Sunday, August 15, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 3, Pt 2

Thanks to my battling a slight case of Con Crud, we didn't make it out to Star Wars Celebration on Sunday. So, this wrap-up of Saturday's activities will be my final convention post. (Commence rejoicing or grieving, as the case may be.)

Kids today. No fear of the Dark Lord at all. *tsk tsk*

This kind of feels like the world's more awkward family portrait.

We had at least one couple (not this one) stop, pose for the photo, and then resume arguing all without missing a beat. It was pretty hilarious.

This art display was fantastic:

And as an art nut, I was thrilled to see Christian Waggoner doing some live painting:

He's famous for his hyper-realistic Star Wars reflections paintings. Check the link above for more.

I also love chalk art, so it was fun to check in on this guy throughout the weekend:

I don't have a finished shot since we skipped Sunday, so if any of you have one, let me know!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Frank F. for sending me this finished shot!

Love the colors.

More costumes!

Believe it or not, there's actually a guy in this suit. We watched him get helped into it, and then shuffle along a few feet before being mobbed by folks wanting to take his picture.

Um. So...there's that.

John had remarked the other day that it would be funny to show up in a Star Trek costume. Apparently this guy agreed:


Star Wars Laser Tag, anyone?

This stormtrooper was having a bit of fun:

The sign on his chest said, "Please do not touch the display." Heheheh. Reminds me of the time I accidentally scared the bejeepers out of some poor old lady when I was in full clown make-up, leaning against a wall. She nearly hit the ceiling when I wished her a good afternoon.

And now, the part you've all been waiting for...

This band of trouble-makers is about to make my day.

John and I headed back to the droid room to meet up with Ethan, a fan and droid builder who'd asked if I would sign something for his wife.

Here's Ethan's droid:

After we chatted for a while, Ethan asked if I'd like to try driving it. Which is kind of like asking if I'd like brownies for breakfast. Frankly, it was all I could do not to snatch the controller out of his hands and go gleefully sprinting from the room. Assuming I could figure out which way was forward, of course.

Anyway, after successfully mastering the "spin the head around" control, I began experimenting with knocking the metal stanchion poles over - although not intentionally. ("Which way is forward, again?")

Then the Jawas showed up.

First, they cautiously inspected the droid.

When I spun his head around, they all jumped and whipped out their blasters:

After a few more rounds of me attempting to scare them off (ie spinning the droid in circles) they got really bold:

I think this is the Star Wars equivalent of getting your hubcaps stolen.

I thought Ethan might intervene, but he was laughing too hard. :) I guess it's a good thing they only looked like they were prying bits off for spare parts.

Well, guys, that's it for me! John & I also skipped the special after-hours Star Wars party out at Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday night, but if you check out Inside the Magic's page here you can watch lots of videos on the special shows and events.

Now I'm off to finish some laundry, catch up on e-mail, and continue watching John slave away on my office remodel. Oh, and you're going to LOVE what we're doing for the small desk. [rubbing hands together gleefully] Muwahhahah!

Star Wars Celebration V Day 3, Pt1

Saturday at the convention was, again, not as crowded as I expected, and therefore also not as much costume action. Still, there were a lot more silly mash-up costumes, which are always a hoot:

Elvis Stormtrooper: "Uh, maytheforcebewithyou, uhthankyouverramuuuch."

Elvis was also one of the officiators at the wedding vow renewal gazebo:

Other choices included Darth Maul (who looked particularly hilarious under all that pink tulle & twinkly lights) and Obi Wan.

Scottish stormtrooper:

Uh...dapper pink stormtrooper?

And my favorite: Star Wars Mario Brothers:

Awesome sauce.

LEGO appeared to be a major sponsor, as there were lots of statues and small-scale dioramas around:

So Lego Fett fit in nicely:

There was even a massive Lego mural:

Fans were invited to help assemble the small tiles for free on Thursday and Friday, and they finished on Saturday:

Pretty sweet, right? According to a fact board nearby, this used over 160,000 Lego bricks.

A particularly voluptuous slave Leia.

Another freebie: you could assemble your own Styrofoam diorama:

You had your choice of a cave, tunnel, or random ice clumps to display with your toys/miniatures:

They hung on to everyone's work until Sunday, so the display area filled up more each day.

It was fun seeing some of the creative ways parents modified their various child carriers:

LOVE the Yoda back pack - complete with sleeping child inside.

A blaster-fied stroller:

And a nicely done Tusken baby pack (although this baby is just a doll):

Stay tuned for my next and final installment, which includes my personal Droid-driving escapades and a harrowing run-in with a pack of wild Sand People!

So, you know, the usual.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 2, Pt 2

Are you noticing that my posts are getting less and less wordy? Man, only halfway through, and I'm pooped!

Well, here's the second batch from day 2:

I have no idea who he is, but I certainly wasn't about to ask.

Even the back was awesome - lots of blinky lights.

Three bounty hunters discussing contracts, no doubt.

This is a large half-statue on a pillar.

Some of the things you see in the crowd:
I think this is actually a costume, but it looked pretty funny trussed up on the floor.

Oh, and I

caught up with steampunk Boba again today!

Really nice guy. When we asked him if he does other steampunk stuff, he rattled off a whole list of conventions and events all over the U.S., including Steam Con (?), which apparently is held in November in Seattle. John's eyes lit up, and he announced that we're going. (We've been wanting to visit Seattle again since the first book tour, when we only got to stay for a grand total of 13 hours.) guess we're going to Seattle this November?

Anyway, here's a close-up of his helmet and arm brace:

Off the main floor of the con is the Droid room, which is full of cool photo vignettes and, of course, droids:

That's a lot of droids.
They're also lining all the walls - this was just the center area.

And the best part? They're all fan-made. Every single one!

There are lots of fun variations.

Reminds me of Captain EO. :D

This nasty little guy keeps an eye on things:

And another awesome vignette:

C3PO has lights in his arm and leg that blink and twinkle.

In another room there are lots of costumed mannequins displayed:

Since there are so many *people* dressed in these outfits, too, though, this gets a little unnerving. Case in point: we ran into this guy later on:

I bet he goes into the mannequin room just to mess with people. (I would!)

Aren't you a little tall for a Jawa?

And finally, a storm trooper Mexican wrestler:

Yep. Pretty sure there's not much that can follow this.