Saturday, October 9, 2010

Puft Daddy

Thanks to Proton Charging, a Ghostbusters fan site I've recently begun
following, I discovered the best blog post of the weekend, which you simply MUST go and read - once you're done with this one, of course.

It's by Gordon Holmes of More Whatnot, and he presents some...interesting...options for "sassy" (aka sexy) Ghostbusters costumes. Yes, there are pictures. Yes, they are hilarious.

Actually, the one that is most believable is his Stay Puft design. Check it out:

Kinda cute, right? Frankly, I'm surprised this isn't already in stores. Although, it turns out, Gordan isn't the first to think of this. Check out this photo I took at Dragon*Con in 2009:

I saw her at D*C last year, too. Apparently great GB fans think alike!

Then, when I was looking for the new StayPuft backpack that was just released (Google it; it's ├╝ber ugly), I found this:

via Reddit

Ha! I agree with Gordon; a Stay Puft costume should definitely come with little police cars.

Then I found this:

Then things got really out of hand, as I spent another hour gawking at StayPuft papercraft and cakes and toys and art and more costumes and...yeah. I have to stop now.

Ok, now go read Gordan's post.

And if you ever see something cute and Stay Puft-y, let me know.

Star Wars Paper View

I've been planning on sharing some of my favorite papercraft links with you guys, and then Julia B. (along with several others) sent me this fantastic music video:

It's the entire Star Wars (original) trilogy, illustrated in 2 minutes. The song is "Tatooine" by Jeremy Messersmith, and it's quite pretty, so definitely have your speakers turned on. The paper illustrations by Eric Power Up are what really blew me away, though. I especially like the scene with Yoda. :)

Oh, and if you like the song, you can download it at Jeremy's site for whatever amount you'd like to pay. Promise. It's not a trap!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Candy Bracelet Give-Away

Try as I might, I couldn't find a necklace design for my candy charms that I liked better than the original bracelet.

SO...who wants a Halloween candy bracelet? :D

Yep, I'm giving away my bracelet to one of you lucky and oh-so-gifted-with-impeccable-taste-in-blogs readers. Plus, look! I found the perfect box for it in my craft stash!

Isn't it great? When I found these little gift boxes a few years ago, I actually bought 3. Mmm, orange-y goodness.

The bracelet *just* fits inside. The box is wood, and ties shut with a satin ribbon attached to the bottom half:

So. Cute.

Oh, and I should mention that the bracelet is a bit smaller than average: just over 7 inches around, as opposed to the usual 8. So if bracelets tend to be snug on you, this may be too small.

UPDATE: And the winner is....Alyssa (aka alyssag721)! Congratulations, and please e-mail me your mailing address, Alyssa!

The contest has ended!

Now, rules: leave a comment (one per person, please) with a link to to one of your favorite Halloween things: costumes, crafts, jewelry, or what-have-you. (Don't forget to embed the link!) Also be sure to include a way for me to contact you. And just to reward all my fellow staying-in-on-a-Friday-nighters, I'll be randomly choosing the winner *tonight* at 10pm EST. Yep, in less than 5 hours. See? It pays to check my posts early!

Check back on this post at 10:05pm for the winner, or I'll also be announcing it on Facebook.

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Geek Glee

Check out this fun "foam printer" I found over on Likecool:

Someone needs to start pumping out space invaders with this thing. Am I right? Or am I right?

The Prisoner:

Taken by Epbot reader Karyn R. at Fan Expo in Toronto.

I would gripe about how Star Wars is always whooping up on 'Trek, but this makes me grin too much to care.

Via both technabob & reddit: how'd you like to submerge your computer in a liquid Bioshock tank?

That's actually mineral oil inside the tank, which is why nothing shorts out. Genius, right? (Lots more details from "sirleechalot," the builder, over at the reddit link.)

And just to even out the whole Star Wars vs Star Trek thing, check out what I stumbled across the other day:

I think this is my favorite. :)

There are lots more where those came from, too. Just go here and click through the six photo galleries. (The site isn't the easiest to navigate, so once you choose a gallery just scroll all the way down to find the pictures.) You also MUST go here and watch video clip #6, since I can't embed it. It's 24 seconds of pure geek glee, including - get this - Dr. McCoy shaking his booty. Literally. Your day will be made. Promise.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mail Bag: We...Need Your Help!

Hey guys, help me answer some e-mail, will you? I have two readers here in need of their fellow geeks' input, and I bet between us we can come up with some good ideas for them.

Dilemma #1 comes from Casey:

Because I, like many great people in this world, am a total nerd, I am collecting Pokemon cards again. However, I'd rather not keep them in a box or a binder. I'm an adult now, so I gotta class it up a bit, you know?...[So] Here is my question to you, O Great Display-er of Nerd Memorabilia: How can I display my collection in an interesting and tasteful way? I don't want to just stick a bunch in a collage frame and call it a day. I want non-Pokemon fans to look at them and think, "Wow, those actually look pretty neat!"

Here's a bunch of Pokemon cards for reference.

My thoughts: Casey, if you're ok with destroying the cards (heh), then I'd recommend decoupaging a table top with them, or wallpapering an accent wall. You could also overlap them slightly on a canvas to create some cool wall art: maybe a big wreath/ring, or some neat pinwheel shapes?

Your turn: Let's assume Casey has a bunch of cards here. How would you display them?

Dilemma #2 come from Heather:

Today I went to help my grandma clean out her attic and we found a bunch of old knitting needles. We sorted them and, rather than throwing out all the unmatched ones, she gave them to me. Now, I don't knit, but I would really love to do something crafty with the needles. Any ideas? I'd like to do something a little more than just bending them round for bracelets, so if you've heard of anything, please let me know!

My thoughts: I have to say, bending knitting needles into bracelets actually sounds pretty darn cool! (Looks like crafters do this with plastic needles, too.) However, I can understand wanting something more unique. Hm. Well, if I had a lot of needles, I think I'd glue them all around a wooden cup or clear glass to make a funky bud vase. Then I'd tie a pretty polka-dotted accent ribbon around the middle to finish.

Your turn: I admit, my idea is kind of boring. So, what else could you do with a bunch of mismatched knitting needles?

Leave your advice for Heather and Casey in the comments! Then hopefully they'll let us know what they end up doing [hint hint].

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Finds

I spend all day every day online, and you readers also share the coolest of the cool links with me. Here's what's currently open in my browser tabs:

First, Erica sent me this amaaazing line-up of quirky boutonnieres from the Offbeat Bride:

They have lots more including LEGO, feathers, and even My Little Pony heads! Go check it out; the whole site is so fun you can easily lose a few hours drooling over all the wedding eye candy. (Almost makes me want to take John up on that whole getting-married-again offer some day. Boy, could we make up for our boring-and-bland wedding now!)

Also good for weddings (or Halloween parties?), Geeks Are Sexy has posted an intoxicating list of 10 Star Trek themed cocktails, including the Fuzzy Tribble and Vulcan Death Grip. Ha!

I love the names, but The Phasers on Stun Punch (above) and Beam Me Up Scotchie are also sounding mighty tasty this Monday afternoon.

Here's a seasonal treat: Pink Ray Gun is offering free pumpkin carving templates every day through Halloween! Here's today's design:

Go here to download the template, and be sure to check their archives for more.

Btw, I am *determined* to carve a pumpkin this year. I've never tried carving just partway through the rind before, so I'm excited to try. I'd like to do the Epbot 'bot on one side (somehow...) but I'm looking for more options for side #2. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments - or better yet, link to a pic I can use!

Oh, and any Ghostbuster designs will, of course, automatically win the submitter my undying respect and admiration. That is all.