Thursday, October 21, 2010

We're Almost OUTATIME!

I'm having a rough and rushed week this week, guys, but I had to drop in with these geekalicious Back to the Future goodies.

You, uh, DO know that this weekend is the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, right? RIGHT?

And you also know it's going to be shown in select AMC theaters across the U.S. both this Saturday afternoon and Monday night, right?

John and I are hoping to make the Saturday matinee. Or perhaps I should say: we're hoping I'll be able to sit through the whole movie without any problems. I haven't been in a theater since the last Star Trek movie due to some pesky health issues, but by golly, I'm chancing it for this!

Not to mention it'll be a great time for John to wear the new Woot shirt I got him:

Aw yeeah.

(You can get it here for $15.)

If you're a fellow BttF fan, you'll also want to see the original props and wardrobe currently being auctioned off by Profiles in History. There's no way any of us plebeians could afford so much as a matchbook, of course, but it's fabulous fun to gawk at:

This shoe (that's singular, mind you) is estimated to go for $12,000 - $15,000.

And compared with how it looked on screen, it looks terrible. Heh. Funny how props are like that. I saw a screen-used Storm Trooper helmet from the original trilogy once, and it had peeling stickers on it. Seriously.

Here's the real jackpot, though:

Marty's jacket here is expected to go for up to $50,000 at auction. Unlike the shoes there was only one ever made, though, so I can see why - and the money goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is awesome.

Oh, and did you ever wonder how Marty's re-sizing jacket worked?

Prepare to be amazed.

Or at least to laugh:

Yep, the movie magic was achieved with lots of tubes and cables operated by guys lying at Fox's feet. Ha! Love it.

For more affordable souvenirs, I found replica Hoverboards, OUTATIME license plates, and of course those ridiculous color-changing hats all on Ebay:

They sold these hats (or ones just like them) at Universal for the longest time, back when the BttF ride was still there. Man, I miss that ride. [sob] Curse you, Simpsons!!


I'm sure you've probably seen this by now, but in case you haven't, here are some clips of the original Marty, Eric Stolz:

It's surreal seeing someone else in those scenes, isn't it? And you can see what people mean when they say it was a much darker look for the film; Fox really was the perfect choice.

UPDATE: Oh! Almost forgot! Spike TV teamed up with Michael J. Fox to recreate a BttF teaser trailer, frame-for-frame. Which is cool. You can see both vids (for comparison) here on GeekDad.

And finally, for the real BttF geeks, here's a great post discussing the alternate drafts for Back to the Future 2 (plus a truly bizarre clip of Cripin Glover losing it on Letterman.) Fascinating stuff.

So, guys, do you have any favorite Back to the Future merchandise or memories? Or are you throwing any BttF parties this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Resistance is Futile

Geektacular goodies to make you drool, squee, and generally geek out.

Neuron Rebellion is the brainchild (zing!) of an artist named Pat whose sudden neurological disorder left her bedridden for some time. While in bed, she started making little guys like these:

...and Neuron Rebellion was born. The cuddly little monsters are all $25 each, and you should definitely check out the available gallery to pick your favorite. (Sadly, this guy is already sold. Want!)

You may have heard that Build-A-Bear now has a line of Star Wars bears. Which is excellent. And if by chance you don't have any kids at home to ostensibly buy the bears *for*, Shanan P. offers this display suggestion:

Because even life-sized Vader statues need a teddy bear. (Yes, it's a statue.)

And speaking of Star Wars: do you crochet? And do you like Star Wars?

Then for Sith's sake, why haven't you purchased the pattern to make these?!?


Patterns available at lucyravenscar's Etsy shop (and thanks to Julie B. for the link!)

Whitney found this great shirt while searching for Dalek salt and pepper shakers:

Heh. Nice. Available here on Zazzle. ('Course, we still need actual Dalek salt and pepper shakers, oh-mighty-people-who-make-these-things.)

[Update: A-ha! There are some here. Pricey, though.]

And lastly, look how cute this bracelet is:

Now, guess what it's made of.

I'll wait.


Did you guess LEGO? Yes? Ah, see, I knew you were all smarty-pants genius types. Artist Emiko Oye's *e*oware line features tons of fun, high-style jewelry made entirely of the colorful plastic bits. Check the link for lots more. (And thanks to Christina for the tip!)

So, guys, what's your favorite geeky find this week? Share your links in the comments!