for thinner. I got those mixed up a lot. I also tried four times to jump a simple gap, and failed spectacularly every time. (Ker-splat!) So, like I said: I did better than I expected. :D

It's hard to give a recommendation after such a short time, but I'd definitely like to play and see more of the game.

And finally, here's artist Jason Peltz's hand, drawing me a sketch of Oswald:

And the finished sketch:


I asked Jason to include his website so I could check out his other work, btw, since he's a long-time Disney animator. Hit the link above to check it out.

That wraps up the Festival, but stay tuned for a few photos of my personal "hidden Cake Wreck" on display in Downtown Disney. That Disney doesn't know about. [smiling mysteriously]

Festival of the Masters

Friday afternoon John and I spent a fabulous few hours at the Festival of the Masters art fair at Downtown Disney. Then, since I'd forgotten my camera, we went back Sunday afternoon and did it all over again. :)

The good news is it was even better the second time through, if a lot more crowded.

Our view walking in from the parking lot. (We haven't tried the new balloon ride yet.)

Our first stop was artist Deona's stand, where, of course, the painting I'd been eying on Friday was already sold. (Drat.)

See the penny farthing there on the bottom? (That's the big wheel bike.) The one I liked was like that only with a juggling girl on it, and the frame was distressed red and white stripes, like an old-timey circus. I guess I should've bought it when I had the chance. Grr.

Next we spent a looong time gawking at Jim Mullan's booth:

He paints and embellishes hand-carved wooden birds with old watch parts, gears, handles, and various antique metal findings.

If you're thinking "steampunk," you're not alone. I asked Jim if he'd heard of the style, and he said a lot of people had mentioned it to him. "But I've been doing this a long time," he told me. "I was 'steampunk' before there was steampunk." He described his house as overflowing with vintage tin toys, antique furniture, and an entire clock shop's worth of flotsam. (Wouldn't you love to see pics of that?)

His owl here placed first in his category. John and I seriously considered buying it, but went with this more colorful guy instead:

Since he has a vintage "Schnapps" tag on his chest, I've dubbed him Schnappsie. His head turns (and even comes off!) on two vintage watch dials. Isn't he great?

And the final artist I'm going to rave about is J.G. Puyana, who sadly has no website.

He constructs these amazing architectural pieces from metal and glass and charms. It's hard to describe, so I'll just show you some more pictures:

(See that piece in the background, up high, with the wings? If you turn a crank the wings flap.)

This piece has an observatory-style chair on a platform in front of several lenses. Here's a shot from further back:

The booth was half in glaring sunlight and packed with people, so getting these photos was a real challenge. It shows, too. Sorry.

One of Gabriel's pieces also placed first in his category - I believe the largest one in back that I couldn't get a picture of. Fortunately I found this photo of it on another blog, though:

The huge glass house has small paintings of people inside.

Oh, and that dangling pendulum and wires just left of center is the bottom half of the flapping wings piece.

John chatted with Gabriel for several minutes, and learned that his pieces are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Disneyland Paris. At multiple thousands each, they are also in no way affordable to the likes of us. Heh.

This piece is an homage to Monet (Or was it Van Gogh?):

The copper hands are holding a lens that lines up with two more sheets of glass, the final being the "canvas" on a brass easel. When you look through you see this wavy, iridescent pattern.

My favorite piece was the one hanging from the ceiling, though:

Isn't it gorgeous? I'd love to have something like this for our dining room chandelier. Now I just need to learn to weld. And find all those materials. And...uh...yeah.

If you're interested in contacting Puyana, his number is 407-671-4433. And yes, that really is the only way to contact him.

Now, since this post is getting a bit too long, stay tuned for more pics of the amazing sidewalk art, Disney paintings-in-progress, and my preview of Epic Mickey, which I got to play there at the Festival! (Woot woot!)

Oh, and here's one parting shot of the balloon:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mail Bag!

Lots of mail to catch up on, so let's dive right in:

The gorgeous Alyssa G., aka my candy corn bracelet winner, shows off her sweet bling:

And, look! She found the perfect place to wear it!

Woot! I love that she even dressed to match. :)

Remember when Casey asked for suggestions on displaying her Pokemon card collection? Well, here's a progress shot of what she decided to do:

Those are plastic display sleeves that she pinned to the wall. Doesn't it give a neat mosaic-feel from a distance? Now I want to see a whole room wallpapered with these. (You'll send pics when you get there, right, Casey?)

One final pumpkin picture, from Tara C.:


And if you think that shamelessly pandering to my Epbot 'bot will get you featured on this blog, well...

You are absolutely right.

Really, though, is that not the most EPIC steampunked 'bot EVER?!? Christine sent me the actual painting - which I cannot *wait* to get a really ornate old-timey oval frame for - along with THIS:

[swoon] That's it, I've died and gone to geek heaven. Christine: I love you. But not in a creepy way. (Unless you think having a blogger you've never met declare their love for you is creepy. In which case, ok, it's kinda creepy.)

And speaking of readers I now have a completely non-creepy affection for:


Angel's roommate Meagan made these guys, who are now terrorizing my Animaniac dolls. So, Angel and Meagan? LOVE. NON-CREEPY LOVE.

And finally:



These pint-sized pretties came from Sherry of the wove-her-elbow-plate-into-a-cool-necklace fame. Here's what was inside:

Woven gear bracelet & key fob! Woohoo! (There were more gears in the tiny green box, too.)

So once again, you readers have spoiled me rotten to the nerdy core. And that's not even counting all your e-mails directing me to fun geek news, great jewelry, new games, etc, etc. Far be it from me to get all mushy and whatnot, but dangit, I love you guys.

But not in creepy way.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Epic Theme Park Videos

I came across two amazing videos this week of two *very* different amusement parks.

First: I've been following the development of the new Wii Game Epic Mickey with mixed feelings, since it started out very steampunk/post-apocalyptic, but has apparently been significantly watered down through the design process. However, this is cool:

You hardcore Dizgeeks (aka Disney Geeks) know Walt had an apartment above the Fire station on Main Street. It's one of those rare 'holy grail' kind of spots that only a privileged few ever get to see. BUT, because the apartment is featured in Epic Mickey (?!?) one of the game's designers was allowed to tour it - and shoot video. Woot!

Read more at the Orange County Register here.

This kind of thing makes my Disney-loving heart happy. I may even have to borrow someone's Wii so I can try Epic Mickey when it comes out. Maybe.

Next, a video that calls to my urban-decay loving heart: Abandoned Six Flags, in New Orleans:

Some of the shots between the one and three minute mark are so beautiful I actually had to remind myself to breathe. You *have* to see it. Oh, and turn your sound on: I guarantee that simple guitar music will have you thoroughly creeped out in two minutes or less.

And speaking of creepy: 1:42 & 5:37. That is all. [shiver]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Zero To Awesome In Less Than 12 Parsecs

I know Twitter mystifies anyone not addicted to it, but in my defense, it's quite useful for finding geeky goods like this:

Via @ArkhamAsylumDoc & Furious Fan Boys

Would that be a detailed blueprint of the Millenium Falcon?

Why, yes, yes it would.

Click it for the full-size glory. Then see how long it takes you to find the bathroom. ;)

Or, if you'd like to send your Honda into hyperspace, there's a decal for that:

BuzzFeed claims this site is the original source, but I can't find the post anywhere. Anyone know who made it so I can credit them?

This would also be an excellent idea for a sunshade, if the photo was facing the other direction. Hey, Lucas? You listening?

[UPDATE: It exists!! Thx, Caroline!]

And finally, for my fellow papercraft lovers, a sweet find via Craft:
A Millenium Falcon pop-up card. Awww yeeeeah.

And get this: The artist, Robert Sabuda, has free instructions and downloads to make the card yourself! He also has dozens of other designs on his site, and I can't wait to make some. Now, should I start with the R2D2, the slice of birthday cake, or the cutie-patootie snowman? Hm, decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Procrastination Station

Need to kill some time shoppin', playin', and droolin' over fun stuff?

Then, my friend, you've come to the right place.

First, if you have a cat, then you *need* one of the cat-nip filled geek toys from GEEKitty Gear:

Other designs include Guitar Hero guitars, dice, Mario coin blocks, golden snitches, and much more. Ha! Now our cats can be geek cats. (Just as soon as I figure out which ones to buy, of course.)

I've already featured lots of vintage photos from Star Trek: The Original Series. Well, thanks to a tweet from Great White Snark, I found a lots (and lots) of TNG ones:

Awww. Lookit young Wil Wheaton!

Marina's overalls are hilariously cute.

There must be well over a hundred candid and behind-the-scenes shots from the series and also the movies. Fun! Check 'em out here.

I've recently become enamored with found-object robots, and Brian Marshall makes some of the most adorable ones I've seen:

He has an Etsy shop, but since there are only a few bots listed there I also recommend checking out his Flickr albums of previous work. With over 300 photos, there's plenty to keep you smiling (and drooling) for some time.

I almost hate to feature this next artist because I want the luxury of convincing myself to buy all my favorites of his stuff in the future,

Maybe more sculpture than robot, but is this not the cutest puppy dog ever?

This 'bot's a jewelry box!

And my favorite:

I will not spend all my money on cute robots. I will not spend all my money on cute robots. I will not...

[sigh] So cute! I'm just amazed at how much personality Will Wagenaar, the artist, is able to infuse into these little guys. Plus, most of his robots are functioning trinket/jewelry boxes! You can see lots more at Will's shop Reclaim2Fame.

And finally, here's another puzzle game courtesy of Super Punch, only this one involves actual jigsaw puzzles. Digital ones. Of Star Wars characters. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, it's fun, fast, and surprisingly satisfying seeing the pieces meld together. Get addicted here.

So, where's your time going online this week, guys? Share your favorite links in the comments!